Computer Repair Business Weekly’s
Second Episode Focuses on IT Startup Basics

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  • Written on: October 4th, 2009

tis-logo-002Steve from Podnutz and I recorded the second installment of Computer Repair Business Weekly this afternoon for the upcoming website.

This episode focused on the nuts and bolts of starting a computer repair business.

Many techs who decide to start their own computer repair service center assume that all that is needed to start an IT company is to know how to fix things properly.

This podcast is intended to give the listener a crash course on the boring managerial business garbage that must be done to avoid silly (and expensive) problems.

What Did You Cover in the Podcast

We touched on a lot of different topis in the 45-minute show, but here are some of the highlights. If you have questions about these topics, this podcast is definitely for you:

  • Accounting Setup – Cash or Accrual – Which is better? Bookkeeper or Accountant?
  • Banking Setup – How many accounts do you need and what kind of fees should you expect?
  • Basic Marketing Setup – Your name, your cards, and your URL – Get it right the first time
  • Legal Setup – Sole Proprietorship, LLC, or Corporation – Which is right for you?
  • Government Compliance – Get the permits you need, pick the right lawyer

When will the Podcast Be Available

We will be releasing the podcasts once each week once the site is up and running. We expect to have the site up by December.

If you want to keep up on the latest topITshop developments, follow topITshop on Twitter.

First Computer Repair Business Weekly Podcast Recorded

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  • Written on: September 29th, 2009

tis_125_125This week Steve from Podnutz and I recorded the first episode of Computer Repair Business Weekly. The podcast will be featured on the website and is designed to help current and aspiring independent computer repair shop owners keep their heads above water and MAKE MONEY.

The podcast will be released in weekly installments on as well as through iTunes when the website goes live in December 2009.

Steve recently sold his own computer repair company and I have owned and operated Schrock Innovations for over 10 years. The two of us have different perspectives and experiences to draw from and together on the podcast we offer some pretty unique conversation.

What Did You Talk About?

For example, in this episode we talked about why it is important to think about what kind of business owner you want to be before you open your doors to the world.

There are two kinds of business owners – Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs.

Small business owners enjoy a less expensive start up and easier management, but typically their operations grind to a halt if they don’t show up to work.

Entrepreneurial operations are more expensive and complex to start up, but if the owner executes properly they can run on their own as a systematized operation. This allows the entrepreneur to make his or her exit at some point and move on to a new venture while their old one continues to bring in money.

Where can I Listen?

The podcasts will not be released until the topITshop website goes live in December. If you follow on Twitter, you will know exactly when we launch and we will tweet when the podcast is released.

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