Deposoitions Start in Schrock Innovations Case Today

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  • Written on: August 27th, 2009

My morning (and possibly most of my afternoon) today has been tied up in depositions in a case brought against Schrock Innovations by one of our local Lincoln competitors.

One of our local competitors is claiming that I have said things on this blog that have damaged their business. They are demanding $7,500 in unspecified damages.

We have offered a settlement, which was quickly declined. We have tried to move this case to trial, but have been thwarted by procedural tactics for almost 4 years by the plaintiff.

On one hand I am annoyed that I have to spend a half day on this, but on the other hand I am happy to finally start moving this thing to a conclusion.

Despite everything that has happened over the past four years between Schrock and this competitor, I hope that one day we can all sit down together peaceably and laugh about all of this.

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Should You Rewrite Your Old Blog Posts?

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  • Written on: January 21st, 2009

In a bit of nostalgia, I wondered what my first post on my blog was about. I dug back in time to read a post about Scott Richter that I could have sworn was not written in 1999.

As I thumbed through a couple of pages of posts I was stunned by my poor writing, misspellings, broken links, and utter lack of an understanding for SEO.

Most of my old posts probably didn’t rank for anything organically as a result, so I decided to rework them a bit to at least have a shot at bringing new visitors in through the search engines.

The whole time I was working I was wondering if editing my old blog posts was some kind of blogging sin, or if it was innocent and made no difference to my readers. Here are some of the changes I made. Tell me what you think.

Patience Pays With Text Link Ads

  • Comments: 4
  • Written on: July 23rd, 2008

I quickly realized that webmasters who buy words and phrases tend to re-purchase them automatically month after month. My $25 grew to be $60, and a month later to $80 and in July so far I am right at $100.

Adoptic Offers 500 Free Credits to BlogHers – Review

  • Comments: 1
  • Written on: July 20th, 2008

Adoptic is another traffic exchange company with a widget that you place in your sidebar to promote stories from other blogs. You can get 500 free credits in their traffic exchange if you sign up using the promo code “blogher”.

A Blog is Not an Online Diary

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  • Written on: July 18th, 2008

A younger woman stood up, took the microphone and asked how she can blog about her life and her child’s life, tell other people about her blog, and attend conferences (she said “not hiding or wearing a mask out in public) yet have others respect her boundaries.

Unique Blog Designs Retools

  • Comments: 6
  • Written on: June 25th, 2008

Thanks to the awesome designers at Unique Blog Designs, my blog has a shinny new look and some awesome interactive features.

Generate Traffic with Twitter and TwitterFeed

  • Comments: 2
  • Written on: April 9th, 2008

The more I started using Twitter, the more I got to know about some of the people I follow online and the more I realized that this is something that could be HUGE in building my brand, building my traffic, and in turn building my business revenue.

New Theme Under Development

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  • Written on: July 11th, 2006

The new interface is ROUGH. I had to get something up on the root of that URL so I didn’t lose the PR5 (Page Rank 5) ranking with Google in the next big index update. Google ran a small correction to its PR indexes last week and ticked a lot of people off by dropping the false PRs that sites were accidentally given.

Mine was not effected, but nevertheless, it was a reminder that any day now Google will be updating the PR index again. I will tweak the content and layout in the upcoming days.

Blog Outage – Compliance With Investigation

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  • Written on: June 22nd, 2006

Sorry about the outage this morning folks. I could just pull a “Baghdad Bob” and say outage? What outage? There was no outage…

The truth is we had to cooperate with an investigation that required our hosting company to pull some log files from our server. It required a few hours of down time, so for those of you who did not get your Schrock Blog fix, feel free to indulge now!

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