Adoptic Offers 500 Free Credits to BlogHers – Review

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  • Written on: July 20th, 2008

Adoptic Review

One of the booths at the BlogHer Conference was from a company called Adoptic. They are another traffic exchange company with a widget that you place in your sidebar to promote stories from other blogs. You can get 500 free credits in their traffic exchange if you sign up using the promo code “blogher”.

The idea is that people reading your blog will also see a post from another blog in the sidebar widget.  If they like in the story they click the link to read the other blog. When you sign up you can help the service deliver relevant posts to your sidebar by pigeonholing your blog into a few of their 27 different categories.

The idea is pretty simple – you share your readers with others and they send their readers to you. I have installed the widget on my blog to see how well it works.

I generally dislike sidebar widgets that pull from other servers because as more people use them they tend to get slower and slower. At the moment, the Adoptic widget loads pretty fast and it appears to deliver *somewhat* relevant content.

That’s the good news. The bad news is that I can’t find anything in Adoptic’s service that gives it any competitive advantage over other similar services like BlogRush.

Worse yet, the Adoptic widget opens the featured posts in the same window your blog WAS in.  If the widget does what it is supposed to do and delivers relevant posts which your readers will find interesting, they are going to leave your blog to read them.  Maybe they come back maybe they don’t.

With all of that aside, the widget is a good fit for people who are not trying to monetize their blog (people with monetized blogs want sticky readers and low bounce rates) who want to get some new eyeballs.

The only question left is how difficult will it be for people to game the Adoptic system?  BlogRush suffered through its growing pains as people set bots to auto refresh their blog home page over and over to gain free display credits – essentially spamming their blog posts to everyone else in the network.

I am going to give them a whirl for a couple of weeks and see how I do with it, but I am not convinced they are any different than those who have come before.

If you use Adoptic, is there something here that I am missing that makes this service the best thing since sliced bread?

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