Your Computer is Vulnerable to the Latest Hack Attack – Unless you Have Norton 360

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  • Written on: February 1st, 2011

Most computer users try to be safe when they are online. Many people won’t open emails from people they don’t know. Some only go to websites they know they can trust.

But if you think you are safe online because you are careful, think again.

Microsoft has announced a new security vulnerability was discovered that allows hackers to install malware on any computer from Windows XP up through Windows 7 and all you have to do is visit a website to infect yourself.

This means that you (and 900 million other people) just became a target and all the hackers have to do is get you tto visit an infected website, deliver an infected ad to your computer, or just wait for you to make one fatal typo in your browser’s address bar.

How Can my Computer be Attacked?

With this specific vulnerability an attacker needs to get your browser to load something from an infected website. Some possible ways your computer could be infected include:

  • You click on a link in an email taking your to the infected website
  • A trusted website displays an advertisement from an infected website
  • You mistakenly type an incorrect URL in your address bar
  • Your visiting crazy Uncle stupidly just goes to the site an infects your computer

Once your computer is attacked it can sit for hours, days or even weeks before exhibiting signs of infection.

What Do I Need to Do to Stay Safe?

It is always a good idea to employ the safe computing practices I listed at the beginning of this article.

The only security software that Schrock Innovations recommends for its customers is Norton 360 because it is literally the only software program that we have installed for our customers that keeps them safe.

In fact, if you are running Norton 360 you don’t have to worry about the vulnerability discussed in this article at all because Norton has already covered it for you.

If you are not running Norton and want to switch to keep your computer safe, Schrock Innovations has Norton 360 on sale through February 6, 2011.

For only $79.99 Schrock will log into your computer over the Schrock Desk remote support service, clean any infections in your computer, install Norton 360 and configure it for only $79.99!

Contact Schrock Innovations to take advantage of this special offer before it runs out!

Email Scams Trying to Trick Unsuspecting Users

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  • Written on: April 6th, 2010

While it is certainly nothing new, yet another threat to your email security is floating around the internet.

This email made it through our formidable spam filters (as well as through Google’s filters) to find its way to my inbox.

Dear Customer,

This e-mail was send by to notify you that we have temporanly prevented access to your account.

We have reasons to beleive that your account may have been accessed by someone else.

Please click on the following link (or copy & paste it into your web browser):


As usual, the message is plagued with misspellings and the link (removed in my example) to the instructions.exe file would have attempted to infect my computer.

As a general rule, email system administrators do not send broadcast emails to users notifying them of an intrusion.

Alpha Anti-Virus Fake Alert Hitting Computer Users

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  • Written on: October 29th, 2009

alpha-anti-virusAlpha Antivirus is the latest fake-alert virus that is afflicting computer users on the Internet.

This variant popped up in late September, but is gaining traction as injected websites begin drifting to the top of search engine results.

How Do You Get Infected?

These fake alert infections typically come into your computer through internet web searches on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

The makers of these fake-alert infections create thousands of websites with valuable content on subjects they can easily rank in the top 10 results of popular web searches.

After these sites climb to an appropriate level, click-jacking code is inserted that will infect unprotected computers as soon as they visit the page – without warning.

Typically the only symptom of impending infection is a pop-up that warns you that your computer is infected (when it is in fact not).

How Do Keep My Computer Safe?

The best way to keep your computer safe is to have good virus protection software installed on your computer.

While technicians disagree to a degree on which program is the best to use, my opinion (based on HUNDREDS of infected PCs that Schrock Innovations has repaired) is that free antivirus like AVG is a problem waiting to happen.

I recommend Symantec’s Norton 360 software. It offers some of the best protection on the market while also featuring the most user-friendly interface.

Those who are have had bad experiences with Norton in th past because it slowed dow their computers should note that the newer versions are MUCH lighter than the older versions (although any antivirus software will slow down your computer).

Malware Makers Begin Attacking “Under Served” Mac Users

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  • Written on: August 12th, 2009

For the past few years Apple has had a heyday with ads proclaiming that Macs are inherently free of viruses and spyware because of the superior software they employ.

And for the past three years on my radio show I have said that the reason Mac users don’t get many viruses is because not many people were using Mac.

After Vista’s shortcomings gave Apple an opening to sell a LOT of Macs and their marketshare broke 10% of users in the US.

With more and more people using Macs, attackers are now realizing that Mac users are a very undeserved population. Many don’t run any security software at all because they believe they are impervious to attack.

Do Mac Users Need Security Software?

In short, if you plan on doing anything important with your Mac, you need security software. If you are using a Mac to play games for your 4 year old, then you can probably go without.

Before you pack your student up for college and send that Mac off to class, here is a list of security software providers who have products you can use to protect yourself and your identity.

Vista Service Pack Woes and Dangerous Searches – May 30th Compute This

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  • Written on: June 2nd, 2009

All About Vista

This week our show focused heavily on the the latest Vista service pack update. The update was originally scheduled to be pushed via automatic update on June 30, however Microsoft has been making it available on Windows Update now.

If the install is popping up on your computer, you need to install it ASAP. We recommend you bring your computer to Schrock Innovations for our $39.99 installation special. This way you can be assured the update has been installed correctly.

In the News

The latest virus hitting the internet is called Gumblar. This virus attacks websites you trust and infects your computer. An interesting fact is that 37% of the websites you trust actually infect your computer. The Gumblar virus is no exception. The best way to prevent this from happening to you is to stay up-to-date on your security software. As always, we recommend Norton 360.

The Key to Key Words

Have you ever searched for song lyrics or “free” stuff on the ‘net. The majority of us have and the likely hood of you getting a virus is great. Our suggestion, call your radio station and ask for the lyrics to the song and simply stop searching for free things. Here are the most dangerous search terms on the web.

There are, however, key word searches you can type in without worrying about getting a virus. These are phrases such as things about the economic crisis and health questions. Search away about the economy and that agonizing pain in the neck-you’re safe.

May 23rd Radio Show: Big Names, Big Fails

  • Comments: 4
  • Written on: May 26th, 2009

Did you miss the show this week? Listen to the commercial-free recording here!

The first part of the show was a top ten list of technology fails of the decade. Next Thor moved on to the virus that has been nagging the FBI for over a week. Callers asked about some tricky marketing messages and how to avoid them, Norton 260, Adobe Acrobat updates and more.

Conficker Virus Draws TV Stations to Schrock Innovations

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  • Written on: April 5th, 2009

The non-event that was the Conficker virus sparked a ton of media attention on April 1. In one afternoon two TV crews visited the new Schrock Innovations Computer Repair Service Center in Lincoln, NE to talk about the virus.

In both interviews I predicted that the virus would be a non-event, but that the bot network left behind could be leveraged at a later date for just about anything.

Conficker Virus Strikes April 1 – What You Need to Know

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  • Written on: March 31st, 2009

Over the past few days there has been a lot of concern about the Conficker virus that is expected to strike on April 1, 2009. Callers to my radio show asked me if they should be concerned, and my answer was pretty straight forward.

If the following describes you, you should be relatively safe from the Conficker virus:

* You have a genuine (not illegal) copy of Windows
* You have up-to-date Antivirus Software from a company like Symantec (not free antivirus from your ISP or Free AVG)
* You are current with your Windows Updates
* You can get to the website

With that said, there are also important details about this infection that you should know to help keep your friends and relatives safe as well.

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