Your Computer is Vulnerable to the Latest Hack Attack – Unless you Have Norton 360

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  • Written on: February 1st, 2011

Most computer users try to be safe when they are online. Many people won’t open emails from people they don’t know. Some only go to websites they know they can trust.

But if you think you are safe online because you are careful, think again.

Microsoft has announced a new security vulnerability was discovered that allows hackers to install malware on any computer from Windows XP up through Windows 7 and all you have to do is visit a website to infect yourself.

This means that you (and 900 million other people) just became a target and all the hackers have to do is get you tto visit an infected website, deliver an infected ad to your computer, or just wait for you to make one fatal typo in your browser’s address bar.

How Can my Computer be Attacked?

With this specific vulnerability an attacker needs to get your browser to load something from an infected website. Some possible ways your computer could be infected include:

  • You click on a link in an email taking your to the infected website
  • A trusted website displays an advertisement from an infected website
  • You mistakenly type an incorrect URL in your address bar
  • Your visiting crazy Uncle stupidly just goes to the site an infects your computer

Once your computer is attacked it can sit for hours, days or even weeks before exhibiting signs of infection.

What Do I Need to Do to Stay Safe?

It is always a good idea to employ the safe computing practices I listed at the beginning of this article.

The only security software that Schrock Innovations recommends for its customers is Norton 360 because it is literally the only software program that we have installed for our customers that keeps them safe.

In fact, if you are running Norton 360 you don’t have to worry about the vulnerability discussed in this article at all because Norton has already covered it for you.

If you are not running Norton and want to switch to keep your computer safe, Schrock Innovations has Norton 360 on sale through February 6, 2011.

For only $79.99 Schrock will log into your computer over the Schrock Desk remote support service, clean any infections in your computer, install Norton 360 and configure it for only $79.99!

Contact Schrock Innovations to take advantage of this special offer before it runs out!

Antivirus 2009 Malware – How to Avoid Infection

  • Comments: 6
  • Written on: September 25th, 2008

Antivirus 2009, XP Antivirus and XP Antivirus 2008 infections may be using a new exploit to get into PCs that are not equipped with the latest anti-virus software.

New Malware Threat Targets Mozilla FireFox

  • Comments: 0
  • Written on: September 16th, 2006

A new chapter in the history of Mozilla’s Open Source browser, FireFox, was started this week as the first ever recorded FireFox malware infection was reported. The infection reportedly caused popups to appear on the users computer and defied all reasonable attempts at removal. The Schrock Innovations MCHE research team has investigated this infection, and […]

Thor Schrock Interviews the Jeff Schwartz about Class Action Suit

  • Comments: 17
  • Written on: August 19th, 2006

Today on Compute This I had the opportunity to speak on the air with Jeff Schwartz, of the Law Offices of Manuel H. Miller from California. Jeff is the attorney who is working to assemble a class action lawsuit against the makers of the MovieLand, MoviePass, and spyware infections.

For those of you who are not aware, these three software programs solicit people on the web to install a “free” 3-day trial service that allows them to download movies and other media files from the Internet. However, unless you cancel the 3-day trial before it expires, you will be haunted by continual pop-ups that nearly debilitate your computer until you pay their subscription fees.

If you missed the show, you can listen to the entire interview here.

MoviePass Malware Infection is Replaced by

  • Comments: 3
  • Written on: August 11th, 2006

Easton Herd and Andrew Garroni, the men behind the MoviePass spyware infection, have spun their software off under a new name in an attempt to lure more unsuspecting victims into 3-day trials of the new Download Manager service. You can view complete removal instructions on the Schrock Innovations website.

MoviePass has earned a reputation across the Internet as deceptive software that collected unreasonable information about the computers on which it was installed. The MoviePass software was distributed by luring visitors with a free 3-day trial of the movie and video download service. If the user failed to cancel their subscription before the end of the trial, they would be billed for the service whether they wanted it or not. Those who refused to pay were haunted by near continuous pop-up messages that plagued their PCs and slowed their productivity.

Brave Sentry Infection Follows Old Model

  • Comments: 3
  • Written on: August 10th, 2006

A new spyware infection has started showing up on our benches called Brave Sentry. The Brave Sentry and Brave Sentry 2.0 infections are modeled after the SpyFalcon, SpySheriff, and SpywareQuake infection models.

This particular infection is usually delivered when someone using your computer clicks on a pop-up message that states the computer is already infected with spyware. The message claims it can remove the spyware for you. When users click on the message, they are instructed to download Brave Sentry to clean their systems.

Stealth Malware on the Horizon

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  • Written on: August 1st, 2006

As more and more big security players create products to help consumers rid their computers of Malware, the creators of the malware are incorporating a new tool into their arsenal – stealth.

It is estimated that 90% of all computers are infected with some degree of Malware (malware is a global term that encompasses spyware, adware, and scumware). Typically systems become infected when users install software programs from the Internet that contain the malware as an additional component.

California Attorney General’s Office Asks Schrock for MoviePass Help

  • Comments: 6
  • Written on: July 19th, 2006

I received a call today from a Deputy Attorney General with the California Attorney General’s office regarding MoviePass and their MediaPipe software.

Last week I tracked down the individuals who own the corporations responsible for MoviePass, MovieLand and MediaPipe and published it on the Schrock Innovations website.

MoviePass tweaks MediaPipe Cancellation Procedure – Makes it Harder to Cancel Shady Software Package

  • Comments: 4
  • Written on: June 28th, 2006

For those of you who follow this blog, you have read about the MoviePass and MediaPipe software that seems to find its way on to people’s computers who have no recollection of installing it. The software is designed to provide you access to free video content and is usually installed when the user clicks on an advertisement online for free video content and installs their trial software.

30 days later, the MediaPipe software begins to demand its subscription fee though pop ups that increase in frequency until you pay.

There used to be a toll-free number to cancel the account that was opened in your name when you installed the MoviePass trial, but now that number is frequently too buy to get through, and when you do make it through it goes to voice-mail.The makers of MoviePass were undoubtedly barraged with callers seeking to cancel their accounts, so they have created a website where you can cancel your MoviePass subscription instead.

Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer Confounded by Spyware

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  • Written on: June 8th, 2006

I found this story on an Australian news website. I have no idea if it is true, but either way it is funny.

Microsoft executives love telling stories against each other. Here’s one that platforms vice-president Jim Allchin told at a recent Windows Vista reviewers conference about chief executive Steve Ballmer.

It seems Steve was at a friend’s wedding reception when the bride’s father complained that his PC had slowed to a crawl and would Steve mind taking a look.

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