Brave Sentry Infection Follows Old Model

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  • Written on: August 10th, 2006

A new spyware infection has started showing up on our benches called Brave Sentry. The Brave Sentry and Brave Sentry 2.0 infections are modeled after the SpyFalcon, SpySheriff, and SpywareQuake infection models.

This particular infection is usually delivered when someone using your computer clicks on a pop-up message that states the computer is already infected with spyware. The message claims it can remove the spyware for you. When users click on the message, they are instructed to download Brave Sentry to clean their systems.

Once Brave Sentry i installed, it will run a ‘scan” that ALWAYS finds a ton of infections, whether they are there or not. To the users surprise, the software then begins generating pop up messages demanding the user purchase the commercial version of the software for $50 to continue the removal process.

Obviously, this is a scam, but attempts to remove the Brave Sentry software do not eliminate the pop up messages that appear almost constantly. We have devised a removal method for this infection. The complete instruction to remove Brave Sentry and Brave Sentry 2.0 from your computer can be found here.

  1. Richard said on November 8th, 2007 at 1:47 pm

    Thanks for trying to help with my Brave Sentry problem.

    Unfortunately nothing has worked so far. I tried using the file you had me download to reset the IP config and
    that failed. It still says something to the effect unable to query then I tried the SuperAntiSpy, and it did not pick up
    the Brave Sentry files. I have manually deleted to the Norton recycle bin most of the files on your list, and almost all
    associated files installed at the same time, but my file search cannot find many of Brave Sentry files such as the
    taskdir.exe file that disables the task manager. Little frustrated after a week of messing with it, It is an HP so I have no
    recovery disk to repair the PC just a partitioned D: drive to wipe and restore the computer. I am afraid to access it on the PC.
    I thought about copying it to an external an opening the copy, or buying the XP sp2 software and trying to repair it, but I don’t
    know if that will repair my system, or erase my system and leave me in the same position I would be if I restored it from the D:
    drive. I desperately want to repair it because I am not sure where many of the program disk I use are these days since I have
    had the PC for 4 years.

    Your website has still been invaluable in at least telling me what direction to follow. I sure wish I could connect so I could sign
    up for your service and let you look in machine a repair the mess that’s been made. I will be posting a testimonial if I ever get
    through this in case anyone else runs into the level of trouble. One thing I can pass along I think they have altered the brave sentry
    program files or names because many of the file names you have listed are similar but not exact anymore. I am wondering if this
    is why all the programs SuperAntiSpy, Yahoo AntiSpy, and my Antivirus let this thing pass through.


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