Your Computer Can Be Infected by H1N1 – Here’s How

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  • Written on: November 7th, 2009

If you listen to my weekly radio show, have had your computer in to Schrock Innovations, or generally have not been living under a rock for the past ten years, you know that you need to have security software on your PC.

You probably know that you need anti-virus software and you might even know you need a firewall program.

However, reports that many security suites attempt to detect threats when they arrive at the PC rather than preventing those threats by closing the doors they come through.

Your Computer Can Catch H1N1 – Here’s How

Most security software works in a similar way to your immune system. Your immune system sees a new intruder, fights it and defeats it. It then creates a set of detections based on that infection’s signature. Your detections are supplemented by inoculations (definition updates) to teach your body how to fight intruders it has never seen before.

Now imagine that a new intruder comes along and smacks your immune system. Imagine this infection is H1N1. Your body has never seen it before. Your body will probably beat the infection, but there is a chance it could get through and cause all kinds of problems, even death.

To help reduce the risk of being exposed to the virus you are told to prevent infection by reducing the number of infection opportunities – wash your hands, cover your cough, etc..

When is the last time you reduced the risk of being infected by washing your computer’s digital hands with some serious anti-exploit soap?

So Why Don’t We Do That With Our Computers?

We are all told to get our Microsoft Updates and update our security software. While these sound practices help reduce some infection opportunities, reported recently that 28% of the applications on your computer are probably insecure.

That means that common programs that most of us use every day like Flash, Java, Skype, iTunes, and more may be out of date. Software programs are constantly under attack by an ever more sophisticated culture of digital thugs seeking to use your computer for their purposes.

Recently these thugs are finding it easier to attack your insecure programs to gain access rather than your more heavily fortified Windows Operating System.

If you keep all of your applications patched with their most recent security updates, you are in effect reducing the possibility that any viruses or malware infections will find a way into your computer – you are in effect washing your computer’s hands with some really good anti-bacterial soap.

Think You Are Up To Date? Scan and See

I own and run a computer repair company. I read all of the boring stuff online about trends, infections, updates and the like. I would consider my computer to have one of the cleanest sets of hands around.

I decided to run a free scan from to see how many of my computer’s programs are not up to date with the most recent security patches. I was stunned:


Run the scan yourself and see how your computer does!

Disable SMB V2 Service in Windows Vista NOW

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  • Written on: September 19th, 2009

There is a new piece of exploit code circulating on the web that takes advantage of the SMB v2 service in Windows Vista to remotely access your computer.

At this time there is no patch to fix the problem (although the problem was repaired in the final release of Windows 7). Bevause thuis is a new exploit, it is also likely that any attackers using this code could also bypass your security software.

To TEMPORARILY fix this problem, there is a utility you can download to turn of the SMB v2 service. This may impact your home networking situation depending on your configuration, however it will not impact most users at all.

In the absence of a patch, here’s what you can do:

* Click Here To Disable SMBv2

To revert the workaround, and re-enable SMBv2, you can:

* Click Here To Re-Enable SMBv2

Immediately Install Any Adobe Acrobat Reader Updates that Are Available

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  • Written on: April 30th, 2009

Yesterday ZDNet reported that a new exploit was published that uses Adobe’s widely distributed free Acrobat Reader program.

While there are no reports of viruses taking advantage of this exploit yet, sample code has been published online that is often a precursor to B-class virus attacks.

I strongly recommend that you download any available updates for your Adobe Reader program. You may have to manually install these updates or the Adobe updater may pop up in the lower right corner of your screen telling you that updates are available.

Text Link Ads Exploit Allows You To Sell Ads in Unpublished WordPress Drafts

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  • Written on: August 17th, 2008

A Text Link Ads plugin exploit lists your WordPress drafts as content that is available for paid link purchases. Stuff the drafts and watch the money roll in!

Mommy Bloggers – Moms Reaching Out or Pimps?

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  • Written on: July 18th, 2008

But there are some people who look in on the world of “Mommy Blogging” and believe that these mothers are exploiting their children and that motherhood is not a “real job.”

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