Schrock Innovations Thanks Lincoln Customers in Election Coverage

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  • Written on: November 2nd, 2010

As tonight’s historic election results come in, Schrock Innovations thought it would be a great opportunity to run a commercial thanking our Lincoln customers for voting us Best of Lincoln for the 9th consecutive year.

This spot was actually the second shooting of the commercial. We shot the first attempt in the Lincoln Service Center but due to a camera error, we had to re-shoot the entire spot again. Because of schedule conflicts, we had to shoot it in our brand new Omaha Service Center.

The commercial will air on Lincoln’s Channel 8 throughout tonight’s coverage. Take a look at the spot below:

Schrock Innovations Second Election 2008 Billboard

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  • Written on: October 28th, 2008

The second of our election 2008 billboards will be airing on KOLN/KGIN Channel 10/11 throughout election night as results is being released today.

Before you Vote Tomorrow Know What is at Stake on the National Level

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  • Written on: November 5th, 2006

Ok, so this is not a technology post, but sometimes even my life ventures from the front of a computer screen. Take a moment to watch the trailer for the movie Obsession. Before you pull the lever on Tuesday for the national candidate of your choice, please consider the direction that your individual vote could steer this country in.

Sunday night I was watching FOX News Channel’s special on radical Islam. My 3-month old son, Jacob was fussy that night, so he was still up and insisted on being held by daddy – constantly. So we watched the special together. As I watched, I found myself wondering if my son would have to deal with this terrorism mess when he grows up.

The special put a lot of things into context for me. It illustrated how all of the situations that we see as separate theaters in the war on terror are seen as a single battlefield to Islamic terrorists. It made clear the parallels between the early 1940s and today. It made clear that radical Islam is not going away on its own, and if allowed to fester it could become the greatest challenge that we, and our children, will face over the next 10-20 years.

Don’t forget to vote Hineman and Stenberg tomorrow!!!!

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  • Written on: May 8th, 2006

Don’t forget to head to the polls and vote on Tuesday, May 9th. There are a lot of great candidates on the ticket. If you want my unbiased (lol) opinion, I would vote Hinemann for Governor and Stenberg for Senate.

Thor Schrock Endorses Stenberg in US Senate Race

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  • Written on: May 2nd, 2006

People pick political candidates for odd reasons sometimes. In this election, Nebraska politics is really interesting because you have a ton of qualified candidates all from the same party who are vying for the same jobs. In the case of the Nebraska US Senate Race, voters will have an opportunity to select the Republican who will face off against Ben Nelson (D. Neb) in the general election.

I must admit that I had a tough time choosing between Don Stenberg, Pete Rickets, and Dave Kramer. All three have very attractive qualities – Don is an experienced hand at politics and could use that experience for his constituents; Pete is an outsider who has the brains and the connections to get things done without the usual political strings that get attached to a candidate who has to beg for money to run; and Dave has helped countless other candidates get elected over the years and a LOT of people owe him a LOT of favors, which could be called in in the interests of the people.

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