Thor Schrock Endorses Stenberg in US Senate Race

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  • Written on: May 2nd, 2006

People pick political candidates for odd reasons sometimes. In this election, Nebraska politics is really interesting because you have a ton of qualified candidates all from the same party who are vying for the same jobs. In the case of the Nebraska US Senate Race, voters will have an opportunity to select the Republican who will face off against Ben Nelson (D. Neb) in the general election.

I must admit that I had a tough time choosing between Don Stenberg, Pete Rickets, and Dave Kramer. All three have very attractive qualities – Don is an experienced hand at politics and could use that experience for his constituents; Pete is an outsider who has the brains and the connections to get things done without the usual political strings that get attached to a candidate who has to beg for money to run; and Dave has helped countless other candidates get elected over the years and a LOT of people owe him a LOT of favors, which could be called in in the interests of the people.

But in my opinion, right now there is one issue that the US Senate has the ability to tackle and has refused to do so – Immigration reform. The Senate is in a deadlock with procedural measures being used by politicians who are more concerned about their political future than solving the problem at hand. I want a Senate candidate who will protect our borders with a double or triple layer fence BEFORE they talk about pathways to anywhere for anyone.

So in the May 2, 2006 Omaha World Herald there was a single graphic that helped me make up my mind. NONE of the Republican Senate candidates support building a fence along the US southern border. None of them. Ok, let the compromises begin… Who at least is willing to deal with the problem of 12 million people who have already entered our country illegally? The graphic indicated simple yes and no answers, and it indicated that Don Stenberg is the only candidate who opposes amnesty in one form or another.

Right there – BOOM. Got my vote. See you on the 9th. And I never thought I would hear myself say this, but Ben Nelson, if you read this, support a fence and I will vote for you in the general election. Security for our country is more important than the political sniping of a minority of US Senators, and my vote will be behind ANYONE Republican or Democrat who is willing to step up, and have the raw guts to do the right thing.

Oh by the way, some of you may be wondering what this is doing on a computer blog. Well, the title of the blog states this is the place for everything that does not have a place elsewhere. So here it is, and comments are welcome.

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