Earn Big Money by Infecting Macs With Malware

  • Comments: 4
  • Written on: October 1st, 2009

apple-logoAn affiliate network called the Partnetka is working hard in Russia to bring malware to your beloved Mac at a bounty of $.43 per infection.

Affiliate networks are nothing new on the web – in fact they are much more common than you might imagine. The basic concept is that webmasters run websites that people go to. They use their websites to promote products and services and gt a piece of the action when people buy.

It turns out that according to ZDnet that this network was offering a $.43 payment for every Mac that could be infected and handed over.

Most Mac infections come in the form of DNS changing Trojans that are downloaded in relation to porn videos.

Affiliate networks are pay-for-performance deals. This means that someone out there somewhere intends to make more than $.43 on every Mac they can infect. The days of the Mac being an invincible platform are clearly numbered.

Frustration with the eBay Affiliate Program

  • Comments: 9
  • Written on: September 15th, 2008

I just wanted to throw up a quick post to see how many other people out there have done business with eBay’s affiliate program and had difficulties getting paid? I bought a bunch of traffic from Clicksor and generated about $14,000 in eBay commissions by referring people to eBay who bid on and won an […]

Set up Your Affilite Marketing Websitewith Little or No Coding Experience

  • Comments: 6
  • Written on: August 16th, 2008

WordPress allows you to get your affiliate marketing articles on the internet and in Google’s search results fast. Get content online now, make it pretty later.

Azoogle Rallies Back to Show they Still Have the Service Touch

  • Comments: 0
  • Written on: January 16th, 2008

It was nice to see that Azoogle still knows what personal service and attention is, and I appreciate their help in pushing a few ideas forward.

FireFox, Google Pack AdSense Referral Buttons Not Working

  • Comments: 1
  • Written on: January 11th, 2008

It has been conformed officially by Google that the referral buttons for the FireFox browser and the Google Pack are not being displayed as they should on thousands of sites across the Internet.

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