Set up Your Affilite Marketing Websitewith Little or No Coding Experience

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  • Written on: August 16th, 2008

This is the fifth post in a multi-post series on
how to dominate an affiliate marketing niche.
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Wordpress For Affiliate Marketing WebsitesAll of your planning and content creation is nothing without a website that puts it all together and gets it out in front of search engine visitors.

There are more website design packages available than grains of sand on the beach, but there is one that I currently use and plan on leveraging for my niche website.

WordPress is a widely recognized and used content management system (CMS) that allows you to quickly post test and images on a website in a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) format.

Imagine being able to use a word-like interface to format your content and insert imahges and videos, and you have just imagined WordPress.

You can download the WordPress CMS for FREE.  Once you have it on your hard drive, follow the nicely documented instructions in the readme file to upload the WordPress files to your new domain and set up the content database.  (I know this is a LOT for some newbies to take in in one sentence.  Trust me.  Just start the WordPress install on step 1 and take it one piece at a time and you will be fine).

WordPress is awesome for a lot of reasons when it comes to affiliate marketing.  You can launch several hundred articles in a relatively short period of time because WordPress takes care of the little things for you.  In fact, Google is more likely to index your complete content and get it into their index FASTER because you are using a blog platform.

Get it Online Fast – Make it Pretty Later

But just because you are using blog software doesn’t mean it has to LOOK like a blog.  One of the biggest advantages that WordPress gives you is the ability to start launching your content immediately with the very vanilla default WordPress theme.

Later, when time and resources allow, you can have a very attractive and functional blog design created for you for a pretty reasonable price. (I use Unique Blog Designs – they are a little more pricey than some of the other options out there, but they are fast, thorough, stand behind their work and have ALWAYS been there to help me in the past.  They don’t flake.)

When that time comes, changing the look and feel of your website is as easy as changing a pair of shoes – literally.  WordPress stores all of your content in a database and generates the pages on your website as search engines or human visitors call for them.

Changing a layout on a standard website – especially one with a few hundred pages is a real pain in the butt.  But with WordPress, you just install the new template and turn it on.  WordPress will start pulling the new design and plugging in your old content from the database.  Its that simple!

What Have You Accomplished – A Recap

Up to this point you should have identified a niche to target, researched your niche, selected a domain, started creating content for your new website, and now you are equipped to get that information on the Internet.

There are a TON of things you can change in your default WordPress installation – too many to mention here.  Some of the biggest things you should do include:

  1. Read this guide on WordPress SEO Tweaks
  2. Install the All-in-One SEO Pack
  3. Change Your Permalink Structure to /%postname%/
  4. Edit the titles of your WordPress pages so they only contain your keywords for that article

A simple Google search for WordPress SEO will reveal the plethora of things I have not mentioned here, and it is DEFINATELY in your interest to do that search and spend an evening getting educated.  If you have any questions about specific things in WordPRess or SEO concepts, feel free to post them and I wdo my best to answer them.

What is Coming Tomorrow:

Tomorrow I will post about methods you can use to start driving traffic to your website and get it past the Google sandbox as quickly as possible.  I will talk about methods to get fast backlinks to your website, generate social traffic, and how to use your existing successful website to propel your new affiliate marketing website to a successful launch.

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