Top Affiliate Challenge Affiliate Rep Jailed

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  • Written on: February 6th, 2009

Charity Adams appeared on the set of Top Affiliate Challenge to help contestants find WebJamAds programs that matched their traffic.

While she was on the set, Charity reconnected with her love to help people in person. Shortly after the conclusion of the show she took a position marketing for the Good Samaritan Society. She seemed to be on a good path until recently.

Now Charity is behind bars, and some might even think this is a good thing.

Should I Buy a Psystar Macintosh Clone?

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  • Written on: January 24th, 2009

I am seriously thinking about buying a Psystar Mac clone. I am a little nervous about what might happen if they lose their case with Apple, but its still hard to justify spending $5,048 on a true Power Mac when I can get the same thing from PsyStar for $1,903.

The hardware is nearly identical, the software IS identical, so my experience should be almost the same as well, right? Here are some of the PsyStar positives and negatives that are weighing on my decision.

Joel Comm’s Continuing Innovation is Awe-Inspiring

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  • Written on: January 11th, 2009

I first met Joel Comm on the set of The Next Internet Millionaire, and I have to confess, I knew nothing about him. He was just some guy with a funny little goetee (we nicknamed it “The Comm” on the set).

Joel inspires me because he is the true essence of an entrepreneur. He is always looking for opportunity and is always finding it in the cleverest places.

Doomsday Approaching for Apple’s Mac?

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  • Written on: January 7th, 2009

If you have been following the Apple v. Psystar saga over cloned Mac computers you might get the impression that Psystar is just trying to make a buck selling inexpensive clones of a popular Apple computer system.

But according to legal filings, Apple thinks that Psystar might be part of a “Pirates of Silicon Valley” style assault on Apple’s future in the computer market. And they might be right.

If the door is legally opened to those who might want to make Mac clones, large manufacturers like Dell, HP and others would be racing each other to deploy Mac clone systems at breakneck speeds.

This end result is what fuels the conspiracy theory that some other person, persons, or competitors are providing aid to Psystar to keep their legal options alive. Some sources believe that this support is the reason Psystar has been so belligerent in the face of resistance by Apple.

How to Start a Data Recovery Center

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  • Written on: January 6th, 2009

My friend Steve from called me up the other day because he heard that Schrock Innovations was about to launch a data recovery service center.

We did a phone interview about what goes into creating a data recovery center and how data recovery pricing structures work. You can listen to the 53 minute interview here.

We would like to sign up 50 or more affiliates in February. To accomplish that we are thinking about paying commissions around 40% of the total recovery charge for every paying referral the affiliate sends us. To give comparison, other recovery companies with affiliate programs pay between $25 and $100 per referral.

Based on our pricing structure, affiliates can expect to make between $240 and $800 per referral. Considering that our data recovery center is charging less than 1/2 of what other similarly equipped centers charge, we should get off to a pretty good start.

Hyphens in Domain Names – The Right Way to Use Them

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  • Written on: January 5th, 2009

The most basic explanation is that Google sees hyphens as spaces, and interprets them in the same way a space is used to separate two words.

One of the best explanations about how this works was written on Guru of Search where he posts that Google considers hyphens to be spaces in a domain name. If you start thinking of hyphens as spaces separating keywords as well, you can begin to select domain names that will have a slight edge in the search engine results positions (SERPs) over some of your competitors.

Personal Accomplishments of 2008

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  • Written on: January 3rd, 2009

The first post was targeted toward things that I accomplished as part of Schrock Innovations. This post will be more focused toward personal and internet marketing accomplishments.

Corporate Acquisition Group – Scam or Business Opportunity?

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  • Written on: December 30th, 2008

The answer is that Ty Tymkovich and Corporate Acquisition Group is on the level and is a viable way to find an investor for your business. Like any service business they have some customers that complain for various reasons, but Ty and his company deliver what they promise – opportunity.

Ty Tymkovich has been slighted on a number of websites for various things (mostly untrue). I have dealt with him directly and I can tell you he has always delivered what he promised to me. Here’s my story of my interaction with Ty and his company:

Unexpected Gift Basket

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  • Written on: December 28th, 2008

On Christmas Eve an unexpected package arrived from “The DeVincenzi Kitchen” packed with all sorts of goodies.

Twitter’s Future is With Marketers, not Twit-Snobs says CEO

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  • Written on: December 26th, 2008

To all of the nose-raised snobs on who churn out 140 keystroke diatribes on maintaining the purity of Twitter I say – No one really cares what you are doing.

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