Personal Accomplishments of 2008

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  • Written on: January 3rd, 2009

This is a continuation of my previous post about what I either accomplished, participated in, or had a strong involvement with in 2008.

The first post was targeted toward things that I accomplished as part of Schrock Innovations.  This post will be more focused toward personal and internet marketing accomplishments.

Again, this is not a post about bragging.  Sit down and honestly list the things that you accomplished on 2008 that were important to you and I bet your list is longer than you might imagine!

Formed our Second Company – CreativeUs, LLC – January 2008

After getting zapped by the tax man in 2007, Kim and I decided it would be wise to form a second company to channel our internet marketing efforts through.

CreativeUs, LLC now services two consistent online reputation management clients, generated a five figure internet marketing income in 2008 and continues to provide additional opportunities behind the scenes.

Won Joel Comm’s Secret Classroom Affiliate Contest – January 2008

In December the final episode of The Next Internet Millionaire aired and the Joel Comm’s DVD product launch was set to fly.  He recruited affiliates to help market the launch.  Given my recent interest in affiliate marketing and my belief in the product, I decided to join up.

After three weeks of intense online marketing efforts I managed to finish first in the affiliate contest, selling more than $30,000 in Secret Classroom DVD sets and add-ons.  I even bested some of the more established instructors on the show! I won a Macbook computer and an Amazon Kindle for finishing first, not to mention some cool cash commissions.

Officially Began My Affiliate Marketing Career – February 2008

After my experience on Next Internet Millionaire my eyes were completely opened to the world of online and affiliate marketing.

I immediately stopped doing anything much new with Google AdSense (and I am still making over $100 a month from it).  Instead I decided to use my expertise in technology, business, and brick and mortar marketing to define myself online and begin building a base of readership.

With readership comes advertising, and with advertising comes revenue opportunities.  These opportunities will allow me to do ever increasing things in 2009 with my blog that should feed back into my affiliate marketing success.

Top Affiliate Challenge – February through July 2008

The months of February through August were primarily dominated by the organization, funding, promotion, and execution of Top Affiliate Challenge.  The online show was molded in the spirit of the Next Internet Millionaire but focused instead on affiliate marketing.

The show met with mixed reviews online, but the experience was one of the most challenging I have ever undertaken.  In the two weeks the show was being taped I learned more about myself, my character, and diplomacy that I have learned in my life up to that point.

If you ask anyone who was there you will undoubtedly hear a lot of stories and opinions, but I think the universal positive that everyone will talk about was the awesome group of people who came together – both cast and crew – to make that show happen.

Launched a redesign of my Blog – June 2008

A month or so prior to the launch of Top Affiliate Challenge my blog was getting record amounts of traffic.  I decided it was time for a redesign.

Our Schrock designers were busy at work on a number of projects, so I outsourced the design to the guys at Unique Blog Designs.  I found out about them because they did Shoemoney’s blog.  I know Shoe has exacting standards, so if they were good enough for him they were certainly good enough for me.

They did a great job on this design IMO.

Celebrated my 5th Wedding Anniversary – July 2008

Kim and I had our 5th wedding anniversary while on the set of Top Affiliate Challenge.  While every husband says nice things about his wife (or he should) I mean them deeply.  Without Kim I would be a shell of a person.

She is an inspiration to me every day.  She makes me realize that I am always capable of more in so many ways.  I only hope that I am the same inspiration to her.

At any rate, 5 years is a LONG time to put up with me, so you have to give her credit for that!

I Quit Drinking All-together – August 2008

I guess it all depends on the definition of “too much” but I believe I was drinking too much.  I would go weeks without a drink, but when I did decide to drink I would binge drink with the best of them.

While I didn’t think my drinking was damaging my ability to function, it was taking a toll on those around me. I come from a family that drinks a LOT of booze – measured in gallons a week.  I have a personality of excesses – both positive and negative ones.  I had to decide if that was the path I wanted to follow as well.

It was time to call it quits.  I didn’t join any 12 step programs or anything like that (statistics show that AA only works for a minority of drinkers who want to quit anyway).  I bought a book about people who realized drinking was hurting their lives and how they quit. I found it very inspirational, and I have been 100% alcohol free for almost 6 months.

Launched Second Adoption – October 2008

In October 2008 my wife and I decided to begin our second adoption.  Our son Jacob was adopted from birth from Hastings, NE and completely changed my outlook on life.  I know everyone says that, but wait until it happens to you and you will understand.

We choose to seek open adoption because Kim and I believe its best for the adopted child to know who his birth parents are, why they made the decision they made, and open the door to a relationship with them down the road.  I can’t imagine looking at Jacob and not thinking “thank god for Alexis” in my mind.

The first time we spent nearly $20,000 on an agency.  While the Independent Adoption Center provided us with some valuable information, it was nothing we couldn’t have learned form a book.  To be honest, I think they spend more of their money recruiting paying adoptive parents than they spend on finding birthmothers for those parents.

This time around we are going to avoid the agency.  We have a pretty unique plan put together that incorporates all of the things that helped us last time and none of the normal things that wasted our time and money initially.  Kim is actually writing a book about this process that will be published upon the success of our adoption.

If you know of a pregnant mother who is considering adoption and would also enjoy the benefits of an open adoption, please have her contact us through our open adoption website or directly by phone at 1-888-580-7228.

In addition to these major things, we also did a few other things that didn’t really need detailed descriptions:

  • Traveled to 5 Internet Marketing Conferences
  • Went to Disney World
  • Visited the Colorado Mountains
  • Refurnished Our House
  • Bought 2 Vehicles (and sold 2 old ones)
  • Bought 2 iPhones
  • Lost 25 pounds
  • Had over $10,000 in Dental Work Done
  • Gave More to Charity This Year than Ever
  • Met Some Truly Amazing People

2008 was a crazy year.  But if 2009 pans out like we are planning it to it might make 2008 look like a cruise through the park.

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