IMGuerilla Newsletter Review- Boom of Info, or Just Another Rehash?

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  • Written on: January 6th, 2008

A couple of guys named Vince and Edmund are about to release an Internet Marketing newsletter tomorrow called IMGuerilla.

The trouble with internet marketing publications is that they are almost always the same old info retread mashed together by people who are so inexperienced they think it is news… They all promise to help you make more money or get more traffic. The one thing that is ALWAYS missing are examples of the publisher’s own success.

The third paragraph of the IMGuerilla website even says that the newsletter was written by financially troubled guys who figured out how to make it online.

You’ve heard us alright. Something *BIG* is about to come and change the way you do business forever – just as it had changed the fortunes for these problematic, financially-challenged individuals…

The ONLY thing that *might* give these guys a shot at a successful newsletter is the fact that you have to PAY to get it. They have a revenue model, and if they are as financially secure as they say, they should have no problem feeding most of that revenue back into some high-calibur content for each issue.

I was impressed with the design of their sales letter and the comic-book style cartoons they used to draw traffic (If you don’t check out the site for anything else, take a look at the cartoons).

I get approached about twice a week to push or promote some one’s product. I can’t promote everyone, and I am very aware that if I promote the WRONG product every ounce of credibility I have earned with my readers is out the window.

I expressed my concerns to Vince and Edmund after they contacted me about being a part of the affiliate program. They replied promptly and assured me the content would be worth my time. Then THEY signed me up for the affiliate program and sent me a user name and a password.

For those of you new to affiliate marketing, typically YOU have to go to the website and sign YOURSELF up. So the fact that they did it for me caught my attention at least.

They are going to send me a sample copy of the newsletter at some point, and I am going to ask if I can reproduce some of the content here on my blog. If it looks good, I will endorse it. But if it is nothing earth shattering or if the quality drops off over time, my support will as well.

So what’s it going to be guys? Can my readers have an exclusive sneak peek?

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