Secret Classroom Blog Contest With $1,800 in Prizes up for Grabs! Enter Now!

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  • Written on: December 6th, 2007

I just found out today that I am the top affiliate in Joel sComm’s Secret Classroom affiliate program!

I want to absolutely STORM the search engines and show Joel that he should have chosen me over Jamie Luchuck and Charles Trippy to be the Next Internet Millionaire.

But I’m going to need your help, and I am willing to pay for it. I have $1,800 in cash and prizes that I am going to give away to my readers just in time for those holiday credit card bills. Does this motivate you to enter?

The Prizes!

1st Prize – $1,000 value (duh)
$1,000 USD CASH via PayPal

Need I say more? Use the cash to buy a copy of the Secret Classroom, pay off your holiday bills, or just go nuts at the mall. Its your money – if you win.

2nd Prize – $497 Value!
A Copy of Joel Comm’s Secret Classroom DVD Set

This DVD set contains all of the instruction that I received while on the Next Internet Millionaire. This month alone the secrets that these gurus taught me have generated more than $14,000 in revenue. If you are into internet marketing or just want to start making money online, this set is a must-have. Trust me on this one.

3rd Prize – $300 Value
A 22″ Wide screen Acer LCD Computer Display

If you are using a square monitor right now or something smaller that 22″, winning this display is a no brainer. Here are the technical specs for the connoisseurs among us:

Acer X221WSD 22″ Wide screen LCD Monitor
5ms, 1000:1, WSXGA+ 1680×1050, VGA, Color: Silver

How to Enter:

Entering is as easy or as complex as you want it to be. You MUST do three things to qualify for any of the prizes.

  1. Add a link to your blogroll called Secret Classroom that links to When we pick our winners that link MUST be in your blogroll. If you do not have a blogroll on your blog, please the link somewhere where it will appear on each page of your blog (as a blogroll would). This link MUST NOT have a nofollow tag or it will be disqualified.

    A note to MySpace bloggers: You don’t have the option to do a blogroll. Instead of the blogroll requirement, add me as a friend and repost my bulletin about the contest in your MySpace account

  2. Make a post on your blog Stating that you are entering Thor Schrock’s Secret Classroom Blog Contest. The words Thor Schrock must be linked to, the words secret classroom must be linked to, and the words Blog Contest must be linked to this post ( You don’t have to write anything additional if you don’t want to.

    At a minimum, this is how your post should look:

    I am entering Thor Schrock’s Secret Classroom Blog Contest

    If you are unsure how to make this post, I have provided sample code below that you can copy and paste into your blog:

    I am entering <a target="blank" href="">Thor Schrock’s</a> <a target="blank" href="" title="Secret Classroom">Secret Classroom</a> <a target="blank" href="" title="blog contest">Blog Contest</a>

  3. Post a comment on any article on my blog EXCEPT this one. Make sure you use your accurate email address, your real FIRST NAME, and the URL of the blog that has a link in the blogroll when you make your post. This is how I will verify your entry and contact you if you win a prize, so don’t mess this one up!

    I also ask that your comment be something of substance. Please don’t comment spam me, as spammy comments will be deleted, and that will invalidate your contest entry. For the effort of writing an original sentence, I have installed the Do Follow plugin so you will get a backlink for posting a comment.

Get 28 Extra Entries!

With over $1,800 up for grabs the thought occurred to me that you might want to enter more than once, or do a little extra work to increase your odds of winning.

For completing the three steps above, you get one entry. Here are some ways you can get additional contest entries and boost your chances of winning one of the three prizes!

  1. Enter with Multiple Blogs

    If you have more than one blog, you can perform the same three steps above on each of your blogs and get one extra contest entry each time you do

  2. Subscribe to my Feedburner Feed – 3 Extra Entries

    Subscribe to my Feedburner RSS feed and get 3 extra entries in the contest. Please remember that you MUST perform the three steps mentioned above to enter as well. simply subscribing to my feed WILL NOT qualify you to win unless you perform the three steps above.

  3. Write a substantive blog post on your entry.

    While you are only required to perform the three steps mentioned above to enter, if you choose to write a substantive post about what the Secret Classroom is and why you want a copy, I will give you 10 additional entries.

    You may make one substantive post per blog you enter into the contest. A substantive post is defined as a thought-out, grammatically correct post of 200 words or more. Your post may contain links to this blog or to within its content, but you MAY NOT link directly to Joel Comm’s Secret Classroom website.

  4. Make a Post in a Forum

    Make a post in a forum with a link to with the anchor text Secret Classroom.

    After you have posted in the forum, make a comment on this blog below (again use your real email address and first name, and your blog URL) that contains a link to the forum post you made. Don’t spam forums where your posts are not welcome, because if they are removed, they will not count.

    You will receive 5 additional entries for each forum post you submit.

  5. Add Garry Conn to Your Blog Roll

    Add Garry Conn to your blogroll and link to for 3 additional entries.

  6. Add Douglas Karr to Your Blogroll

    Add Douglas Karr to your blogroll and link to for three additional entries

  7. Add John Cow to Your Blog Roll

    Add John Cow to your blogroll and link to with the anchor text “Making Money On the Internet” for 3 additional entries.

  8. Subscribe to my YouTube channel

    Get 2 additional entries for clicking the subscribe button on my YouTube channel. If you subscribe, please leave a comment below with your YouTube user ID so I can credit you your entries.

  9. Add Me to Your MySpace Friends

    Add me to your MySpace friends for 1 additional entry.

Contest Deadlines and Rules

I will be assigning each entry in the contest a random number and then use a PHP function to randomly select a number.

I will check the website that corresponds with the selected number and ensure all contest guidelines are met.

If the blog is not in compliance, it will not win a prize and a second entry will be selected. This process will be repeated for each prize.

The drawing will happen on December 31, 2007 at 8:00 PM CST. to qualify to win, your entry must be submitted by that time. Late entries will not qualify.

Want to Get in on the Action?

If you have a blog with a large following, we can add you to the bonus entry section like we have with John Cow, Garry Conn and Douglas Karr.

All I ask in return is that you write a post for your readers and ask them to participate in the contest. If you are accepted and added to the bonus entries section, you will not be eligible to win a prize in the contest, but you will get a TON of backlinks.

If you want to get involved, please contact tschrock AT

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