Common Computer Problems and Solutions

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  • Written on: May 19th, 2012

Every week in our Service Centers customers bring their ailing computers in for repairs. Many of the repairs we see on a weekly basis are repetitive and pretty easy to diagnose.

In this video we address some of the most common issues we repaired this week in our Service Centers. Have you ever:

  • Had a laptop battery that would not charge?
  • Had a computer that would not turn on?
  • Dropped your laptop and cracked the screen?
  • Had a drive C error message?
  • Had a USB port on your computer stop working?

If you have experienced any of these problems, watch the video and see what we do in the Service Center to get our customers’ computer up and running.

SBA Selects Schrock Innovations as Top Business in Omaha, Nebraska

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  • Written on: May 11th, 2012

This morning Schrock Innovations was recognized by the US Small Business Administration as the #1 business in Congressional District 2 (Omaha, NE).

Each year the SBA presents awards to small businesses in each congressional district. Schrock Innovations was compared against other businesses based on sales and employment growth as well as involvement in the local community.

We discussed the award last Monday on the Omaha Morning Blend:

I want to thank all of my staff and employees who made this award possible, as well as the customers across Nebraska and Iowa who trust Schrock Innovations for their computer and technology needs.

Think You Won a Gift Card From Best Buy? SMS Text Message Scam Hits

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  • Written on: May 7th, 2012

Have you received a text message telling you that you are the lucky winner of a Best Buy, Wal-mart, or Starbucks gift card? If so, you are not alone!

One of the newest types of identity theft scam lures unsuspecting victims by sending mass text messages to randomly generated phone numbers.  The batches SMS messages usually send sequentially, which means many people within the same community receive the messages at about the same time.

The messages state that you have entered one of the surveys that is commonly located on the bottom of a store receipt.  Their hope is that you did complete one of these surveys and you might believe that you actually won.

When the victim clicks the link in the text message they are taken to a website that asks for the person’s email address and ZIP code.  If that information is completed, the next screen congratulates the victim and states that only a little more information is needed to claim the gift card.

The website asks for personal information including name, date of birth, address, and phone number.  That is actually all of the information that is needed to steal your identity.

WOWT Channel Six news stopped by our Omaha Service Center to ask some questions about the scam.  Here’s the video of their news report:

If you received one of these text messages Best Buy posted suggested information on their website about how to handle it.

If you have already responded to one of these text messages and completed all of the information then you could have a problem on your hands.  It might be a good idea to file a police report (create a paper trail marking the beginning of the event) and to also request that your bank place a fraud alert on your credit reports to prevent accounts from being opened in your name.

Schrock Recycling Event a Huge Success

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  • Written on: May 4th, 2012

This year’s annual recycling event at Schrock Innovations was a huge success. Last year we collected about 1.5 tractor trailers full of computer-related E-Waste and our goal this year was to top those numbers.

We offered three collections points this year – one in Papillion, one in Omaha, and one in Lincoln.  Between all three collection points we were able to recycle almost 2 full tractor trailers of E-Waste!

Please excuse our mess in the service centers while we process, sort and source the E-waste to proper recyclers!

Computer Recycling Event April 28 and 29 at Schrock Innovations

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  • Written on: April 15th, 2012

Schrock Innovations believes that companies should be good stewards of the products they produce.

That is why Schrock offers to recycle computers, cell phones, and accessories at no cost.  Normally monitor disposal is $15 per unit.

April 28th and 29th Schrock is taking technology recycling to a whole new level with a 2-day recycling event that will allow you to safely dispose of your old computers, phones, accessories, and cords all for FREE!

What Can I Bring?

April 28th and 29th at our Omaha or Lincoln Service Centers you can recycle your old:

  • Computer Towers
  • Laptops
  • Printers / Scanners
  • Keyboards / Mice
  • Computer Speakers
  • Cords
  • Cell Phones
  • Chargers
  • Extra Batteries
  • CRT and LCD Monitors (limit 1 free monitor per customer)

What if I Want to Recycle More than One Monitor?

During this event, each customer is allowed to recycle one monitor for FREE.  Each additional monitor is $15 to recycle.

However, during this special event for every monitor you pay to recycle we will give you a $15 Schrock Innovations gift card.  At the end of the day, its as close to ABSOLUTELY FREE as you will get!

Because of logistics, we must limit each customer to 10 monitors in total.  If you have more than 10 to recycle please contact us to make special arrangements.

What About My Data?  Is it Safe to Recycle?

Schrock Innovations takes your personal privacy seriously.

Each and every device that has data storage of any kind (hard drive, flash memory, cell phone, etc.) will be professionally wiped by our staff BEFORE it is sent anywhere to be recycled.

A recent UK study found that 54% of all phones that were disposed of contained personal information like social network passwords, bank accounts, or phone logs.

Of the phones that contained personal data, over 80% of the people who disposed of the devices *thought* they had completely wiped them before disposing of them.

Nothing is EVER deleted from a computer, laptop, tablet, or cell phone until it is professionally deleted.

You can rest assured that the data on your recycled devices never leaves our Service Centers.

Why Should I Recycle my Old Electronics?

It is estimated that on average each household in the US has 3 old and outdated computers in storage.  Schrock Innovations recently attended a committee meeting of the Nebraska Legislature where our State Senators expressed concern that electronic devices in our landfills were becoming a health hazard to all of us.

When you throw your old electronics in the garbage they don’t just go away.  Harmful chemicals like lead, cadmium, and mercury are vented when these devices are crushed or placed in the landfill.  These chemicals stay in the soil for decades and can pose serious human health risks including cancer.

Most people don’t recycle electronics because you have to pay companies to take your equipment.  That is why Schrock Innovations is holding this event.  It is free on May 21 and 22, so PLEASE make a plan in your household to set aside the old cell phones and computer gear you honestly will never use again and dispose of it safely.

Can I Bring Non-Computer or Phone Stuff to Recycle?

This event is limited to computer equipment and cell phones only.  We are working with specific partners to make this event possible.

We can not accept old TVs, cable converters, VCR’s and other related items.

Special Circumstances and Advance Notice

If you are bringing in a large quantity of equipment (more than 15 total pieces) PLEASE call us and let us know you are coming.  We have to make room to store the recycled equipment for up to 48 hours before it is transported (so we can pull all data storage devices).

Call Lincoln at 402-423-9595, call Omaha at 402-934-9423, or call Papillion at 402-884-0880 24 hours before you arrive with your equipment.

Preventative Maintenance Checkups
Only $34.99 This Week Only!

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  • Written on: April 4th, 2012

For one week only (through April 9) Schrock’s most popular service, our Preventative Maintenance Checkup will be on special for nearly 60% off the normal price.

Schrock’s Maintenance Checkup is the best value in town when it comes to tuning up a slowing computer – especially when it is on sale for only $34.99!

Take a look at one of Thor’s appearances on the Morning Blend show from earlier this year where he shows you exactly why you need Preventative Maintenance on your computer every six months:

For that $35 price, Schrock will spend up to 8 hours working on your computer. During the Maintenance Checkup we will:

  • Blow dust and debris out of your computer’s fans and power supply
  • Scan your hard drive for signs of future failure
  • Test your system memory
  • Test your computer’s power supply
  • Test your CD/DVD drive
  • Examine your motherboard for signs of future failure
  • Install any recommended Windows Updates
  • Install updates for common software like Flash or Reader
  • Scan for malware and virus infections
  • Update your installed anti-virus software
  • Repair registry errors and corruptions
  • Clean your computer’s exterior

Compare Schrock’s Maintenance Checkup on special to competing services that cost as much as $120!

We only have Maintenance Checkup Specials twice each year, so if you miss this opportunity your computer could suffer for months with slow speed, damaging dust, or failing components for months before you have another chance at a deal like this.

Schrock Innovations Seeking New Employee for Solution Advisor Position in Lincoln

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  • Written on: January 14th, 2012

The Schrock Innovations Computer Company has spent the last 13 years building a tradition of quality technology products and award-winning service in Lincoln.

Schrock Innovations has created a new position called a Solution Advisor that is designed to ensure that we are providing the best technology solution or combination of solutions available for our clients and customers.

This position will require a candidate to:

  • Contact customers after service to ensure satisfaction
  • Contact customers with expiring software subscriptions for renewal
  • Maintain the appearance and functionality of the sales floor
  • Assist customers and clients in purchasing new computers
  • Meet with clients about website development projects
  • Meet with small businesses to establish corporate service agreements
  • Offer technology solutions to customer with malfunctioning computers
  • Handle service concerns
  • Other duties as assigned
  • Actively prospect provided lists

This position is perfect for a candidate with a sales, marketing, and/or technology background to achieve earning potential that is limited only by the ammout of time you want to work. If you are a highly motivated individual who likes the idea of unlimited income potential AND a rock-solid list of leads, Schrock Innovations Computer Company is looking for you!

To be considered for this position a candidate must:

  • Have 5 or more years of experience in commissioned sales
  • Have an understanding of computers and other technology items (or be open to rapid training)
  • Have reliable transportation
  • Pass a criminal background check
  • Formal sales training or record of sales excellence is a plus


This position is a contract position. Each solution assembled for a client or customer will offer a varied commission. The candidate selected for this position will set his or her own schedule.

Commissions will vary depending on the type of sale earned and the value of that sale to the company. A complete commission schedule will be provided during training.

Schrock Innovations will provide the following equipment if desired by candidate:

  • Laptop Computer
  • Tablet
  • Droid Smartphone (use of company phone required)

Application Information:

This position is an immediate opening. To apply for this position, please complete an online application on our website. Please do not call or visit our Service Center about this position.

If you have additional questions, or wish to submit additional information such as references, portfolios, or prepared resumes in addition to your online application, please send them in response to this advertisement. You must complete an online application to be considered for this position.

Qualified candidates will be called for a telephone interview. Based on those interviews, the pool of candidates will be narrowed and called in for an in-person interview.

How to Keep all of your Third Party Programs up to Date and Defeat Cybercriminals

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  • Written on: January 11th, 2012

The world we live in is getting more and more dangerous every day (as evidenced by Monday’s post about the latest banking crimeware) so it is important that you take the measures necessary to keep your technology safe.

There are always the basics like keeping your Windows Operating System updated and running good anti-virus software like Norton 360.

However a frequently overlooked aspect of your computers security are the outdated third party programs like Adobe Reader, Flash, iTunes, etc that hackers can use as gateways into your personal information and banking data.

There is a super simple solution called SecureUpdater that takes care of everything for you and there is even a 15-day free trial.

In my weekly omaha Morning Blend appearance I explained how these outdated programs can become a security nightmare for your computer:

Secure Updater is on sale at Schrock Innovations for 50% off the usual price published on their website. Contact any of our Service Centers today and let Secure Updater keep your computers’ back door locked tight.

New Crimeware Infection Defeats Common Bank Security Measures

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  • Written on: January 9th, 2012 is reporting today that a new variant of malware has been detected that infects your computer and steals your online banking credentials.  This new infection can even defeat the image verification schemes that banks have put in place to prevent such intrusions from happening.


The latest strain of the ID-theft malware, called Gameover, begins as a phishing scheme with spam e-mails — purportedly from the National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA), the Federal Reserve Bank, or the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) — that leads to malware infection and eventual access to the victim’s bank account.

The FBI said the phishing lures typically includes a link in the e-mail that goes to a phony website.  ”Once you’re there, you inadvertently download the Gameover malware, which promptly infects your computer and steals your banking information,” it warned.

The FBI said recent investigations have shown that some of the funds stolen from bank accounts go towards the purchase of precious stones and expensive watches from high-end jewelry stores.

Please make sure you are running Symantec’s Norton 360 software and you are using the Secure Updater to keep all of your third party applications up to date with the latest security patches.

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