Akismet Trackback Spam Ban Lifted!

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  • Written on: January 15th, 2009

As I explained in yesterday’s post, Akismet banned me from posting comments on WordPress blogs because of my use of a trackback spam tool I tested out a few months ago.

After some searching, I found one other blogger who suggested simply contacting Akismet if you feel you were wrongly blacklisted.

While I definitely deserved some punishment for trying to exploit the trackback system, I had been “clean” form spam-like activities for a long time and had been working diligently for months to restore my blog’s honor in the eyes of Akismet.

Could a simple email be the answer I had been looking for?

In fact, it was. I used the contact form on the Akismet website to submit a “I have a support or feature request” service ticket. I was completely honest in my email where I explained what happend and asked for the penalty to be lifted.

New Malware Threat Targets Mozilla FireFox

  • Comments: 0
  • Written on: September 16th, 2006

A new chapter in the history of Mozilla’s Open Source browser, FireFox, was started this week as the first ever recorded FireFox malware infection was reported. The infection reportedly caused popups to appear on the users computer and defied all reasonable attempts at removal. The Schrock Innovations MCHE research team has investigated this infection, and […]

Hackers Exploit Holes in DRM Copyright Protection

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  • Written on: September 5th, 2006

In August two programs surfaced on the Internet that allowed users to remove the Digital Rights Management (DRM) copyright protection that prevents the songs from being duplicated without permission nor payment.

One of the programs targeted Apple’s FairPlay DRM protection and the other circumvented Windows Media DRM protection. While attempts to circumvent copyright protection on online music services is not new, Microsoft was forced to hastily release a patch to close the vulnerability in Media DRM, while Apple plans to solve its most recent woes in an update to its popular iTunes software package.

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