KFAB Radio Shows Now Available Online

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  • Written on: September 28th, 2010

With everything going on with the new Omaha Service Center opening, we haven’t had time to get our latest KFAB Compute This shows edited and posted on the Compute This page of the Schrock website until now.

Two KFAB shows are now available online free from commercial interruption.

You can listen to the August 15, 2010 show here.

You can listen to the August 22, 2010 show here.

We have two other shows in raw audio format that we need to edit. We should have those online this week.

Our KFAB shows are a little different from the shows we air on KFOR. On the KFAB show I do not have a co-host (Chris won’t get up at 5 on Sunday morning to drive to Omaha).

Also, because KFAB covers Lincoln and Omaha, we get callers from all over the state.

The format is a little different, but give it a listen. It has really been catching on in Omaha and I think you will enjoy it.

Schrock Innovations Debuts Compute This! on 1110 KFAB

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  • Written on: July 31st, 2010

Schrock Innovations has been a staple in Nebraska’s computer repair industry for over 11 years. Testimonials like the one to the left explain how Schrock attained that position and how seriously we take our reputation in the community.

During that time, our Lincoln Service Center has won eight Best of Lincoln awards and this year we were honored as Nebraska’s #1 Customer Service company (out of all Nebraska businesses) by the Nebraska Retail Federation.

Although many of our successes have come from our Lincoln operation, Schrock is no stranger to the Omaha Metro area.

In 2005 we won a Best of Omaha award and we are presently building a $750,000 Service Center at Village Point Mall on 168th and Burke (scheduled for a September opening).

All promotional stuff aside, there are no computer repair businesses like Schrock Innovations in Omaha.

Most computer repair shops are focused on making a quick dollar. They are very willing to help people with their problems, for a price.

At Schrock Innovations we choose a different path. We want to build a relationship with you and earn your trust. Then, when you really need us, you can feel comfortable picking up the phone and asking for help.

That is why we offer a free hour of labor coupon for new customers (just mention it when you call 934-9423), that is why we recycle old computers free of charge, and that is why I get up every Sunday morning to do this show.

Compute This! and Schrock Innovations exist to help you make your computer do what you want it to do.

I am the 100% owner of Schrock Innovations, so when you hear me on the radio you know you are talking to a person who is in our Service Centers every day. I take pride in the fact I know my customers by name and I expect nothing but the best from my staff of trained technicians.

I wanted to start this show a few weeks before we opened our doors for business because building relationships takes time.

All I am asking from you is to listen every Sunday from 7-8 AM.

I promise that you will learn things about your computer that are genuinely interesting and useful. This is not a computer show for techies. This is a show for real people who just want their technology to work.

With that aside, let’s cover one promotional item for the show.

Every person who calls the show Sunday at 558-1110 with a question or comment will receive a free $50 Schrock gift card.

Just call, ask a question, and get a free $50. It’s that easy.

Normally we give away one $25 gift card PER SHOW, so $50 per caller is a VERY rare opportunity. Don’t miss out!

Tune in August 1 from 7-8 AM to Compute This!

Living Digital Radio Show Debuts Today

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  • Written on: January 7th, 2010

This afternoon at 2:00 CST Chris Goforth and I will be kicking off a new syndicated radio show called Living Digital.

Many of you know that I currently do a 1 hour show every Saturday at 10 AM CST called Compute This. Living Digital will be similar in concept to Compute This, but will differ in some important ways.

Compute This is designed to be live and local. It is specifically designed to service the people of Lincoln and the current and future customers of Schrock Innovations.

Living Digital is designed to have a more widespread focus and cover areas that are influenced by technology, but are not necessarily computers.

For example, Living Digital will cover televisions, cell phones, gaming systems, digital cameras and more. With all of the new technologies coming out it is easy to become overwhelmed. The Living Digital Show is designed to make your technology work for you and be more of a help than a headache.

You can listen to Living Digital every Saturday afternoon in Lincoln, NE on http://kfor1240.com (KFOR 1240 AM). This week the show will be slightly shorter in Lincoln because of Nebraska Weslyean Basketball coverage, but I promise it will be a blast!

Big Announcements Coming in the Days Ahead

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  • Written on: December 4th, 2009

I am very aware that I have been absent from writing here for many days. There has been a lot going on, so I thought I would mention a few of the things here briefly to tweak your curiosity and then come back with more detailed posts in the coming days.

Here’s a few of the things I have been up to:

  1. Entertained a bid from a group of investors interested in buying Schrock Innovations (and turned them away)
  2. Selling our current home and moving into a new 4500 square foot home in Papillion, NE (yes, right before Christmas)
  3. Laying the groundwork for an announcement about our weekly radio show, Compute This – If you like the show now, just wait until you hear what is coming next
  4. Closed down our Omaha, NE Service Center in preparation for building our new (and permanent) Omaha facility in 2010
  5. Assisting in the development of a new Website Marketing Division at Three Eagles Communications
  6. Preparing for the official launch of the Top IT Shop Consulting Website
  7. Teaching my son Jake how to play Wii Boxing 🙂

Its a lot, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. More updates to come in the upcoming days!

Recent Compute This Shows Posted on Schrock Website

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  • Written on: September 27th, 2009

schrock_logo_webAfter a bit of a posting drought, we have started posting our Compute This shows again on the Schrock Innovations website for those who couldn’t listen live, or live outside of the local market.

I have heard rumors that KFOR may be posting our shows as podcasts as well. I will look into it, and get you a link so you can subscribe through iTunes is you would rather do that than download the .mp3 files individually.

September 12, 2009 Show:

Click Here to listen to the September 12, 2009 show.

During this show we launched a new sale called the Great XP Escape Sale.

There was an early Husker game this week, so the call volume was a little light, but we did have a few callers and they asked questions like:

  • Should I buy a laptop or a desktop computer?
  • Why does my music sound different when I burn it to disc?

September 19th 2009 Show

Click here to listen to the September 19th show.

During this show we wrapped up the Great XP Escape sale, talked about which browsers are the most energy efficient, and took a few calls as well.

Our callers asked questions like:

  • My DVD drive disappeared from My Computer. How can I get it back?
  • How can I fix a broken VGA cable?
  • Why did my auto-fill stop working in the Yahoo Toolbar?

Compute This airs every Saturday morning on KFOR 1240 in Lincoln, NE from 10-11 AM CST. You can listen live on the KFOR website and call in toll-free with your questions at 800-825-5865.

Vista Service Pack Woes and Dangerous Searches – May 30th Compute This

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  • Written on: June 2nd, 2009

All About Vista

This week our show focused heavily on the the latest Vista service pack update. The update was originally scheduled to be pushed via automatic update on June 30, however Microsoft has been making it available on Windows Update now.

If the install is popping up on your computer, you need to install it ASAP. We recommend you bring your computer to Schrock Innovations for our $39.99 installation special. This way you can be assured the update has been installed correctly.

In the News

The latest virus hitting the internet is called Gumblar. This virus attacks websites you trust and infects your computer. An interesting fact is that 37% of the websites you trust actually infect your computer. The Gumblar virus is no exception. The best way to prevent this from happening to you is to stay up-to-date on your security software. As always, we recommend Norton 360.

The Key to Key Words

Have you ever searched for song lyrics or “free” stuff on the ‘net. The majority of us have and the likely hood of you getting a virus is great. Our suggestion, call your radio station and ask for the lyrics to the song and simply stop searching for free things. Here are the most dangerous search terms on the web.

There are, however, key word searches you can type in without worrying about getting a virus. These are phrases such as things about the economic crisis and health questions. Search away about the economy and that agonizing pain in the neck-you’re safe.

Last Saturday’s Compute This

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  • Written on: May 20th, 2009

On Compute This, the term “whaling” was discussed. No, this is not another word for fishing; it is a word that describes online attacks for account information. We also touched on Google’s fail that happened earlier in the week. Google’s search engine was down for several hours, leaving users unable to use the site. We […]

May 16th Radio Show, a Whale of a Good Time

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  • Written on: May 16th, 2009

What is whaling and why does Steve Jobs care? On Compute This, we talked about the term “whaling.” Whaling is a term similar to phishing except that big names are targeted for maximum impact. Over the past month, several whaling attacks have taken place against wealthy executives and individuals. The reason for whaling these people […]

Today on Compute This…

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  • Written on: March 29th, 2008

This week we have a lot to talk about on Compute This! We will cover the Ultimate Upgrade PC Sale at Schrock Innovations is coming to a close soon, we rolled another Vista-only notebook back to XP, and the all new Adobe Photoshop Express FREE Service.

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