Alpha Anti-Virus Fake Alert Hitting Computer Users

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  • Written on: October 29th, 2009

alpha-anti-virusAlpha Antivirus is the latest fake-alert virus that is afflicting computer users on the Internet.

This variant popped up in late September, but is gaining traction as injected websites begin drifting to the top of search engine results.

How Do You Get Infected?

These fake alert infections typically come into your computer through internet web searches on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

The makers of these fake-alert infections create thousands of websites with valuable content on subjects they can easily rank in the top 10 results of popular web searches.

After these sites climb to an appropriate level, click-jacking code is inserted that will infect unprotected computers as soon as they visit the page – without warning.

Typically the only symptom of impending infection is a pop-up that warns you that your computer is infected (when it is in fact not).

How Do Keep My Computer Safe?

The best way to keep your computer safe is to have good virus protection software installed on your computer.

While technicians disagree to a degree on which program is the best to use, my opinion (based on HUNDREDS of infected PCs that Schrock Innovations has repaired) is that free antivirus like AVG is a problem waiting to happen.

I recommend Symantec’s Norton 360 software. It offers some of the best protection on the market while also featuring the most user-friendly interface.

Those who are have had bad experiences with Norton in th past because it slowed dow their computers should note that the newer versions are MUCH lighter than the older versions (although any antivirus software will slow down your computer).

New Fake-Alert Infection Plays on Green Movement

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  • Written on: September 8th, 2009


The latest fake-alert variant spreading on the web right now attempts to play on the passions of the green-Earth movement to trick unsuspecting victims into installing fake security software.

Green AV infects your computer through click jacking (only Norton 360 can stop it).

The new threat actually plays off of a Norton 360 trade name, calling itself the 3.0 Premier Edition, and claims to be the “World’s First Antivirus Which Cares About the Environment.”

Unlike other fake alert infections, Green AV demands a price premium for those who are unfortunate enough to fall for the scam. Typically fake alert infections demand around $50 to stop popping up in your face and “heal” your PC. Green AV demands $99.

Green-AV’s website reads:

Fighting viruses, spyware, malware is not only a question of security. Spyware actualy abuses your computer, overuses CPU speed, network bandwidth, makes your PC run slow. As a result you start consuming more power, working longer, think of replacing your PC with a new one which brings more unrecyclable wastes (many computer’s parts contain toxic wastes).

This way Green AV actualy cares about the environment. We thought that our application can guard not only your PC, but whole Earth – our home planet. So to show how much we care we desided to send $2 from each product sale on saving green forests in Amazonia.

The misspellings, poor English, and the fictional land of Amazonia should tip off any reasonable person that this is a scam.

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