The Three Types of Customer Service

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  • Written on: May 14th, 2009

I was white hot mad. My son was crying. I looked for a supervisor to communicate my disappointment to. There was not one that could be found. That was the end of it. I was left to return to our room angry, upset, frustrated, and disappointed while at the same time trying to console a 2 year old who just didn’t understand.

At that moment it hit me like a brick wall. There are only three kinds of service in the world. I had just experienced bad service and I didn’t like it. The other types are good service and exceptional service.

After I had calmed down a bit I thought, I wonder if we had ever sent a customer away from Schrock feeling like I just felt. In that moment I resolved that that I would do everything in my power to make sure that no customer ever leaves Schrock with a bad service experience.

The Role of Customer Service in an Economic Downturn

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  • Written on: February 15th, 2009

Last month Schrock Innovations screwed up badly repairing a customer’s computer. Our customer had a Sony notebook and Best Buy said it would take 2 weeks for a warranty repair. The customer was going to Spain in a few days and needed the notebook. They brought it in to us for a speedy repair and in our zeal to provide a superior service experience, we fell flat on our faces.

There are only two ways for businesses to survive an economy in recession. They can lower service levels and hunker down for the economic storm or they can raise your service standards and position themselves to take customers from their cowering competition.

The way your company handles difficult situations is more important than anything else if you are working to take customers from your competitors. Here is what we did wrong, why the laptop did not make it on the plane to Spain, and why we ended up buying our customer a whole new Sony notebook on our dime. How would your company have handled this situation?

Nest Furniture in Lincoln Nebraska Lost My Business Today

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  • Written on: February 7th, 2009

Lincoln, Nebraska is the 7th best metropolitan economy in the country right now. That is a good thing for Nest Furniture, because with their poor customer service I wouldn’t be surprised if they are still around next year.

Maybe the owner was having a bad day. Maybe his dog died. Maybe he had a fight with his wife just before we came in. The point of this post is that NONE OF THAT MATTERS. Small businesses need to understand that the quality of their service – especially in an industry as competitive as furniture – is what separates failure from success.

Here is the situation my wife and I encountered at Nest Furniture today as we tried to give them $500 for a pair of tables for our new service center. Needless to say, our order has been canceled and we will not be back again. How would you have handled this one?

Overnight Prints is Anything but Overnight Printing

  • Comments: 83
  • Written on: February 22nd, 2008

I normally don’t make posts calling a company out like this, but Overnight Prints has royally messed up a component of the marketing I was planning on doing at Affiliate Summit West so please bear with me as I work my writhing anger out through my keyboard. If you are not a big reader and […]

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