Rusty Eck Ford’s Shady Business Practices

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  • Written on: March 24th, 2011

RustyEckOmahaFordMy wife needed to replace her Buick Rendezvous so we visited Rusty Eck Ford in Omaha, NE to look at what Ford had to offer.  Four hours later we had to literally fight our way out of the dealership and once we got out we never looked back.  It was easily the single worst service experience I have had in my entire life.

When we first arrived we wanted to look at the Ford Flex.  My wife liked the marketing pieces and reviews.  They had several 2011 models, but as a rule I don’t like buying brand new cars.

Instead they showed us a used 2010 model that was about $6,000 less expensive than a brand new one.

Anyone who knows anything about cars knows that the value of a vehicle drops SIGNIFICANTLY once it has been titled to someone else.  Even if it is only driven 100 miles, the fact that it was titled to someone makes it a used car.  The price difference between new and used should have been more than $6,000.

Rusty Eck’s Service Experience Begins to Show

They have a wall of hand-written customer testimonials outside of their rest-stop like bathrooms.  They all brag about the favorable deals and great service experiences.

Never mind the fact that they were all written on the EXACT same cheap Wal-Mart stationary using the same pen…  Hmmm…

We left the crazy price in the used Flex simmer on the back burner for a bit figuring they would offer us a favorable trade-in allowance to make up for the difference.

My wife’s Buick has a trade-in value according to Kelly Blue Book of just over $8,500.  Rusty Eck offered us $3,000.  That’s when things started to slide downhill.

The salesman got gruff with us about expecting more for the trade in.  We told him we could sell it easily on Craig’s List for over $9,000.

Then he left us in his uncomfortable office chairs for over 30 minutes listening to the searingly awful 80’s music they are pumping into the whole showroom using a single plasma TV.  He was “checking with his manager” to see what they could do for us as a “special exception.”

We took the opportunity to look up used Flex’s with similar features at other dealerships and on Craig’s List.  Almost everyone else had identical 2010 Flex vehicles priced $10,000 or more under the cost of a new one – right where they should be.

Prisoners to Rusty Eck’s Horrid Service

When he came back in to his office and told us that his boss was giving us a good deal and they couldn’t do any better, we got up to leave.  Maybe he thought we were bluffing.

We told him that while his manager could not do better, we used the afternoon we wasted in his office to do some research.  Guess what – other dealerships have better offers than what you manager can do.  The Internet is a bear isn’t it?

As we put on our coats, the salesman hobbled around his desk to get between us and the front door.  He informed us that no one leaves without talking to the sales manager.  We started walking for the door.

At the last possible moment a slick looking man stops us and asks us if there is anything he can do to help us get into the car we wanted.  We briefly told him that he was trying to low-ball us on our trade and his vehicles were overpriced to begin with.  We then LITERALLY pushed through him and out the door.

Have a Look at What Others Say About Rusty Eck Ford

Apparently our experience was not that unique.  Take a look at these online reviews of Rusty Eck Ford:

Top 10 Reasons Not to Buy Your Car from Rusty Eck:

#10. Lacking the comfort feel- doesn’t feel welcoming
#9. Uniformed salesperson- Lacking information about financing and rebates
#8. A feel of “Buy Today”
#7. They don’t back up what they say
#6. Unprofessional finance manager #1-Talking about he and his wife “getting effed up”
#5. Unprofessional finance manager #2-Discussing how hungover he is from the Christmas party the night before
#4. Unprofessional finance manager #2-Watching a live football game on his computer while working with us
#3. Unprofessional finance manager #1-rushing through paperwork and avoiding explaining anything and then tacking on an $1800 bumper to bumper warranty without our consent.
#2. Stating the vehicle would be picked up from Iowa Monday morning and failing to do so. Then neglecting to make things right and NEVER receiving a call from a manager.
#1. There are other Ford dealers in Omaha that truly care about their customers and will work to do everything in their power to make you happy.

Or this one from (Who rates them as a 1.9 out of 5)

This has to be one of the dealerships that movie makers copy when they want to show a scumbag type dealership. They have no morals and absolutely no professionalism. They will try to milk you out of any money you might have and then some. We bought a used 1999 Chevy Blazer from them about 3 weeks ago. It was on a Sunday night and at closing time so everyone was in a hurry. When we asked about everything working o.k. (especially the 4wd) the salesman said yes just hit the button and it works. Well the first time it snowed, my daughter pushes the button for auto 4wd and tells me it is just blinking, well I take it out for a drive and sure enough, it never kicks into 4wd. I take it back to them and want to see if there is anything we can do to fix it. To make a long story short, a new salesman tries to get me to purchase a lesser priced vehicle and charge me more money for a “trade-in” when I get angry and tell him that this must be a joke, they tell us to leave and as I am telling them what I think of their dealership, a manager comes around the corner and starts telling me how I am the piece of sh*t customer and I need to leave. Then about 6-7 “salesman” come outside with me and one of them starts taking his coat off and rolling his shirt sleeves up like he’s wanting to fight!! What a joke, this is truly the SCUM of the dealerships. I hope Rusty Eck is proud of what he has built out there. Ford should take their name off of the signage because this is very much a used car lot filled with lot lizards looking for a next victim. They probably sit around and joke about how bad they screwed their last customer. Truly despicable.

  1. residential recording studio  said on April 5th, 2011 at 11:11 pm

    I am aware of some shady business practices for the large company I work for but am unsure of who should be contacted. I work for a large car dealer and know of some discrimination and dishonest dealings that I am not comfortable with

  2. Business loan small said on June 29th, 2011 at 2:58 am

    I go to them for a quote and they give me a really good monthly rate. So after going through all the hassle of signing the paperwork, I notice that they have me as “Married” when in fact, I am single. When I pointed this out, they said “Oh, just make somebody up.” So basically, they tried to get me to commit fraud.

  3. Anonymous said on September 12th, 2011 at 10:27 am

    Rusty Eck Ford in Omaha managed to pull a fast one on me. They advertised a car for one price…. then during negotitations they told me they had the wrong price on the car, and it was now higher by over $4,000. At that point, I should have walked out, but the sales rep Mike Mcguire, told me that “We’ll make this right, we’ll take care of you” He told me if they sold me the car for the new price of $29,xxx, that they would payoff my trade in completely. In essence, this was the same net price I was looking for anyways, so I agreed.

    A month later, when I went to check on my payoff amt, to my surprise, I was told it was $36,000 …. !!! I never even realized that the paperwork had been changed, I was in such a rush that day, I zipped through finance in 10 minutes or so, thinking I was getting the deal the sales rep told me I was getting.

    I’ll never do that again. Unfortunately, I’m still out over $7,000.

  4. Deven said on June 29th, 2014 at 2:34 am

    These guys are scam artists at its finest and this is coming through a guy who financed through them last year (bought a brand new 2013 focus from them and paid it off). They will manipulate you into thinking there the best dealership in town and get you thinking you wont get a better deal anywhere else which is absolutely bs. They price all there vehicles 2-4,000$ above suggested retail value so they can give you a higher trade in value for your car and make you feel like your getting a better deal. I came in today to try and finance an suv from them even though my last experience with them wasnt great i figured i’d give them a shot because i already paid a car off through them and thought id get the best deal that was far from the case. As soon as they realized they couldn’t get the deal I wanted they beat around the bush and tried to totally diversify me from what i initially came there for and tried to get me to trade in the focus i bought from them. They threw in some convincing numbers and wanted me to sign a deal I said im not signing anything until you get me put in a decent suv so I can get the best deal as a package. They insisted they wanted to do one deal at a time I insisted that I get the suv I want first. They couldn’t come close to what I was asking for and proceeded to tell me I was being asinine and unrealistic and said I was wasting there time. After those insulting comments I left and went across the street to Eddys Toyota turns out my accommodations were unrealistic to rusty eck not to Eddys. Eddys put me in a 2012 fully loaded chevy equinox at the price I wanted and the monthly payments I wanted when Rusty Eck told me it wasnt possible and id have to finance something 10,000$ less to get the numbers I wanted. In your face Rusty Eck I’ve learned a lot today and thats you guys lie and will say anything the customer wants to hear to make a deal. Be wary about buying from these guys and always check the fair market value and watch what I say it will almost always be 3,000$ or higher above the fair market value. I went to 5 or more dealerships in the past week and rusty eck is the worst liars/scam artists I’ve ever seen I totally regret buying a focus and paying it off through them they don’t deserve a dollar more when theres wonderful places like schoelfeld honda and eddys toyota right across the street who can serve you better get you a better price and leave you with a smile and not a huge mess.

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