Why Your Computer Needs Preventative Maintenance

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  • Written on: March 8th, 2011

Schrock Innovations will be holding our first Preventative Maintenance Checkup Sale of 2010 starting this weekend, March 12, 2011 through March 20, 2011.

Although we are “officially” launching the sale on this weekend’s Compute This radio show, you are invited to bring your PC in now and beat the inevitable rush!

Last week I was a guest on KMTV Channel 3’s Morning Blend show where we discussed the importance of regular PC maintenance and the upcoming Maintenance Checkup Sale at Schrock Innovations.

What is a PC Maintenance Checkup?

A PC Maintenance Checkup is a complete head-to-toe examination of a computer that takes between 8 and 12 hours of bench time to complete. Our Maintenance Checkup is normally a great deal at its usual price of $70, but for next week only we will be discounting that price to an amazing $29.99.

During a PC Maintenance Checkup our trained technicians will:

  • Scan your computer’s memory (Vital for Vista users)
  • Blow dust and debris out of cooling fans
  • Check fan rotation speeds and cooling effectiveness
  • Ensure your installed Antivirus is effective and updated
  • Test all drives
  • Check hard drive for masked bad sectors
  • Clean computer exterior if needed
  • Repair errors in the Windows Registry
  • Perform an advanced hard drive cleaning
  • Install critical system support software
  • Scan for and removes malware
  • Scan for viruses and Trojans

Try to find anyone anywhere who will work on your computer for 8 hours for only $29.99 and you will understand what a great value this sale is!

How Long Does it Take?

Please BE PATIENT with us during this sale.  We move the computers through as quickly as we possibly can.

Because the PC Maintenance Checkup sale is so popular turn around times can be as long as 4-5 days in some cases.

Please refrain for calling for status checks on where your computer is at in the line because it pulls our technicians away from the repair work they are doing and slows turnaround times for everyone.  We will call you AS SOON as we have any word on your system.

What Do I Need to Bring in?

If you are bringing in a computer tower we only need the tower its self. NO wires or accessories are needed unless you are having problems with them.

If you are bringing in a laptop, please do bring your power cord in with you.

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