Get Windows 7 Now While Supplies Last at Schrock Innovations

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  • Written on: June 30th, 2009

Windows 7 Pre-Order from Schrock Innovations

Pre-order Windows 7 at Schrock Innovations
** Save up to 58% off the October Purchase Price! **

Microsoft is making Windows 7 available for pre-order now through July 10, 2009!

Order your copy of Windows 7 and installation from Schrock Innovations and save 58% off of the software’s regular purchase price!

Windows 7 Installed for Only $219.99!?!

If you have ever purchased an operating system upgrade, you know that they normally cost hundreds of dollars and can take a degree in computer science to install successfully.

Between drivers, updates, and lost files upgrading your operating system can be a real challenge – Unless you let Schrock’s award-winning technicians do it for you!

We will get your computer running Windows 7
without all of the usual upgrade headaches for only $219.99!

Why have Schrock Innovations perform the installation?

Pre-purchase your Windows 7 software and installation through Schrock Innovations before the July 10th deadline and Schrock will:

  • Test your system’s compatibility with Windows 7
  • Test your applications’ compatibility with Windows 7
  • Install the Windows 7 Upgrade
  • Install any needed drivers and updates
  • Cover the installation under warranty for 3 months (no matter who built your system)

Schrock is offering 100 installations under this special offer & reserving tech bench spots for quick turn around on your upgrade. When you contact us to place your order, your credit card will be charged the $170 flat rate installation price. Microsoft will ship your Windows 7 upgrade disks on October 22, 2009. Your card will be charged for the upgrade software when it is shipped by Microsoft.

Once you have your software, bring it into Schrock so our technicians can complete your upgrade. Its that simple!

Why Should I Upgrade to Windows 7?

Windows 7 runs faster than Windows XP does (on the same hardware) and is compatible with EVERYTHING that Vista is!

Some of the biggest benefits of Windows 7 include:

  • Faster Hard Drive Access Times
  • Much Less bloated than XP or Vista
  • Faster Boot times
  • Avoid the expense of hardware upgrades
  • Support for the latest PC technologies
  • Better notebook battery life and performance

Is My Computer Ready for Windows 7?

Vista users have nothing to worry about in moving to Windows 7. Microsoft guarantees that all programs and drivers that are compatible with Vista will be compatible with Windows 7.

In fact, because Windows 7 runs so much faster than Vista, upgrading to the new operating system will have the same impact as DOUBLING your PC’s current memory and processor capabilities.

If you are looking to give your Vista PC a boost, the best prescription for your sluggish Vista PC is Windows 7!

Windows XP users will need to run a Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor tool to determine if their computer is capable of running Windows 7.

Windows XP users have to perform a “clean install” to get Windows 7 up and running on their computers after they pass the Upgrade Advisor. After the clean install, all programs will have to be reinstalled from the original discs that were used to install them the first time.

Important Details:

  • Microsoft will ship the Upgrade DVD to your address. Schrock Innovations is not responsible for lost shipments or damaged discs.
  • There is an additional $5 shipping fee (from Microsoft) to ship the discs to your home
  • This special offer and the warranty contained within does not cover hardware in your PC that fails during the warranty period. It only covers the installation of the operating system.
  • Schrock Innovations always recommends you back up your important data before upgrading your operating system. We will do our best to protect your data, but we can’t be responsible for lost files.
  • This offer is ONLY good through the end of the day on July 10th, or while supplies last. This offer is limited to 100 installations.
  • When your discs arrive at your home or business, bring them with your PC into Schrock Innovations so our technicians can perform your upgrade.
  • Because this is a limited quantity offer, Schrock will charge $170 in installation fees at the time you purchase the upgrade. Microsoft will charge your credit card for the upgrade disks when they ship on October 22, 2009.
  • The quoted prices are for Windows 7 Home Premium. If you need more advanced versions like Business or Ultimate, additional charges may apply.
  • All installations purchased under this offer must be completed by December 31, 2009. Installations that are not completed will not be refunded.

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