Steps to Solve Software Errors

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  • Written on: November 17th, 2008

Anyone who has encountered software errors can vouch for the frustration these errors bring. Computer users are known to spend a lot of time trying to resolve these errors, often without positive results.  Moreover, these errors are often encountered when a certain work deadline is approaching, further aggravating the user.

Here are a few steps that will help you prevent these software errors from occurring and will also help you solve them, if they still occur even after you take precautions.

Step 1: Keep Your Software Updated

You must make sure that you are using the latest version of the software and all the updates have been installed. Using old versions of software may make your system susceptible to bugs or security loopholes. If you encounter a software error, it is possible that this error has been taken care of in the latest update or service pack. Some software manufacturers may provide free automatic updates while others may be available on a subscription basis.

Step 2: Keep Your Windows Registry Clean

A Windows registry that is full of redundant information and is corrupt can interfere with the normal functioning of your software and can generate errors such as install/uninstall error or error code 41. You can clean your registry manually or use a reliable registry cleaner tool that will help you prevent as well as resolve many such software errors. It is critical that you perform thorough scans on a regular basis for this registry cleaner tool to be completely effective. If you decide to proceed manually, please make sure you make a complete backup of the registry.

Step 3: Ensure proper Installation of Your Software

A computer user may face problems while installing a particular software such as Acrobat and CorelDraw or may face problems later on while running the software due to poor installation. This problem could be due to several reasons. In this case, to fix Acrobat, CorelDraw or any other software installation problems, you may try the following alternatives:

  • Verify if the CD-ROM is in good condition
  • Uninstall and then reinstall the software
  • Verify that your user account has the sufficient rights to install a software.

Step 4: Use Reliable Anti-virus software

The presence of a virus on your system may make your computer and any software installed on it, prone to errors. It is recommended that you ensure that a good anti-virus software is installed on your PC. You should also make sure that the anti-virus is updated with the latest virus definitions and is scheduled to make thorough system scans to scout for any malicious software on a weekly basis.

Step 5: Only Use Genuine and Reliable Software

With the spread of the internet, computer users are being offered a huge number of software, often free of cost. As many users have already found out, many of these software come with coding and logical design errors. So, making a choice of software should be preceded with extensive research about the feedback of the software by existing users. Also, make sure that you do not download or buy pirated versions of software that often contain viruses or are incomplete versions of the software you need.

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