Top Affiliate Challenge Episode 3 & 4 Post Morteum and Feedback

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  • Written on: July 5th, 2008

Thank you all for your helpful comments about Top Affiliate Challenge. We are really serious when we said we were willing to listen and adjust to deliver a product that is in tune with what you would enjoy watching and learn from.

Expect to see a LOT more teaching in the next 2 episodes. We adjusted the way the WebJamAds Leader Board Report works to remove about 8 minutes of meetings in the episode. We also added a new cross-shot interview that is much warmer than the deer-in-the-headlight interview style we were using exclusively before.

We also added “B” roll footage over the audio of some of the longer interviews to help them hold the viewer’s attention for longer periods of time.

I was pretty surprised to see Ian Fernando give up so easily. Jeremy spoke very highly of him before the show and that was one of the reasons he made it in as a wild card. Ian is a very cool guy and he has a competitive spirit (he almost got in a bar fight here that night) but I think he expected this show to be something other than what it was.

Any decent PPC guy can take money that is handed to them and drive traffic with it. Part of the game in the first two episodes was to see how the teams would raise seed to fund their campaigns. I think Ian may have believed that the entire show would go that way and he may have made a judgment too soon.

It’s been very interesting to see how Collin De Ruyck and Big Jason Henderson have been playing the game both on camera and off camera.  Both of them have ruffled some feathers and it will be interesting to see how they manage to mend their fences in the future.

Meanwhile Team Pepperjam Network is STEAMROLLING everyone in its path.  Is it all Jonathan Van Clute, or has Ken McArthur been able to mold a viable, scalable team that could go all the way?

Thanks for taking the time to watch the episodes.  Let me know your thoughts on episode three and four.  Both constructive criticsm and what you liked about them.

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