Digg.com Too Boring For Me This Morning

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  • Written on: June 18th, 2008

This morning Gmail was having issues, so I decided to throw some time into the black hole that is Digg.com. I was disappointed though because all of the top stories were genuinely things that had no bearing, relevance, or much impact on anything. Check out these Earth shattering headlines from the world’s social news source:

Forbes: Why Firefox Matters

forbes.com — But don’t be fooled. Firefox has become one of the most important pieces of software around today as consumers shift from using their PCs to run applications living on their hard drives to a communications device able to connect with applications living on distant servers. The new browser has plenty of these soon-to-be-ubiquitous features…

YAWN… OK, Firefox rocks. I use it, I get it.

Baseball’s 8 Most Fragile Players

maxim.com — Eric Chavez, Oakland A’s — Threadbare shoulder tendons, bulging discs in his back – Chavez has fewer unmolested body parts than Jenna Jameson.

Possibly interesting to the baseball buff, but I LIVE in the middle of what is right now the “Road to Omaha.” With the College World Series happening in my back yard (literally) baseball is the last thing I want to think about today.

blog.makezine.com — How fast is the fastest clock in the world? Well, this one measures time to a millionth of a second. More…

Wow… I wonder if it’s digital or if it has hands…

Co-Workers Who Drive You Crazy!

cnn.com — I have a co-worker who doesn’t bathe nor wash her clothes and subsequently smells. I bought a bottle of Febreeze…she throws away her used tissues and often misses the garbage can, leaving them on the floor for “whomever” to pick them up. She NEVER misses work, so whenever she is sick, she coughs all over the microphone, uses the computer mouse…More…

Another Earth shattering story from the news makers at CNN…

On the move: Jackie Chan

driving.timesonline.co.uk — Chan’s new movie, Kung Fu Panda, was kinder on his battered body: the animated film about a panda that dreams of becoming a martial arts expert required only Chan’s voice. “I think because, first, I’m the good guy and, second, my characters in the movies are always the underdog. I never show I’m the superheroMore…

Aside from the KungFu Panda McDonald’s happy meal toy (which is super annoying to) has anyone really seen this movie?

Study: Bartenders Are Too Much Fun

latimesblogs.latimes.com — A new study shows that alcoholic drinks served in bars and restaurants are often larger than the standard size and contain more alcohol.More…

Where do these bartenders work? It’s a little early for drinking here, but I usually have the opposite problem.

Euro2008: France 0-2 Italy & Netherlands 2-0 Romania

news.bbc.co.uk — Italy clinched a quarter-final meeting with Spain as they sent France crashing out of Euro 2008 with a deserved win. France had a nightmare evening, losing key man Franck Ribery to a serious injury after only seven minutes.More…

People in the US don’t care about Soccer. OK story for our Euro friends, but again, YAWN…

Top 10 Tips for How to Green your Pet

treehugger.com — 1. Adopt from a shelter Pet breeders have only one goal in mind—to raise large quantities of purebred animals for profit. They’ve also been pilloried for misdeeds such as overbreeding, inbreeding, poor veterinary oversight, lousy food and living conditions, overcrowding, and culling of unwanted animals. Love knows no pedigree. More…

What the heck is this? A story about the environment or a rant on pet breeders? Two dogs with one stone I guess…

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