DriveSavers Steps Up For Nebraska Tornado Victims

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  • Written on: June 9th, 2008

Drive Savers Data Recovery ServicesSchrock Innovations received a call today from one of the nation’s leading data recovery companies, Drive Savers. They saw my post about the discounted data recovery we are offering for tornado victims and they have offered to help out as well.

There is only so much we can do to recover data in our Service Centers, and when the damage is beyond our ability to handle, we send our problem children to Drive Savers.

Drive Savers has always been able to get what our customers need, although off-site data recovery can be expensive depending on what has to be done to get to the data.

Drive Savers has offered a VERY GENEROUS 30% discount for all jobs we send them related to Nebraska tornado damage through July 9th, 2008. I say very generous because the data recovery industry never works for free and rarely gives a discount. Here is a portion of the email Doug received today at the Service Center:

For the next 30 days, Drive Savers will offer your Tornado victim customers a 30% discount.

Here are a couple of areas people can look over in their insurance policies.

There is a small movement in the insurance industry for both home-owners and renters insurance where they have been covering the cost of data recovery. It could be called “loss of intellectual property” by them and would probably be in the section under valuable records and documents – possibly in the liability coverage section. Another section to look over would be in the property/casualty coverage. If they have blanket coverage, this could include data loss along with the property damage. “…the damage, destruction or loss of property from an identifiable event that is sudden, unexpected or unusual.”

Insurance Covering Data Recovery

For some people it is worth pursuing – nothing ventured, nothing gained. Others are not willing to talk with their insurance company over concerns their rates will go up. This is certainly a very personal decision on a case-by-case basis.

For business insurance the terminology used would be “business critical”. Basically, the business/company can’t move forward without getting their data back. (Also, in the majority of cases, fees for data recovery can be written off as a business expense at tax time. Customers should check with their accountants.)

Wishing the best for both you and your customers. All of you are in my thoughts. – Meg

Thanks again to Drive Savers for helping out those in need. If you have data that you need recovered from a tornado damaged computer you can visit one of Schrock Innovations’ Service Centers or call for a free pickup within Lincoln or Omaha.

If you are not sure if your hard drive was damaged, visit the Drive Saver’s tips page to listen to what a damaged hard drive sounds like.

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