Is the iPod a Killer?

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  • Written on: May 18th, 2008

I was doing show prep for my radio show last Saturday and I came across an interesting story. It is completely ridiculous, but it goes to show how things in our culture can get turned on their head in the dumbest ways.

The original story (as I found it) appeared on It seems a helicoptor crashed and actually killed a man who was checking his mail at the mailbox.

You might think he could have heard the inbound chopper heading for him, but alas, he was yet another victim of the iPod.

It seems this poor unsuspecting man was blasting his iPod at its highest volume setting while he was heading for the mailbox. If only the iPod would not have existed… He might still be alive today!

The original media story read:

The death of a pedestrian in Cranbrook, B.C., on Tuesday has raised the question of how loud is too loud when it comes to listening to iPods and other personal music players.

Isaiah Otieno, a 23-year-old student, was killed when he was struck and dragged by a helicopter that crashed to the ground as he was walking to the mailbox.

Seriously, how in the WORLD is it the fault of the iPod that this guy got snagged in a crashing helicoptor?

Everyone knows that iPods don’t kill people. Earbuds do 🙂

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