Big Thor DIES!

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  • Written on: April 23rd, 2008

Ok, so the famed “Big Thor” HDX Computer from HP died today. Hard drive crash completely unrecoverable. I called HP and experienced some of their “quality” support.
I was getting pretty upset with this guy named “Pierce” so I decided to start quoting song lyrics to see if he recognized them. Lets just say he was not in the US. How many songs can you name from the conversation?

00Here’s the transcript:

Thor Schrock: ok
Pierce: Could you please let me know was the Notebook sealed in a box or open condition?
Thor Schrock: sealed
Thor Schrock: booted 1 time then nothing
Thor Schrock: no system disk
Thor Schrock: is the error i get
Pierce: Thank you for confirming the same.
Pierce: May I know which Operating System (Windows Vista or Windows XP) is installed on your Notebook?
Pierce: Am I clear with the above quiery regarding the Operating System, Thor?
Thor Schrock: Vista Home Premium
Pierce: Thank you.
Pierce: Thank you.
Pierce: To assist you better, could you please provide me the serial and product number of the notebook (eg: Serial :-CNS34915MC), (eg:Product :-DS542U) which are specified on the sticker underneath the Notebok
Thor Schrock: SN=cnu8115dt
Thor Schrock: pn=gw473av
Pierce: Thank you for confirming the product information details.
Pierce: Let us start some troubleshooting steps to isolate the issue.
Thor Schrock: k
Pierce: Thor, as the issue could be due to the hard disk not being detected or malfunctioning, we need to check its working condition.
Thor Schrock: ok
Pierce: So we can perform hard drive self test to check its working status.
Thor Schrock: what do i need to fo?
Thor Schrock: dio
Thor Schrock: omg i cant type
Thor Schrock: what do i need to do
Thor Schrock: hello?
Pierce: Yes, I am with you.
Pierce: Just to confirm, you are not chatting from the same Notebook which is not booting. Am I correct?
Thor Schrock: uh, yes that is correct
Thor Schrock: different notebook
Thor Schrock: new notebook thatt was to replace this one is dead
Thor Schrock: DOA
Thor Schrock: Still with me ‘Pierce’?
Thor Schrock: this is not the kind of service I expect with a $2000+ retail cost notebook
Pierce: Yes, I am with you.
Pierce: I apologize for the long delay in response due to technical issue I am expereinceing at my end.
Pierce: I realize how trying the situation is, and I certainly hope we can help.
Thor Schrock: I am not trying to be rude, I just have other things to do this afternoon
Pierce: I can understand your concern.
Thor Schrock: I was actually writing a blog post about the new HP notebook that HP sent me to review
Thor Schrock: that is the notebook I am having problems with’
Pierce: I will provide you the steps to perform the hard drive selft test.
Pierce: Here are the steps:-
Pierce: Please try below steps to check the condition of the hard drive using the built-in hard drive test on HP notebook PCs:

1. Turn on or Restart the computer.
2. Press and hold down the F10 key before anything is displayed on the screen.
3. Use the arrow keys to highlight the TOOLS tab in the setup menu.
4. Use the arrow keys to select Hard Drive Self Test from the menu.
5. Press the ENTER key to start the test.
Thor Schrock: Entering Setup
Thor Schrock: I am in the computer setup screen
Thor Schrock: my options are file, security, diagnostics, and system configuration
Thor Schrock: diagnostics i assume?
Thor Schrock: Under diagnostic, the HDD self-test option is greyed out
Thor Schrock: can not select it
Pierce: Okay..
Pierce: Let me check for the other options how we can proceed.
Pierce: I am still searching.
Thor Schrock: ok
Pierce: Thank you for your time and patience.
Pierce: Could you please let me know does the Notebook unable to boot only on battery or even using AC adapter?
Thor Schrock: i have tried both
Thor Schrock: battery doesn’t work alone, ac doesn’t work alone, and when hooked up tother its a no go
Thor Schrock: hard drive is seated properly, power drain already done,
Thor Schrock: either a bad bios or bad hdd
Thor Schrock: but i did the power drain again so we can check that one off
Thor Schrock: still has a badd hdd after the power drain
Pierce: It is good to hear that you are a technically sound person.
Pierce: Please let me know does the power lights glow or power button.
Thor Schrock: the power ligt is solid
Thor Schrock: so is the hdd indicator and the AC light
Thor Schrock: some time i just think live and let die, you know hat i mean man?
Thor Schrock: seriously every rose has its thorn
Thor Schrock: just like every night has its dawn
Thor Schrock: i gues every cowboy has a sad sad song
Thor Schrock: but i digress
Thor Schrock: still non-system disk
Pierce: I realize the gravity of the situation and I certainly would like to assure you of our best services as your satisfaction is our primary goal.
Pierce: Could you please let me know have you connected any external device or inserted any disc into optical drive?
Thor Schrock: no
Thor Schrock: no discs or drives
Pierce: Allright..
Pierce: In this regard, I recommend you to once reset the BIOS.
Pierce: Shall I proceed with the steps?
Thor Schrock: please
Pierce: Here are the steps to reset BIOS:-
Pierce: 1. Turn on or restart the notebook.
2. Press the F10 key when the “HP Invent” logo appears on the screen.
3. Under Exit menu, select “Load Setup Defaults.”
4. Make sure the ‘Yes’ is highlighted and hit enter.
5. Press F10 to save the changes.
6. Make sure the ‘Yes’ is highlighted and hit enter.
7. The computer should then shut down and reboot.
Thor Schrock: done
Thor Schrock: rebooting
Thor Schrock: just one of those days
Thor Schrock: one of those he said she said things
Thor Schrock: no boot
Thor Schrock: take me to the other side
Thor Schrock: like th devil and teh deep blue sea
Thor Schrock: still with me?
Thor Schrock: put me in coah
Thor Schrock: im ready to play
Thor Schrock: today
Pierce: Yes, I am with you.
Thor Schrock: cool
Thor Schrock: im ready to play center field
Thor Schrock: any other iadeas?
Pierce: I understand that the Notebook does not boot even now. Am I correct?
Thor Schrock: you are syill correct
Pierce: Thank you.
Thor Schrock: when you dream dream big
Thor Schrock: big as the ocean blue
Thor Schrock: and when you dream it might come true
Thor Schrock: i dream my notebook boots
Pierce: I too wish the Notebook booted after going through these troubleshooting steps.
Pierce: Could you please re-confirm the serial and product number?
Thor Schrock: sn=cnu81125dt
Thor Schrock: pn=gw473av
Pierce: Thank you.
Thor Schrock: im a slave for you
Pierce: Could you please confirm the shipping information along with the contact number?
Thor Schrock: no doubt about it
Thor Schrock: my shipping address and phone number?
Thor Schrock: 3477 S. 16th Street
Thor Schrock: Omaha Ne 68108
Thor Schrock: 402-212-5393
Thor Schrock: is there anybody out there?
Thor Schrock: and im thinking how small the world seems now
Pierce: Could you please also confirm the order number?
Thor Schrock: ok
Thor Schrock: jas
Thor Schrock: H102903069
Thor Schrock: love potion #9
Thor Schrock: so just out of curiosity, where are you located?
Pierce: We are not authorized to reveal any personal information as it is beyond our limitations.
Pierce: I apologize for the inconvenience caused to you in this regard
Thor Schrock: Im just curious
Pierce: Thor, I am directing the case over to the phone support.
Thor Schrock: not in the US then>
Pierce: Shall I arrange a call for you right now for further processing?
Thor Schrock: please
Thor Schrock: I am at my phone here in the US
Pierce: Thank you.
Thor Schrock: np
Pierce: Please provide me the correct phone number?
Thor Schrock: 402-212-5393
Pierce: I recommend you provide the phone number which you used while ordering the notebook
Thor Schrock: that should be the number
Thor Schrock: try one more time
Thor Schrock: i just edited it inmy hp account
Thor Schrock: 867-5349
Thor Schrock: j/k
Thor Schrock: 402-212-5393
Pierce: Thor, the phone number which you provided is seems to be incorrect.
Thor Schrock: the numbe rthat was provided was 402-423-9595
Thor Schrock: but i am not at that number right now
Pierce: Please provide me the alternate /mobile number on which we can all you right now.
Thor Schrock: and time goes by so sloly and time can do so much
Thor Schrock: 402-212-5393
Pierce: Thor, we are trying to reach you but the call is going in voice mail.
Thor Schrock: please try again
Thor Schrock: i as on the line temporarily
Thor Schrock: 402-212-5393
Pierce: Do you want to receive the call at 402-212-5393?
Thor Schrock: yes
Pierce: Please wait while the concerned department is busy trying to reach your number.
Thor Schrock: i just got the call
Thor Schrock: man his accent is think!
Thor Schrock: thick
Thor Schrock: he is transferrring me somewhere
Thor Schrock: couldn’t understand where but i guess they can help me
Pierce: Please continue. They will take care of further process.
Pierce: Is there anything else I can assist you today ?
Thor Schrock: i guess not 🙁
Thor Schrock: its been nice talking to you tho
Thor Schrock: I feel like we have gottent o kno each other
Thor Schrock: what are you doing on Friday?
Thor Schrock: I have a huge blog and I would love to have a HP tech onn it
Thor Schrock: you could be huge
Thor Schrock: a guest blogger
Thor Schrock: i bet you have lots f stories about people
Thor Schrock: saying stupid song lyrics and such
Pierce: It is great to hear that you are into blogs.
Pierce: It was my pleasure assisting you today.
Thor Schrock: so is that a no?
Thor Schrock: you could be famous…
Pierce: Thank you for using HP Total Care and giving us an opportunity to serve you through Real-Time Chat.
Thor Schrock: ouch
Thor Schrock: that must be f10
Thor Schrock: macro
Pierce: I wish I could be a part of your bloggs.
Thor Schrock: np
Thor Schrock: thanks anyway
Pierce: You are welcome.
Thor Schrock: youre prolly not cool enough any way
Pierce: Have nice time ahead.
Thor Schrock: have a great day!
Pierce: Good bye.
Pierce: Please contact us again if you require any further assistance. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For information on keeping your HP and Compaq products up and running, please visit our Web site at:

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