Earth Day is a Cult Holiday for Pushing Greenhouse Carbon Scam

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  • Written on: April 22nd, 2008

The absolute falsehood that humans are causing the climate of the planet to change because of our carbon-emitting habits is beginning to get on my nerves.

Last year I was repairing a computer at one of my customer’s homes. My customer had a 12 year old son who just came home from school. As I worked he was telling me what he learned in school that day. His teachers told him that global warming was caused by humans and all of their wasteful habits. He was told that the fossil fuels we burn were going to destroy the planet unless something is done soon.

I really felt sorry for the poor kid. Students should be able to trust the information they receive from their teachers, yet this child was obviously the victim of environmental propoganda.

I asked him to explain to me how burning fossil fuels was destroying the earth. He replied that its all of the carbon we pump into the atmosphere and that is bad. I asked him if it was possible that volcanoes, or just human breathing could be emitting more carbon than any human source. He was adamant. No, it was OUR fault and we are all bad for doing it.

Anyone who tells you that human induced global warming is a consensus in the scientific community is flat out lying. One very prominent scientist named William Gray has been speaking out for years about the false claim that humans cause global warming. He concedes that the globe is in fact warming and he also admits that humans emit chemicals that might contribute to global warming (albeit .3 degrees Celsius over 30 years). Has anyone ever heard of the Little Ice Age?

Global warming and cooling is a cyclical process that has more to do with solar activity than human carbon emissions. Of course, its is hard for people who base decisions on emotion to step back and see that.

A great example was the propaganda I was exposed to when I was in grade school about how humans were destroying the ozone layer. I remember insisting that my mom use a pump bottle of hairspray instead of the evil CFCs in the aerosol cans of the 1980’s.

It is now established science that the ozone layer depletes and heals cyclically. The CFC’s of the 1980s definitely had the ability to help the depletion cycle, but no one ever mentions that the ozone layer would wax and wane regardless of anything humans can do.

The Global Warming cult movement is rapidly moving away from science and moving toward an eco-religion.

To Al Gore and anyone who subscribes to his dogma, thanks anyway but I already have a God.

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