Best Dream or Worst Nightmare?

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  • Written on: January 24th, 2008

I haven’t posted in the past couple days because my computer repair business, Schrock Innovations has needed me in the shop fixing broken PCs for the past couple days.

On my radio show last Saturday I launched a PC Maintenance Checkup sale for $9.99. My Service centers took in around 160 computers for maintenance in four days. We have 20 bench spots for computer repair, and a checkup takes about 8 hours to do, so you do the math on how hard we are working right now 😉

Needless to say, this is the busiest we have ever been. I took a break to snap a few photos when we hit the 100 PC mark on Monday. Here is what it looks like when you pack all of those computers into a 750 square foot service center.

The computers were coming in so fast we could not shuttle them into the backroom fast enough. We were checking in PCs from when we opened Saturday at noon until 1:30 nonstop.

Frontdesk PC intake

Our tech room quickly reached its storage capacity, so we created a “computer island” in the middle of the room to help store the volume of machines that were coming in.

his is what the tech room floor looked like

Another view of the techroom floor

When we quickly ran out of room in the tech area, we started an overflow underneath our laptop repair bench.

Overflow under the laptop bench

Our wireless network s getting POUNDED by all of the notebooks downloading Windows Updates and antivirus updates.

Computers under Laptop Bench

It wasn’t long before the underside of the laptop bench filled up as well, so we started storing them in any and every scrap of space we could. As I write this we now have more than 180 PCs in our shop for repair – an all-time Schrock record.

So that is my excuse for not posting more frequently 🙂 Oh, and I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that my super-secret project will not be super secret much longer. I am meeting with the Lincoln, NE Mayor’s office, the Lincoln Partnership for Economic Development, and the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce tomorrow to further the project.

I will keep you all posted 😉

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