Pay-Per-Play Will Monetize ALL of Your Traffic!

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  • Written on: January 19th, 2008

Imagine being able to monetize every singe visitor to your website no matter what they do when they get there or why they came. Too good to be true?

I read a post the other day on Garry Conn’s blog about Pay-Per-Play audio ads. I filed it away in my brain and just today got around to looking into it. I am kicking myself for not checking it out more quickly!

Pay-Per-Play ads is an interesting concept. In a nutshell, it is a pay-per-impression audio advertising program. Rather than worrying about getting clicks or converting visitors through an affiliate program, Pay-Per-Play pays you EVERY TIME an audio message is played from your website.

It almost seems too simple to be true – or at least too simple to last long against the darker powers of the Internet.

They are paying their publishers 25% of every penny the advertiser spends on the ad that is played through your website. That is an unheard of payout percentage (at least for those of us who are used to making pennies per click on AdSense).

The only unknown is what kind of ads will be played on the network and how much will advertisers pay for them? That will determine if the ads are right for your website and how much money you stand to make.

The Pay-Per-Play advertising network is set to go live on February 1st, and right now they have a three-tier affiliate program. That means you will make 25% of every ad you play, and if you refer others to the network you will get 5% of what they earn as well, and so on with those they refer.

Some of the components of their website (including their network blog) are a little “basic”, but the advertising system has been featured in the Wall Street Journal and apparently several presidential candidates have expressed interest in advertising.

The Pay-Per-Play network is in beta right now, and they are offering a limited-time “open enrollment” for publishers. The site goes live on February 1st, and payouts will not begin until later that month.

I have pasted their code on a couple of my sites frankly because there is nothing to lose. Their ads are compatible with my contextual AdSense ads and they convert EVERY visitor for money, so its not like I am giving something up by trying them out.

Of course, they drop a cookie so they don’t ad bomb your visitors who click on multiple pages. Visitors only hear one Pay-Per-Play ad every 3 minutes if they navigate deeper into your website.

Imagine if you had been one of the first people to go online with Google AdSense. You would have made out like a bandit before the marketplace was saturated with ads everywhere. Seriously, how often do you have the opportunity to break into a new advertising system on the ground level?

I would recommend you go ahead and sign up and put the code on your website to help them with their load testing. You can always take it off again later, and who knows… You just might make some serious cash in the meantime!

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