Secret Classroom Success Story – Folks, it WORKS

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  • Written on: December 5th, 2007

I have some good news! Joel Comm emailed me today and let me know that the previous plans to limit production of the Secret Classroom DVD set have been loosened a bit and there will be enough copies to meet the immediate demand.

That’s not to say these sets are not selling like mad! The $100 rebate I offered is proving to be VERY popular. There were a few people who didn’t believe it was true!

One person emailed me calling me a liar and a cheat, but after I responded to him and Joel Comm also calmed his doubts, he realized that my rebate offer is legitimate and approved by Joel Comm.

In fact, I have earned more than $2,000 in the past 8 hours. If you are just getting home from work, how did you do today at your job?

That’s the point of this DVD set. Everything you need to take your marketing and online businesses to the next level is available in the Secret Classroom – and I can prove it.

Check out these search engine results. These are all search results for the term secret classroom without any quotes or other modifiers that were pulled as of 6:30 PM CST on December 5th – the end of the day of the HOTTEST product launch of the year.

Google Search – Three results in the top 10 (rated AHEAD of
Google Video Search – 17 of the top 20 videos are mine
Yahoo Search – Ranked in the #4 Position
Yahoo Video Search – 14 of the top 20 videos are mine
MSN Search – 6 of the top 10 results are mine or affiliated to me (we have the #1 spot as well)
Google Blog Search – 2 posts in the top 10
YouTube Search – 7 of the top 10 videos are mine (the TOP 7 in a row)
Revver Video Search – 8 of the top 18 videos are mine

I am not telling you this to brag – I am telling you this because I would never have been able to achieve those results without the knowledge I gained in the Secret Classroom.

Whether you buy your copy through my $100 rebate program or if you pay Joel the full $497, you owe it to yourself to pick up a copy of this set.

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