How to Add 20,000 MySpace Friends in a Week

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  • Written on: December 3rd, 2007

**EVIL WARNING** If you don’t like dabbling in the grey area of marketing, don’t read this post.

Anyone who is my friend on MySpace (feel free to add me) knows that I need to get in there more often and keep up with all of the comments, bulletins, friend requests and spam.

I went looking for a product that would help me maintain the three MySpace presences I am involved with without having to manually do everything. I came across a product called MySpace FriendBlasterPro by

It really wasn’t when I was looking for, but I immediately saw a ton of features that could give me a marketing boost within MySpace as well as in the lesser search engines (Yahoo & MSN) that eat MySpace content up.

Free Trial Was Awesome!

The cool thing is that the program offers you a free trial, so I installed it (spyware free BTW), created a MySpace profile and sent out 50 friend requests. Within a few hours, I had 12 new friends on my fake profile. I thought WOW and I bought the program for a mere $65 (seriously, that is less than what a good dinner for two would cost at Red Lobster and it is going to make me TONS money). Let me show you how.

A friend of mine once said just focus on generating traffic. Once you have the traffic there will be tons of ways to monetize it. So the approach I took with FriendBlasterPro was, how can I use MySpace profiles packed with friends to generate traffic for my websites?

Why Do People Add Mysterious
MySpace Friends to their Profiles?

MySpace is addictive for some users. People are enticed by the idea that others are interested in them and what is going on in their lives. The people who WANT a lot of friends for whatever reason are the ones that will approve mass friend requests.

Don’t worry about the people who do not accept your friend request. These are probably people who would not respond well to future advertising messages anyway unless they were catered directly to them. You don’t have time for that on a mass scale, so the best thing you can hope for is that they don’t mark your request as spam.

Why do You Want a Profile With a Ton of Friends?

There is no real value to having MySpace friends in an of themselves unless you are one of the compulsive people I mentioned above. What IS valuable is the marketing messages you can place in front of your new-found friends once they have accepted you into their fold.

You can use the standard tried and true bulletin posting and/or commenting (both are supported in Friend Blaster Pro for automated use). Or you can get a bit more creative and watch your earnings balloon!

Create Dynamic MySpace Comments

The fastest way for some to mark you as an evil spammer on MySpace is to start posting big ‘ol graphic ads as comments. So most marketers try to keep in good graces by posting much less effective text based comments that have a little promo message in them of some sort.

But what if you could not only post comments WITH graphics in people’s MySpace profiles but also get a backlink each time AND change the image whenever you want?

It’s easy! Just upload a 1 px by 1px transparent image to your server and then add that image to your MySpace comment. Make the image a link with a border of 0 to get a freebie backlink that will boost your rankings in MSN and Yahoo (but usually not Google).

Almost everyone will approve your benign, add-free comment. Then, at a moment of your choice, simply change the image on your server from the transparent little dot to an image of your choice. Then when their MySpace pages load, they will suddenly start pulling your ad image and the users can delete your comment if they want, but it is much more difficult to mark a comment as spam after it has been approved.

Some Pointers When Using FriendBlasterPro

As easy as FriendBlasterPro makes social networking, there is a constant battle between your marketing efforts and the MySpace spam police. (Seriously, let’s face it. If you are doing this you are spamming MySpace)

If you are not careful with how you do things, you will get your account banned lose all of the friends, comments, blog posts, or anything else you put into it – especially your time.

Here are a few tips on avoiding the MySpace Spam cops and keeping your accounts in good standing.

  1. Less is more. Rather than blasting one of your fake profiles out to 400 people a day, create a bunch of profiles and then use friend Blaster Pro’s request chaining feature to send NO MORE THAN 50 friend requests from each account per day.

    Even sending 55 requests a day can get you banned. 50 is the magic number as of right now. Don’t get greedy or you will lose it all.

  2. Spend some time on your profiles. The content of your profile is directly related to how many people will add you as a friend when you ask. Don’t just create a blank profile with no pictures and no content and expect success.

    I don’t like making Myspace profiles because it is so time consuming. There are tons of people in online marketplaces or forums who will build these profiles for you. MySpace doesn’t really care about the IP address e new accounts come from, so don’t sweat that.

    I would suggest you have at least three pictures in your profile (all of the same person), stick with a female profile (they are far more successful than male profiles), make a blog post or two, and set a mood icon.

    Doing these things on every profile you create will help convince people that your profile is real, and second, it will instantly eliminate the people who make profiles online with automated software. You want hand-made profiles if you can get them. I paid $80 for 30 hand-made Myspace profiles. It’s not that expensive.

  3. Check for people who want to add your fake profile. It might amaze you to find that as you gain more friends, other real people online will start sending your fake profile friend requests! Friend Blaster Pro has an “accept all” feature and I would suggest you use it.
  4. THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT TIP! When you use FriendBlasterPro to harvest profiles from Myspace to send friend requests to you will get 3,000 results. Don’t start sending friend requests yet because you are wasting your time!

    Over 40% of the profiles you harvest are bogus in themselves. These people will not check or approve comments, will not answer friend requests in many cases, and if they do, they usually flub up and get banned by MySpace anyway.

    After you harvest a new list of 3000 profiles, let it age between 24-48 hours. FriendBlasterPro will save the list if you exit the program so you can use it later. This gives the MySpace cops time to weed out the idiots, catch some of the more slick people, and best of all, increase your odds of only sending requests to real people.

    This reduces the number of requests you will send which lowers your spammer profile. You will actually get more, and better quality friends by aging your list. I know, it doesn’t make sense to get more by not doing anything for 2 days, but trust me on this one.

The bottom line is that if you are patient and steady you can add over 20,000 friends in a single week. Then what you do with them is your business, but the method I mentioned above is an awesome way to push a site you are promoting to the top of MSN and Yahoo search. Granted, they are only 30% of all search traffic, but that 30% can be some very easy money.

Check out the free trial if nothing else and add a few new friends to one of your existing MySpace profiles.

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