Want Traffic on Your Blog? Take a Shot at Someone Bigger Than You

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  • Written on: November 14th, 2007

So you have a blog. You have read all of the posts about generating readership and making money from the eyeballs you attract. You are executing the techniquues you have learned, but not having any luck.

Your stats blow, you spend more time blogging than eating in a day, your children hate you and your wife is packing her things. What should you do? Take a shot at someone bigger than you. Ruffle some feathers and maybe, just maybe you will get some attention.

I was making my daily rounds to the blogs I read frequently and a post on Shoemoney’s blog cauhgt my eye.

Jake Rinard was taking a shot at Shoemoney accusing him of cheating in his recent Feedburner subscription win over the infamous John Chow.

Shoemoney did what many bloggers of status do not – he responded. In a classy post, Shoemoney thanked Jake for the 112 new readers and 56 new Feedburner subscribers. In fact, he showed the sincerity of his comments with a backlink that others would pay more than $2,500 for through ReviewMe.

Over 24 hours later, Jake isn’t doing quite as well with only six comments on his article about Shoemoney and slightly fewer RSS subscribers than before he wrote it, but never the less, he probably got a bit of a traffic bump from the article.

In another example, a professional blogger by the name of Garry Conn wrote a scathing post about online entrepreneur and creator of the Next Internet Millionaire Reality show, Joel Comm.

Joel Comm responded a bit differently than Shoemoney. Judging from a retraction post that replaced the scathing post from two days earlier, Joel Comm privately contacted Garry Conn and got to know him. In the course of their conversations, Conn became a super-moderator on the Next Internet Millionaire forum, received a number of free Joel Comm info-products, and was recently given a copy of Charles Trippy’s Viral Video Fever DVD for a blog giveaway.

In a matter of a few days Joel Comm managed to transform Garry Conn from a vocal critic into an avid supporter without sending any traffic to his blog or responding to his criticisms publicly.

So what do these two examples have in common? Both Garry and Jake both received traffic they would not have otherwise had by setting their sights on people who rank above them in the internet hierarchy.

So the question for you struggling bloggers becomes who are you going to aim your verbal shotgun at? Take careful aim and you might just get some traffic, or at least a free AdSense Secrets DVD 😉

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