Mattel Says Toy Recalls are Not China’s Fault!

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  • Written on: September 22nd, 2007

Ok, so lead toys from China are bad for kids, but Mattel says its not China’s fault and that safe toys were recalled when they didn’t need to be. This whole story is getting really confusing and it makes me wonder who in the world is actually checking up on these people?

Fox News is reporting tonight that Mattel is apologizing to China for recalling toys that were dangerous not because of their tasty lead coating, but because Mattel’s designs were flawed.

Mattel, one of the leading toy manufacturers in the US, says that it was their faulty designs and not China’s manufacturing sector that was to blame for the majority of the toy recalls over the past two months.

You might remember that some toys were recalled because they had small magnets on them that could be swallowed by children. If a child swallows a couple magnets, they can attract to each other in different parts of the digestive system, causing blockages that can be deadly.

Mattel added that the recalls they issued were “overly inclusive” and incorrectly listed toys that had acceptable levels of lead in their paint by US manufacturing standards.

I would be so ticked off if I was a parent who returned or shipped one of these toys back when there was no need to do so. First Mattel screws up by letting lead-coated toys out on store shelves, then they recall TONS of toys because of lead paint and magnets, they blame the whole problem on the Chinese, and now they apologize and say oops!

I wonder what the children of Mattel employees play with these days? My guess is Hasbro toys!

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