Next Internet Millionaire Contestant GIVES Hacker Safe Shirt Away!

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  • Written on: September 21st, 2007

The latest episode of the Next Internet Millionaire is online and full of surprises! One contestant actually GAVE the Hackersafe immunity shirt to another contestant rather than keeping it for himself!

Later on in the episode, he finds that the immunity shirt would have come in VERY handy! Watch it here now!

You cxan also read what happened using the transcript below!

Episode 5

HOST: Joel Comm
HEATHER: Heather Vale / Co-host

MARLON: Marlon Sanders – (Episode 4)
DAVID: David Hancock – Publisher, Morgan James Publishing
MIKE: Mike Koenigs – Video

Remaining Contestants:

LAURA: Laura Martin
JASONM: Jason Marshall
JAIME: Jaime Luchuck
NICO: Nico Pisani
ALISANDE: Alisande Chan
THOR: Thor Schrock
CHARLES: Charles Trippy
CHRISTINE: Christine Schaap

CARLY: Carly Taylor – Episode 3
STEVE: Steve Schuitt – Episode 3
DEBBIE: Debbie Ducic – Episode 3
BIGJASON: Jason Henderson – Episode 4

NARRATOR: Previously on the Next Internet Millionaire.

The contestants were welcomed to the complex by a squirming breakfast of worms. While some contestants had no problem eating their quota, others had more difficulty. And as a result, they were required to answer more customer support emails than the worm-eaters. In the end, there was one contestant who ate the worms and also displayed exemplary Customer Service skills.

JOEL: [Shaking Alisande’s hand] You are now immune for the rest of the day. Congratulations!

NARRATOR: With no time to digest the morning’s events, the contestants were rushed into the classroom for an inspiring session with Marlon Sanders.

MARLON: Welcome – to – Ninja Training!

You will not hear anything more profound than what I’m gonna tell you… right now. And it is this…

NARRATOR: As they put their Product Development skills to the test, the Kiss team overlooked a key piece of research data which allowed the Bullseye group to easily dominate the presentations.

JOEL: I mean this kind of takes the whole Flanking approach – it’s decimated.

NARRATOR: In the Judgment Room, Big Jason was sent packing while the Bullseye group celebrated their victory in style. As the competition becomes more intense, which team will drop the ball and who will be sent home next.

Stay tuned to find out in this episode of The Next Internet Millionaire.

[Opening Credits – video introduction of contestants]

Day Five – Loveland, Colorado

JAIME: [Commentary] I went to bed last night, it was about one thirty and as soon as I lied down I’ve taken a couple of – I had a stomach ache so I took a couple of pills, and I never take pills, and I think I had some sort of reaction to them because about ten minutes after I took these pills, I laid down in my bed and my heart started pounding and I couldn’t breathe and I started sweating and…


JOEL: Today’s challenge is gonna center around the concept of what we call ‘Entrepreneurial Authoring.’ As you know, I’m the author of a book: The AdSense Code. This is our New York Time’s best-seller. To help me with today’s task, I’ve got my publisher with me – the Founder and CEO of Morgan James Publishing. Please welcome my good friend, David Hancock.


DAVID: Thank you.

We look at books as a tool, as a leveraging opportunity, as a credibility booster and as a lead-generation. And in the book sales, they’re second. The way we look at it is we can help the authors grow their business, grow their passion and reach their goals because of the book, that’s when the dynamics kind of kick in and I think that’s what we helped Joel do.

JOEL: What’s really interesting is I sold thousands of copies of my eBook at $97 a pop. But when I came out with a traditionally published book, which sold online at a discount, for $15.72, my credibility shot up through the roof.

DAVID: You’ve always heard that ‘you can’t judge a book by a cover.’ But as Marketers, the reality is, we all do. Not only do you judge a book by its cover but you also judge the book by its title. And since the title is on the cover, what do you do?

JOEL: Which is why today’s challenge is called: ‘The Perfect Title.’ Heather is going to come around the room with a bag of words. You will randomly draw ten words from the bag and then you will have ten minutes to form the perfect title. You will then write a two-sentence summary of what this book is about.

You may begin… now.

JAIME: [Commentary] I got all shaky and I couldn’t calm down and relax so I got up, I called Toronto, and some of my friends there – woke them up and we chatted and calmed myself down for a bit. Then I tried to go back to bed and I couldn’t sleep. And I woke up in the morning and I could hardly even stand up. My shirt was soaking wet and I was shaky, I could hardly walk. And I got up and I walked to Laura’s room, my roommate and I just said, “I’m just so sick,” and uh, she called the doctor – we talked to the doctor and he thought I should come in to the Emergency Room and I couldn’t come in to the Emergency Room because then I would be missing the show.

JOEL: Okay, your time is up. We’ll begin to my left with Charles. Could you please tell us your title and read the description of your book.

CHARLES: I did “Easy Hits.” Easy Hits is a brand new approach to attracting traffic to your website, allowing you to make more money from your content. No longer will you struggle advertising for a site no one will see.

DAVID: It’s amazing, with all the letters that I’m seeing in your pile that ‘Easy Hit’ just came together. That’s pretty decent.

JOEL: Nico, what’s your title and your description?

NICO: My title is: “Life’s Like A Rose.” And the description is: Why is a bush with so many thorns and only one flower called a rose bush and not a thorn bush? This is your life-guide to understanding and applying the principle of seeing only the beauty in your life.

[Elicits awe, hearty laughs from others]

JOEL: Wow. You guys are not gonna make this easy.

JAIME: The title of my book is: “Bare His Skin.” It is the heartfelt story of a ten-year old boy who overcame his two year battle with a debilitating flesh-eating disease.

[Commentary] During the HackerSafe, I thought I did a good job. I was freezing cold and really shaky and actually, I really wasn’t sure how I was going to finish out the rest of the day and…

CHRISTINE: My title is: “Why You Leave the Boy.” Stop sabotaging your relationships. Unlock the secrets to confronting your fears and find the love of your life in seven easy steps.

JASONM: “Essential Eternity Vision.” Where your heart is, so is your treasure. This book will help readers to become more aware of making kingdom-minded decisions and to get focused on eternal things rather than temporal things.

JOEL: This has got to be the hardest challenge for us to judge, thus far. There were several that were just, really dynamite but there was one that title stood up among the rest that caused in both me and David a completely visual reaction. And because of that, the winner of today’s HackerSafe Immunity Challenge with the title “Life’s Like a Rose,” is Nico.


Congratulations. Come on up.

“Why is a bush with so many thorns and only one flower called a rose bush and not a thorn bush? This is your life-guide to understanding and applying the principle of seeing only the beauty in your life.” Beautifully done! [Shakes Nico’s hand]

NICO: [Commentary] It was fortunate that I got some words that, you know, just hit me and I put something together. I was fortunate enough to win but it was bittersweet.

[Back to Challenge] Seeing that that’s my title and everything and that is about life, I couldn’t, in all good conscience, wear this today with one of my team being so hurt and sick… so I want to give this to Jaime for today.

JAIME: [Shakes her head] That’s very nice but I think you should take it.

NICO: I can’t watch you suffer all day.

[He approaches Jaime bringing with him the Immunity shirt] Will you wear this? I want you to have this.

JOEL: Nico, you’re choosing to give your Immunity shirt to Jaime. Jaime, do you accept?

JAIME: [Softly, to Nico] Are you sure?

JOEL: Nico, if you give up the shirt, you will not be immune today and you can be eliminated. Jaime, if you accept the shirt, you will be immune for the entire day regardless of what else happens.

[Jaime looks up at Nico from her chair with an inquiring look as if to ask if he’s sure of his decision. Nico just looks back holding the shirt to Jaime.]

He appears to be serious.

[Jaime stands up, gives Nico a hug and accepts the shirt]

Nico, congratulations on a great title. I think this is a book that most certainly you should write.

Jaime, congratulations. You are now immune for the rest of the day.

JAIME: [Nods] Thank you, Nico.

NICO: [Commentary] Like I said it was, you know, bittersweet. I won Immunity Challenge but one of the contestants was very sick this morning…

JAIME: [Commentary] When Nico won, he came over and he offered me the HackerSafe shirt and I looked at him and I thought, “No way.” I mean, that shirt means a lot…

NICO: [Commentary] And um, we’re here a long day and we go through a lot of stress and I didn’t feel like I could wear the shirt in good conscience when I thought somebody was gonna be in a very, very stressed… and very ill the rest of the day.

JAIME: [Commentary] I just… I’m so grateful that he gave that to me because then the little bit of lack of pressure allowed me to sort of come back and feel better. What I said to him after, “You better not get eliminated or I’ll never be able to forgive myself for the rest of my life.”

NICO: [Commentary] I just did what I had to do. If I saw somebody drowning in the river I’d jump in and save him. I really don’t think about me too much at the time so that’s what I did and I’d do it again.

NARRATOR: After the HackerSafe Immunity had been awarded, some of the contestants had another item of business to take care of.

[Playful discussion of players while on the sofa]

CHARLES: [To Thor] Remember what you said yesterday if you won? [Thor’s group won the previous day’s Execution Challenge]

JASONM: What did he say?

THOR: You gonna hold me to that?

JASONM: Wai-wai-wait. Wo, Wo.

THOR: [Holding a tube before Alisande grabs it] It’s got glitter in it!


THOR: I said I’m gonna do it, so I’ll do it. [Alisande motions to leave and Thor stands up to follow] Alright, let’s do it. Let’s get it done.

[Next scene has Thor seated with a trash bag around his neck and upper torso to serve as a cover to protect his clothes; Alisande begins to spray paint Thor’s hair with fuschia-colored spray]

How can you girls do this? It smells like hairspray but every time I … it’s got glitter in them so…

I feel sexy.

MALE: [Presumably Charles?] So sexy.

THOR: That’s hot. That’s intense. [Alisande finishes.] Alright, let me get out of my trash bag now.

[Goes back to the common living room to join the others]

JASONM: Yeeeah, baby!

THOR: Can I join the pink club now?

CHARLES: No. Get out. Get out. [Gets away from Thor when Thor sits down on the sofa – done in a playful manner.]

NARRATOR: With Thor’s new look taken cared of, it was time for the contestants to get down to real business in the classroom.

LECTURE FOR THE DAY – Mike Koenigs – Video

JOEL: Our next speaker has been a Marketing Consultant for Fortune 500 companies including Twentieth Century Fox, Sony, Mazda, General Mills, Domino’s Pizza, Carlson Companies, Northwest Airlines, 3M. Mike has served as a producer, marketer, consultant for best-selling authors, entrepreneurs and tv personalities such as Deepak Chopra, Debbie Ford, the Tony Robbins Corp. Companies, and he has built over 250 websites, created over 30 products. He produced a feature film that was recently sold to Warner Bros. and is enjoying worldwide distribution. Please give a warm, ‘Next Internet Millionaire’ welcome to Michael Koenigs.


MIKE: Thank you very much. [Gives Joel a hug]

Alright. I’m gonna dive right in and talk about what we’re gonna learn today. First one is why video is the big, big thing. One of the most popular websites, second to Yahoo right now… what’s number two?


MIKE: Very nice. Alright. Number three? Anyone?

[Charles raises his hand]

CHARLES: Google.

MIKE: Yes sir!

And number four? You know that.

JASONM: [Commentary] Charles is gonna be very tough. He’s not just some goofy guy like the guys just see on camera; he knows his stuff. He’s very educated and very talented so he’s gonna be tough, very tough.

MIKE: More than half of all the content that’s being pushed through the internet is video. Video shows up in search engines. So if you put a video on YouTube, it gets picked up, it gets spidered almost immediately, frequently in less than an hour now. So if you put up a keyword loaded video, and then you search for whatever title you use Google, an hour – between an hour and a day later – it’s gonna show up in the results. And because internet video is the most popular content online right now, Google says, “Hey, it must be important. It must be valuable. That’s what people want. I’m gonna give it that.” So it pushes it closer to the top. It’s not uncommon to get in the Top 100 or even the Top 10 listings. What’s important is, the more of these you do, the more of them stay. So, what happens is – you did ten a week – well imagine, you’re gonna have a network effect. Pretty soon these things are gonna start piling up and it’s more traffic, more search engine food. So again, I’m gonna show you some specific ways to leverage that effect.

CHARLES: [Commentary] I really like Mike speaking. I was really able to relate to what he was saying ‘coz it’s exactly what I do and so when he was saying things I could, you know, jive in. I really enjoyed his presentation too because when anyone talks about something you like, you know, you’re automatically interested and stuff.

MIKE: There’s another important thing the website require. If you’re doing your videos properly, if you use a few of the tricks I’m gonna share with you in a little while, you can be developing videos for someone else’s products, drive traffic directly to them using affiliate link, you make them money. In my opinion, I think we’re still at the beginning of the biggest moment in internet history. You can create something and get it out to a huge percentage of the civilized world in minutes and completely dominate an area. I mean, this is an incredible opportunity. I think ignoring it is foolish. I just don’t know of an easier way to market online to generate sales and revenue right now, I really don’t.

THOR: [Commentary] This is stuff I didn’t know even existed before today and it’s gonna make everything that I do so much more productive.

[Video Sponsor –]

VOICE-OVER: Turn your business into a cash cow with the most powerful sales medium in the world – with internet video. The infomercial toolkit, available at takes the guesswork out of making internet videos.

The easy step-by-step course includes software that automatically writes your scripts for you. You’ll learn how to become an on-camera spokesperson and how to get free high-quality traffic to your website. Take the guesswork out of making internet videos at


JOEL: Today’s Execution Challenge is going to center around video. Earlier, I told you about David Hancock of Morgan James Publishing. What you may not know, is that I also have my own publishing house connected with Morgan James Publishing and it’s called Made Easy Publishing.

You are going to make a one-minute commercial to show the Made Easy Publishing opportunity to authors. The reward for this challenge is not only gonna be immunity, the winning team will join myself, Michael Koenigs and David Hancock at my home – in my luxurious home theater – for movie night. The winning team will also receive a complete copy of Michael Koenig’s Internet Infomercial Toolkit and a subscription to use the Trafficgeyser to submit your videos to dozens of video sites. The losing team will not be experiencing the thunder of my home theater. On the contrary, I will be meeting you this evening in the Judgment Room where one of you will be eliminated.

Now, what will an Execution Challenge be without a twist? The twist that’s gonna happen right now is ‘brand new’ teams.

JAIME: [Commentary] This is so ironic because after our team lost again, last night, we had a team meeting.

JASONM: [Commentary] We had a team meeting to go over our strategies and go over just each other’s weaknesses and strengths…

JAIME: [Commentary] And we sat aside and talked and talked and talked – with all of our strengths, all of our weaknesses, how we should fix them, different things – even though we’re competitors, we wanted to help our team mates so that we could be a better team as a whole.

ALISANDE: [Commentary] So that should complicate things a bit, to have that opportunity to say, because of that jam session that we had, this is gonna work – us now discussing if that will work for the next task? So I was completely surprised when they added the twist.

JAIME: [Commentary] And then come to the challenge today and uh… we switch. So… it wasn’t the smartest move, I don’t know.

[Back to challenge]
JOEL: One by one, you will come forward and draw a chip.

[Laura picks a chip from a black pouch] She has chosen black. [He points to a corner with his left hand in the room]

Jason has chosen white. [Stays on Joel’s right side]

Take your place with Jason please. [To Alisande]

Black. [Jaime]

White chip. [Charles]

Over here. [Christine – black team]

Please join this… [Nico – black team]

Thor, I think we know where you’re gonna be. [White]

I would like for you to come up with brand new team names. What are you guys gonna be? [To Black chip group]

LAURA: We’re gonna go All In.

JOEL: You’re All In, Team All In. [Comprised of Christine, Jaime, Laura, Nico]

Okay. And on this side?

JASONM: Knuckle Sandwich.

JOEL: Knuckle Sandwich. [With Alisande, Charles, JasonM, Thor]

Please take fifteen seconds to confer who will be your team leader? Who’s the team leader of All In?

[Laura raiser her hand]

LAURA: I am.

JOEL: Knuckle Sandwich? [Charles comes forward] Mister Trippy, the YouTubester, is going to be the leader on this challenge.

We’ll distribute the camcorders. You have four hours. You may begin.

[Team All In discussion]

MIKE: Start with your outcome. What do you want people to do? You have one-minute to tell a story and get them to take action.

CHRISTINE: Joel’s the client. I think we should interview the client before proceeding with the project.

[Interviews Joel] What kind of author are you looking for to bring you a project?

JOEL: Non-fiction to begin with, because we’re just not a fiction publisher.

[Discussion between Jaime, Laura, Nico]

JAIME: [To Laura] Why don’t you show Nico the timeline we came up with and see what he thinks about it.

CHRISTINE: [Back in the group] I think it will be very good to have Heather and Mike.

JAIME: We have one minute. If we put three testimonies in, we’re gonna be really—

CHRISTINE: I think we definitely need to interview Mike as someone who’s already done this and Heather that’s already done this.

JAIME: If he said we could use him, we probably should use him.

LAURA: I think he wants us to use him.

If we can’t fit Heather in then… well?

JASONM: [Commentary] Laura is finally stepping up in what she does know and is finally coming out and saying, ‘Alright, I need to start, you know, taking this seriously.” And then you’re finding out, “Wait, there’s more to this girl.” I said through the very beginning that she’s not just some goofy little, you know, girl, that she’s got more to offer and now she’s starting to show it.

JAIME: [Back to All In discussion] How creative do you want to be with this? ‘Coz we could get kind of interesting.

CHRISTINE: I think we need to be…

JAIME: We could kind of really play it up—

LAURA: Especially who we’re up against, we need to be.

NICO: Do you have any sort of a… concept of… which way you’re gonna go? If it’s comedy or if it would be—

JAIME: I’m thinking something… creative and almost… old style.

JOEL: You’re going for an old-fashioned style. That could be risky…

NICO: Or we start it as old-fashioned and then it will look like the ‘new coming’ and then it goes whoosh – a new color there.

LAURA: Or we could have some kind of Amazon guy like Nico out there, who doesn’t even know how to publish a book, or something.

CHRISTINE: [Commentary] I was actually the one that encouraged Laura to step forward because, you know, I was talking to her at breakfast this morning when she came downstairs with her new image, new make-over, and she looked awesome and I thought it would be a good opportunity for her to show Joel, “Yeah, I am… I’m ready to step forward. I’m ready to be the JV partner that I can be.”

LAURA: [Back to team discussion] I was thinking of Nico’s when he’s like running through the woods and being all jungle-man like and everything. That would be a good concept, you know? So easy… a jungle guy could do it, whatever. Tarzan could do it.

CHRISTINE: I think we could just do the voice-over and do the same thing.

CHRISTINE: [Commentary] I like Jaime and Laura a lot. I do have issues with Nico. I don’t work well with him and the irony that he and I are the two that got put over in the other team… uh… well, it was just ironic.

[Back to discussion] We’re gonna grab the attention with you sitting there with these voice-overs.

NICO: [Commentary] She likes to kind of be in control and she doesn’t realize that when she’s not the team leader that she should take a step back. I’ve worked with her for a few days and we’ve done great together but, you know, she’s always kind of a one-foot forward and she doesn’t really know how to take that step back.

CHRISTINE: I think we need to cut from Jaime to the interviews.

LAURA: I don’t think we’re gonna have time for that many interviews.

That’s gonna take about twenty seconds.



MIKE: So, what you can do inside a seven or eight seconds with a couple of sound bytes could be the equivalent of what you get in forty seconds per minute. Okay?

LAURA: [To Nico] We all need to decide together because I’m not sure… I mean, outside would be fun, but let’s look at—

NICO: Let’s see what it looks like outside.


LAURA: It seems like it’s gonna be more serious—

CHRISTINE: I think it’s a testimonial because he said that was the most effective.

LAURA: Yeah.

[To Mike Koenigs] Alright, we’re not ready for you yet.

CHRISTINE: Yes we are.

LAURA: We don’t have the camera.

CHRISTINE: Oh. [To someone; not seen in video] Oh quick. Go get the camera.

[Mike gets ready; stands in front of the camera]

MIKE: Just go ahead and ask me questions.

[Knuckle Sandwich team discussion]

JASONM: Do you think now is a good time to kind of pick which type of—

CHARLES: I think parody is the best idea for this idea, don’t you think?

JASONM: You mean like exaggerated problem—

[Commentary] As a leader, you know, he (Charles) did great. He was able to delegate and split everybody up via take-charge, knowing what he knows doing, but yet took input.

THOR: The problem with being exaggerated is the frustration of trying to get someone published.

What’s a common frustration— [Addressing David Hancock]

DAVID: Most publishers, when they receive a manuscript, they throw it in the trash can. And that’s the reality.

THOR: [Commentary] I was just sitting there, we were pulling the chips out of the bag, and I was saying, “Please God, let me be on Trippy’s team. Please let me be on Charles’ team.” If I’m not on Charles’ team, I mean, this… I might screw up on something in concept… I mean, this is game over.

CHARLES: [Back to team discussion] If you submit it to another company, they’re not gonna look at it, you’re wasting your time, you’re gonna stress out, send it to us…

JASON: The portion of the video is gonna be focusing on… we’re showing how hard this guy actually worked—

CHARLES: So he’s like, you know, struggling to get a dime, he’s like pulling his hair out, whatever… he finally gets it done, puts it in an envelope, he mails it off… it shows the producers, “Haaah! (inaudible language)” That’s all they’re saying and we’ll put ‘Manuscripts’ on like, a sign that says on the trash and he (publisher) just immediately throws it in the dumpster… Big Stupid Jerks Publishing or something like that… [While Charles was speaking, their video reenactment was being shown]

See, I just… I do stuff like that—

[They all begin talking at the same time]

ALISANDE: [Commentary] All three of them are really, very confident people, and so am I. And I thought, “How is that gonna work?” And it actually worked out quite well and we just basically respected… taking turns with letting each of us speak and I was impressed that we were able to do that so…

THOR: Authors are gonna look at this and feel like, “I’ve so done that!”

CHARLES: Okay. So, we would emphasize that… you know, one of us dress as Joel… not even dress as Joel – but you know, acting like him.

Hi, I’m Joel Comm. [While an image of Joel Comm from the infomercial they made is flashed – with Joel saying the same thing Charles just said.]

THOR: Yeah. [Laughs while Charles act like Joel]

CHARLES: [Continues Joel impersonation] You can make millions.

THOR: [Laughs]

Joel will go into commercial—

CHARLES: Yeah, I know.

JASONM: You can interview him and say, “Can you say these things?”

THOR: In the commercial he’d say, “People would want to use this…”

CHARLES: He would want a script. ‘Ayt, so then it would be… “Submit your manuscript to…” and then email comes up here and then he says his thing and then it’s—

[Commentary] They let me do my thing as a leader and tell people and that, you know, as a leader, I didn’t want to just be barking orders. I wanted to, you know, get other input… and everyone got along really well. Thor’s gotten so much better about letting other people give their opinions and Alisande’s been giving clearer descriptions of what she’s trying to say without rambling. So it was really crazy, like everything’s just… BOOM!

Presentation – Execution Challenge

HEATHER: The All In video will be shown first. Roll tape.

[All In video is played: Video shows Jaime supposedly writing with a voice-over of Joel]
JOEL: Would you like to write a bestselling book? [Jaime looks up to the camera and thinks.]
I know. You’re thinking it’s too hard. [Jaime nods]
You’re not a recognized expert. [Jaime shakes her head]
Video Testimonials shown: (shot outdoors)
JOEL: You know, writing and having a book picked up by a major publishing house is one of the best and fastest ways to accelerate the growth of your business or career.
JAIME: [Reacts] But getting established publishers to look at your ideas is virtually impossible when you’re a new author!
Company logo shown and text: Made Easy Publishing is looking for new authors
Back to testimonials:
JOEL: Well my first book – the AdSense Code hit three best-sellers list. Now, the credibility that I’ve gained from publishing this book made me a celebrity in my niche.
MIKE: Aside from self-publishing, it’s the fastest, easiest way to gain international distribution and work with a major publisher…
HEATHER: Entrepreneurial authoring really allows you to have a hybrid approach that uses the best of both worlds.
[Shows Jaime typing with Joel’s voice overheard]
JOEL: Submit your book idea to Download a free twenty minute [Shows company logo, link and text: Everybody has a book in them] interview to find out how you can become a recognized exper—

End of video

JOEL: Wha–?

ALL IN: Expert.

JOEL: Expert. Got it.

Okay. Team All In, please take the platform. [All In come on stage]

Laura, not only do you have a professional new look for Day 5 but you stepped up as Team Captain. I like the integration of the logo. I like ‘Everybody has a book in them.’ That’s one of these things I’d say again and again.

JASONM: [Commentary] When we came in, we were very impressed with our video and uhm… we thought we had the upper edge. And then during watching the other team’s video, Charles and I were sitting there thinking, “Oh… crap. They’ve got a good video! Oh man!”

JOEL: I am concerned about the noise that took place from being outside with those testimonials. I mean, it was pretty loud. Wouldn’t it have made more sense to just find another set inside?

CHRISTINE: We were originally going to go inside and use a green screen? And it was the time – it was a choice based on the limited amount of time…

MIKE: Central rules of production – any kind of video production: is you just have to have an external mike and these cameras didn’t have it.

JOEL: All In, good job. Thanks very much. You may take your seats and now we will watch the Knuckle Sandwich video.

Roll film!

[Knuckle Sandwich video is played: Shows Jason staring at his laptop with a sudden brilliant flash of idea (supposedly) and starts typing furiously. Then shows he is finished, closes his laptop, and supposedly arranges his printed manuscript. Next scene is taken from inside a mailbox showing Jason stuffing the manuscript inside to mail it (even giving it a kiss and crossing his fingers – hoping to get published).
Next scene shows Charles, Alisande, Thor, and David who are suppose to be publishers.]
ALISANDE: [Comes into the room holding Jason’s manuscript] Okay gentlemen, we got a new manuscript. [Drops the manuscript on the table.]
Everyone laughs mockingly. Charles takes a hold of the manuscript.
CHARLES: I’m a writer and… my manuscript [Everyone is still laughing loudly]
Charles throws the manuscript in the trash bin.
Next scene shows Joel Comm speaking.
JOEL: Hi. I’m Joel Comm, a New York Times best-selling author. If you’re a recognized expert in your field or if you have celebrity status in your niche, you need to be published. Made Easy Publishing will review your manuscript… guaranteed! How can we do this? It’s easy!
Next scene shows enlarged logo of Made Easy.
JOEL: [voice only] Visit
Suddenly shows Jason in a goofy pose with a thumbs-up, a big smile, and holding a lot of books with a single tinkle of a bell overheard.

End of Video

[Judges laughing]
JOEL: Alright. Lights please! Knuckle Sandwich, you may take the platform.

THOR: [Commentary] Joel, he’s a laid-back guy. In private, he’s a really personable guy but he’s also very professional in what he does. He’s not gonna want some slapstick comedy kind of thing out there representing him. So it was a fine line. We were trying to make it funny and humorous without it being so completely off-the-wall, Charles Trippy-style…

JOEL: Clearly very entertaining. Funny. Even the other team has to admit that that is… yes, an entertaining video. The question is… through all that, it doesn’t project the image that we want for Made Easy Publishing.

DAVID: Um, I thought it was funny. I would pass it on to a friend. The only part I didn’t like in the edit was when Joel was speaking and I know why you had to do that, to just crunch the time… and you guys just ran out of time to make that as smooth as possible…

JAIME: [Commentary] Their video was really funny and it would be great on YouTube but… you know, I didn’t think – for the market – that’s who we would want to sell the video to.

[Charles and Laura are on stage]

JOEL: Charles, I want you to tell us your honest opinion of All In’s video.

CHARLES: I thought it was very typical… very promotional video. If I was to watch it, I would turn it off because I see infomercial videos all the time.

JOEL: [To Laura] Tell us what you think of Knuckle Sandwich’s video.

LAURA: I thought it was a very good video. I thought it was really funny, it caught my attention, it was a good story. However, I didn’t hear anything about the product and exactly what they were telling…

JOEL: This is difficult. It really was… ‘coz Immunity is on the line.

CHARLES: [Commentary] It could have gone either way. I wasn’t sure if Joel wants something very standard and not, you know, kind of sain… I was hoping he’d want to go outside of the box for the video.

JASONM: [Commentary] So when we were standing up there, we really had no clue where they were gonna go.

ALISANDE: [Commentary] Joel really did a good job of keeping me in suspense. I really didn’t know who he was gonna pick in the end and I actually can tell, from all the judges, that they were having a really difficult time…

JASONM: [Commentary] I really didn’t know which way they were gonna go so it was kind of nerve-wracking.

JOEL: But I’ve got to say, because of the interesting approach and creativity that broke the mold and really – when we’re doing marketing, we want to do something that is going to get the attention of the potential customer. And because of that, I’m gonna give immunity today to Knuckle Sandwich. Congratulations.

LAURA: [Commentary] I’m pissed! Can’t you tell? I am so pissed. And I don’t care if they see this. That’s fine. Joel, I love you to death. Mike, you know I love you and David, I can’t wait to see you at Big Seminar… but what the [bleep] guys! What the [bleep] were you thinking? [Gives a loud sigh.]

I think you need to do split-testing and you’re gonna see who the Immunity belongs to, you’re gonna be really wrong.


JOEL: Laura, you’re the Team Captain. What do you think happened?

LAURA: We did go over what you told us the other night – how we were too edgy and we needed to appeal to the internet marketing crowd. So this was one of the things we did.

JOEL: You did – you really pretty much took the Sales Letter and transposed it to video. Who was responsible for the outside shots? Who decided that that was good… the thing to do? Was it your idea? [To Laura]

LAURA: It was my idea to try one of them like that. And then, once we got people to go out there, we just decided…

NICO: I’ll take the bullet on that, I guess.

LAURA: Well, no. No.

NICO: It’s because uh, I wanted to shoot inside and outside. We were going to shoot green screen and then we were gonna use, you know, something creative and kinda edgy and bring in some bullet points, you know, today. But when we set the green screen up, it was a mess. And we had a lot of – I’m not blaming it – but we had a lot of technical issues the first half hour. We didn’t have a computer. We had to switch computers – we had to switch to a laptop. We wanted to use Photoshop but it wasn’t installed and…

JOEL: And that’s not an excuse, right?

NICO: These things happen.

JOEL: They just happen. They do. And not only do they happen, but they happen all the time. You have to be ready to make those adjustments on the spur of the moment.

Mike, you spent the greater part of the four hours with them today.

MIKE: The biggest mistake, I think, that was made overall was… you didn’t ask questions — you didn’t have enough questions.

JOEL: You had four hours with the guy who just taught you how to make a killer video.

MIKE: There’s one of my favorite sayings in the world is Tony Robbins says: “The quality of life is directly proportional to the quality of the questions you ask.”

JOEL: Now David, you didn’t get to observe the whole time but you did see a little bit.

DAVID: It was really a tough call but when “expert” got kind of cut-off, my mind was hanging on that last little blip. My last thought of the video was, “Oops.” But again, overall, it was really good full-effort. All that I saw today and how difficult it was for the other team to put it together, you guys did a stellar job.

LAURA: Thank you.

JOEL: Nico, you won Immunity this morning and right there on the spot, you gave it to Jaime. Why did you do that?

NICO: I’m a giver. And if I see somebody that needs something, I take my shirt off my back, literally. That’s what I do to help. They’re my competitors, but…

JOEL: So how would you feel if you ended up being the one that’s eliminated?

NICO: Then that’s my karma, you know. I’d do everything I can for everybody around me and I believe it comes back ten-fold so…

JOEL: Let me ask you then. Jaime’s immune, so if you had to put the target on somebody, who would it be?

NICO: Christine has… she’s a little bit edgy to work with and she kind of gets a little bit snappy and it makes you kind of uncomfortable and it makes things kinda – takes away a little of the continuity of the team at times…

JOEL: [Looks at Christine] Snappy? I’m assuming not in a necessarily complimentary way. Do you know what he’s talking about?

CHRISTINE: [Nods] Uhuh.

JOEL: Is that just the way you are normally or is it under pressure…?

CHRISTINE: We were on the same team before and we just have different ways of doing things. It’s mutual.

JOEL: Okay, maybe not a match made in heaven but you’re getting along and that’s…

NICO: [Softly in the background] We’ll work it out.

MIKE: [To Christine] Hey, one thing I did observe is, you know, you [to Christine] got into a place of feeling helpless at times not knowing what to do. It felt like you were lost and didn’t know exactly – and you were dealing in an uncomfortable situation.

I know she had never made a video before. You know, the key is to find a strong, empowering place and what kind of question do I need to ask right now to get out of this space, or to solve this problem?

JOEL: Jaime, you’re immune. Who do you think needs to take responsibility for this?

JAIME: This is a really hard decision because everybody here is really good. Laura was put in charge as team leader and definitely for about first two hours, I don’t think Christine gave her any respect. I’m not sure if it was just stress because it was a new team but we felt very disorganized and…

JOEL: Are you putting the blame on the leadership of Laura? Are you putting the onus on Christine for not respecting the leadership.

JAIME: I think that maybe Christine could have shown Laura a bit more respect because I think sometimes she was looking at me as opposed to Laura when she was trying to say things and Laura was our team leader.

JOEL: [To Christine] Does Laura have a hard time commanding respect?

CHRISTINE: No. I-I don’t think it was two hours, I think it was half an hour. I was totally thrown off being taken away from my team that I’ve been with from the beginning.

JOEL: I need a JV partner that is gonna be cool and composed because if I get bent out of sorts because something’s going wrong, that’s where the other person is to be able to pick up the slack.

JAIME: Can I just add that…

JOEL: Sure.

JAIME: After we got more… we were in the swing of things, and I think we got more relaxed and we had a plan and we were comfortable, then Christine was very good to work with.

JOEL: Alright, Jaime. Which one needs to go. I just need – right from your heart, just one…

JAIME: I- I- I [she touches Christine on the shoulder]… I’m sorry.

JOEL: She understands.

Laura, I haven’t asked you yet. As the team leader, do you carry the burden of responsibility here or do you feel that somebody failed you along the way?

LAURA: I don’t believe anyone failed. I think we did an awesome job and I’d stick with it. I think all of us did a great job. The first half hour… or maybe a little bit longer, was a little stressful for me because I was trying to command the attention… I love Christine! I love her. She’s great and everything but she was just kind of really snappy from the first second we got on the set maybe because I’ve been on the Sandbox or whatever, for the past few days or maybe I look like I was weak. So when we’re outside—

JOEL: I don’t think you are. I’m staring to see more and more…

It’s difficult because in this task, it didn’t fall apart.

LAURA: Right.

JOEL: This was not a disaster.

LAURA: Everything completely turned around there, it seems, because I came out to her and I was like, “Hey, are you ok? What’s going on? We need to talk about this.” And she admitted that she didn’t know how to handle things, command this group, since we’re all on different teams. It went out that her and Nico were on the other team and they came in together, and me and Jaime were together. And we could all get through this…


LAURA: And we did a great job so…

JOEL: I appreciate the way you stepped up. I mean, you’re taking the attitude that’s almost like this is Laura – growing up, right here before our eyes. And it’s been so rapid… but you didn’t command the respect of Christine.

Nico, you had immunity. You had it! It was yours.

NICO: Like I said – in good conscience, I couldn’t have worn that shirt all day knowing that there was somebody, you know… I – I… it just felt like I had to do that.

JOEL: I got to weigh very carefully the type of action that you took. I see your heart though and I believe that you did what you had to do and so you’re safe tonight.

Laura, however, as much as you stepped it up, you still don’t command the leadership. Christine, I can’t have somebody on my team that’s working alongside of me that’s gonna be difficult to work with. I’m a pretty strong personality myself. I need my partner by my side. And because of that Christine, I’m sorry to tell you that you’ve been eliminated from the competition.

[Christine nods and gives a furtive smile]

One more thing before you go, you may keep your eCOMMerce chips or you may give your entire stack to whoever you choose. What would you like to do?

CHRISTINE: Alisande.

JOEL: Okay, Alisande will receive your chips. Can you please put them on the table?

[Christine places her remaining chips on the table]

Thank you. I’m sure you’re gonna do great things. I have no doubt about it. And I wish you the very best.

[To everyone] You must now exit the COMMplex. Thank you.

LAURA: [To Nico] I commend you for giving her the shirt.

[To Jaime] And you did a good job.

[To Christine] And Christine, you’re awesome too.

[To the judges] Thank you guys… very much.

LAURA: I do felt kind of bad when I was leaving the Judgment Room. I feel like I’m gonna step on the judges’ toes when I felt like I had to have the last word about saying how great my team was. I kind of felt bad about that but… not really, so… [shakes her head] never mind. I don’t feel bad about that.

CHRISTINE: Um, I’m mad at myself.

JAIME: I felt horrible to see Christine sent home. She was one of the people whom was there when I got into Denver at the airport. You know, she’s always been really friendly with me and we’ve gotten along well…

CHRISTINE: I’m definitely disappointed. Um, the first thing that hit me was ‘how to tell my husband’ because uhm… [Chokes on some of her words] he’s home, taking care of things so I can be here and I feel like I let him down. That’s probably what’s hitting me the most right now. [Almost in tears]

THOR: Christine and I kinda had a pretty good alliance going and uh, with her gone, I don’t have nearly a strong relationship with anybody else here. I mean, literally, we had an agreement that, you know, if it came down to it, we would be the last two people on this show.

CHRISTINE: I didn’t appreciate being told I was difficult to work with. I happen to say Nico’s very difficult to work with and uh, we have different approaches. And uh… I didn’t like being classified as ‘difficult to work with.’

NICO: Ahh Christine… Christine. [Sighs] Hmmm. Pobre sita. (poor girl)

I think it’s for the best. You know, I mean she’s got five kids and I think maybe that’s where she belongs as, you know, close to all…

CHRISTINE: I did need to ask Nico to give me some space. He wanted to come up and hug me and talk to me right afterwards and I just – I really just needed some space. Um, he wasn’t willing to ‘not’ hugging me right then.

ALISANDE: I’m sad because she was my roommate and now she’s not gonna be my roommate and we started out like close. She was a sweet person and I totally hope that after the show, we will keep in touch.

CHRISTINE: Alisande and I are friends and I gave her my chips. And I really think that she’s awesome and I think she has a lot of potential and I hope she knocks ‘em dead.

CHARLES: I really like Christine. Uhm, I think she would have been a really good JV partner for Joel. She really does do the research and everything like that but today was just not her… her strong point.

CHRISTINE: I should have been more in control when I got switched to a different team and I should have managed my emotions better and I’m disappointed in myself.

THOR: It didn’t matter if we had to make up a reason about somebody else off, we were going to be the last two people. With that gone, I have to forge some new relationships and there’s a lot – there’s… I would say, about half of the people on the show right now, I don’t trust.

ALISANDE: I really feel pretty honored to be able to visit Joel Comm’s house and see all his collection of software – old collection of software, that’s really awesome. We’re gonna see a movie and he’s got a really nice home. I’m just feeling happy that I’m here and… it feels really good.

THOR: I don’t trust Alisande. She’s very analytical. She’s very, very analytical. In fact, just about everything to her is a calculation of some sort. As long as it suits her needs, I think she’ll do what she wants to do. She’ll do what needs to get done.

NICO: Thor Schrock is very knowledgeable, uh, great on the internet. He’s a bundle of energy. I think he might end up – his energy might turn out to be a problem for him in the end though. I think he might have a little too much ‘chutzpah,’ as they say.

THOR: I definitely won’t turn my back on Nico. He was handing out caps to all the people on his team before they went in there for the uh… the challenge. ‘Coz he figured, “Well, if I lose, at least I’m giving them free stuff.” He even told Trippy that he brought all these free stuff. He brought – rum and cigars; snuck all these fruits through customs – oops. And he’s handing them out. Everyone’s just drinking it, smoking it and having a great time… when in actuality, he was just playing the game.

JASONM: I need to say just how important my wife is to me. And I am where I am because of her and it’s been hard doing things without her there, not just necessarily her ideas or anything like that or what she can do but just her encouragement and support drives me.

THOR: Ironically enough, Jason Marshall, I’m – I’m not sure about him. You see, he’s a really nice guy. He’s got the kindest heart of anybody I ever met. On the other hand, he’s here to play and he’s here to win and I don’t think that he’s gonna let that heart get in the way.

CHARLES: Toughest competition would be… Thor and Jason. Both have really strong qualities; both lack in certain parts which they make up in other parts. And we’re all kind of like forming a little clique where we get along very well, we’re friends. So it’s gonna get really tough as it gets further into the competition because we’d be pitted against each other. So… that would be kind of interesting, I guess.

[End credits rolling]

THOR: There’s a lot of people right now that are putting a lot of friends out there that aren’t true; there’s a lot of disinformation going on. And it’s getting tough to cut through it because everybody – it’s getting down to the point where everybody who’s here is good and deserves to be here so at this point now… you almost can’t have a total strategy. And you can’t have a total alliance unless you have total trust and I don’t totally trust anybody here right now.

[Scene showing Charles pretending to get caught red-handed rummaging through a kitchen/dining cabinet and getting something there by the camera.

CHARLES: [To the camera] Dude!

[Commentary] I’m tired. I want to go home and sleep but hey, we’re in Joel’s house. So I’m pretty cool right now.

[Some scenes from the next episode are shown]

[Few Words from Joel Comm]
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Thanks for watching The Next Internet Millionaire. I look forward to seeing you as an Insider.


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