Watch Thor Eat Worms in Next Internet Millionaire Episode 4!

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  • Written on: September 14th, 2007

That’s right folks! I ate 2 fat Canadian night crawlers in this episode. Surprisingly, they didn’t taste like anything at all. Then again, I didn’t chew mine up like some of the other people did…

Watch Episode 4 here now!

Below is e transcript for this episode:

Episode 4

HOST: Joel Comm
HEATHER: Heather Vale / Co-host

JEFF: Jeff Walker (Episode 3)
MARLON: Marlon Sanders – Create Infoproduct

Remaining Contestants:

LAURA: Laura Martin
JASONM: Jason Marshall
JAIME: Jaime Luchuck
NICO: Nico Pisani
ALISANDE: Alisande Chan
BIGJASON: Jason Henderson
THOR: Thor Schrock
CHARLES: Charles Trippy
CHRISTINE: Christine Schaap

CARLY: Carly Taylor – Episode 3
STEVE: Steve Schuitt – Episode 3
DEBBIE: Debbie Ducic – Episode 3

NARRATOR: Previously on the Next Internet Millionaire.

Our contestants awoke to a high-stakes game of poker. While Alisande was a seasoned veteran of the game, some of the others were playing for the first time. After his early risk paid off, Jason Marshall jumped to a huge lead but his inexperience came back to bite him and Nico stole the game in the final hand.

JASON: Good job, Nic! [Nico and Jason shake hands and give each other a hug]

JOEL: We present you [to Nico] with the HackerSafe Immunity shirt, which you may put on, and wear for the rest of the day. You are immune and cannot be eliminated from the competition today.

NICO: Thank you.

JOEL: Congratulations.

NARRATOR: Then it was off to the classroom where they learn the secrets of massively profitable product launches from Jeff Walker.

JEFF: ‘No Proof – No Launch.’ Got that? No Proof – No Launch.

You’re starting to see how this can go just beyond one big payday?

NARRATOR: They put their skills to the test by developing a re-launch strategy for a uniquely beautiful house.

While the Bullseye team put together a brilliant presentation, the Sandbox team missed the mark, presenting a concept that made Joel jump out of his chair in disgust.

JOEL: This plan is an utter disaster!

NARRATOR: In the Judgment Room, Carly, Debbie, and Steve were eliminated from the game while Laura was redeemed from the Sandbox after showing some improvement. Will she manage to stay out of the Judgment Room today? Or will Joel live to regret his decision to keep her?

Stay tuned to find out in this episode of The Next Internet Millionaire.

[Opening Credits – video introduction of contestants]

Day Four – Loveland, Colorado

JAIME: I’m not part of any alliance but I heard of some other alliances so I wasn’t very impressed.

JASONM: The show’s taking that turn now, I think. People are beginning to realize, “Ok, people are going home.” It’s setting in and people are beginning to alliance. People are beginning to, you know, really start getting worried…

JAIME: I heard from Thor that Jason Henderson and Laura were gonna alliance. I heard that before… they were sort of chatting, you know, that they wouldn’t pick each other and stuff—

LAURA: We need to stick together, right? So of course we had an alliance and I’m sure there will be still many more alliances to come.


JOEL: Good morning everybody! [Surveys the room]

Looks like we’re shy three people this morning. The ‘sandbox’ is a term that we took from the search engines. And just like the search engines who change and adapt for the current needs, we are changing the format of the show. As of now, there is no more Sandbox.

You guys ready to get started?

[Players nod]



JOEL: Today’s challenge centers around email. It’s important when I get a JV partner that they can handle the flood of email requests that come in. But still, we need to handle every customer concern as if that customer is the only one in the world. That is why today’s challenge is called… Email Worms. [Reveals a jar filled with worms in the middle of the table covered by a cloth.]

CHRISTINE: [Commentary] I thought those worms looked really disgusting and I could not believe that they were introducing a ‘worm’ thing – a worm challenge on a business show…

JOEL: [Back to challenge] Yes (In response to surprised and incredulous looks players had after seeing the worms), we’ll get to these in a moment.

In the online world, an email worm is a type of virus that spreads via email accounts. Each of you has your laptop in front of you and we’ve created a special email account. In your account are ten emails that are customer service requests. You will have fifteen minutes to answer the ten emails that are in your account. I’m looking for professional, courteous, and thorough reply. Here’s where our friends come in – in the middle of the table is a jar filled with big, fat, juicy Canadian Night crawlers. If you eat one worm, you will only have to answer five emails. If you eat two worms, you will only have to answer one email.

JAIME: [Commentary] When Joel lifted up the cover and there was a bowl of worms on the table I thought, you know, “What is this? Our next internet millionaire is not about eating worms.”

NICO: [Commentary] I wasn’t thinking we’re gonna do a survivor sort of eat-the-worms. I just thought it was an analogy to the, you know, the computer worms.

JOEL: [Back to Challenge] Nico.

NICO: [Looks up and roll his eyes] Oh boy! What do you think?

JOEL: Nico accepts the challenge.

NICO: [Female players look in disgust, especially Jaime] Jaime, what do you think of my worm?

[Jaime looks away in disgust; Nico eats two worms and pretends to vomit after.] Sorry, little guy. [After digesting the first worm]

CHARLES: [Commentary] I saw the worms, I was like, “Screw this! I’m not gonna…” I’m not a big fan of worms, not like – they’re like “ewww” gross kind-of-thing, but just… they’re just worms.

JOEL: Congratulations, Nico.

Charles… are you gonna eat the worms?

CHARLES: No, I’m not gonna eat the worms.

JOEL: Passing on the worms?

CHARLES: I think I’m gonna pass on the worms.

JOEL: Ok, that’s—

CHARLES: Maybe next time I’m gonna…

JOEL: Ten emails for you in fifteen minutes.

CHARLES: I can do it.

JOEL: Big J?


[Commentary] When I was in high school I went to a camp where there’s a vinegar drink contest and I won it hands down and three hours later, I gave it back, you know, to the director, but ah… I forgot I got to keep those things in my stomach for a little bit. I’ve told Trippy that it tasted more dirt than worms you know, it was like, “Ewww, I’m eating dirt,” so that was a lot more uncomfortable than the worm.

[Sticks his tongue out to show chewed-up worm]

JOEL: And they’re gone.


ALISANDE: [Looks up, rolls her eyes and seems to think it over.] Okay, I’ll try.

JOEL: Please come around. [Alisande almost squishes the worms when she dove in, in hopes of finding a thin one.] Easy, easy.

ALISANDE: [Commentary] When I first saw the worms that were on the table, I was saying, “Oh, mannn. They’re not gonna make us eat that or any thing?” (Laughs) But I knew that, you know, I’m gonna do what it takes and so I will do it. I was just waiting for Joel to go-fish and say, “Eat worms,” and I was gonna do it, no matter how many he says, if he said we’re gonna eat, I’m gonna do it.

[Eats two worms]

Good flavor.

JOEL: Congratulations! Here’s your eCOMMerce chip and you only need to answer one email. Tough competitor.

Now I know there’s somebody in this table that is just dying to eat worms. It’s Jaime.

JAIME: Oh yeah… Can I just look at them real quick?

JOEL: You want to come around and look?

JAIME: [Commentary] I wasn’t expecting to see the worms there. I was definitely, well, shocked and disappointed.

JASONM: Close your eyes and grab it. [Jaime tries to pick one up but drops it back in disgust] Close your eyes…

NICO: [Can be overhead] Come on Jaime, you can do it.

JASONM: Come on, close your eyes and think of something else so it won’t matter.

CHARLES: It’s going in your throat, so I mean…

[Jaime still unsuccessful in being able to pick one up]

ALISANDE: She just has to swallow so why don’t one of us just pick two ones that aren’t really…

JOEL: She needs to pick them out.

JAIME: [Commentary] How you do your job is not whether you compromise yourself and you do something you don’t want to do. I think most good business people stick to their guns and if you don’t want to eat worms, then don’t do it.

[Jaime heads back to her seat]

JOEL: I think even having the guts to come up here and think about this—

NICO: [Commentary] Jaime… she tried so hard. I gave her a chip because she was there overcoming her fears. She deserved something just for that effort.

[Other players applaud her effort]

BIGJASON: [Commentary] I’m kind of torn for Jaime. I don’t know if she was just putting on a show. I told Trip (probably referring to Charles), I said, “And the Oscar goes to…” So, who knows if it was real or not…

JOEL: Jason? [Referring to Jason Marshall]

JASONM: [Commentary] Of course I was thinking we were gonna have to eat them. So uh… I was starting to get nervous because I had a really terrible gag reflex.

NICO: Don’t get too attached to ‘em.

JASONM: [Commentary] I think the first worm was definitely the harder of the two, not because it was like “I’m the first worm,” but because when I swallowed it, the tip of it was a little harder and it kinda got stuck right here [points to his throat] and I felt like – I still feel it’s still there – and I tried to swallow it. [Laura looks away as JasonM eats his first worm]

But the next one was soft pretty much throughout so it went down a lot smoother, and a little bit easier.

[Sticks his tongue out to someone to show he has already consumed the worm completely]

JOEL: Very good, Jason.

Laura… give it a try.

LAURA: I can’t even walk into a sushi restaurant and this is… this is just quite gross. Oh my god! [She grabs two worms almost immediately from the jar and gulps both down at the same time.]

JOEL: Wow [amidst hoots and cheers of other players]. That was the fastest.

CHRSTINE: Way to go, girl!

LAURA: [Commentary] Going out there was like, I just have to go from a to b, hurry up and get it over and done with. Everyone else sat there playing with it and if I would have done that then I would have thrown up on Thor, who I’m sure would have thrown up on Jason, who I’m sure would have thrown up on everyone else and then I would have seen everyone throwing up and it would be over; all these laptops ruined, and all the other worms ruined for everyone else and I’m sure I would have thrown up on Joel’s $300 suit.

[Commentary] So the fact that I picked them up, they’re in my mouth and I swallowed them… that’s fine and everything, but now I’m just kind of sickened by the thought of them sitting in my stomach and just hanging out there.

JOEL: That was the fastest yet. Congratulations.

LAURA: Just for you… so I hope… whatever.

JOEL: One email.

[Thor takes his turn]

THOR: [Commentary] So I got up there, picked out two worms and the worms that I got – that I grabbed – the ones that I grabbed, I don’t care if they’re fat or squirrelly or whatever, it doesn’t matter, ‘cause you don’t, in life, get to pick the challenges that come in your way like your email box. So I grabbed two worms and put them down, put them in my mouth, and actually they just cooperated nicely. They just hammered right on down to their fate.

[Back in the challenge] Do I have some worm on my chin?

[Everyone laughs]

JOEL: Congratulations. Well done. You only have to answer one email, here’s your eCOMM.

Okay, some of you did very well. It’s a tough thing to do, I know, but we’re going to give you a second chance if you passed the first time. Christine, you passed the first time.

CHRISTINE: I did. And like Laura, I’m very confident in my ability to answer email. I also do want to give it my all, so–

JOEL: Okay.

CHRISTINE: I want to go for it.

JOEL: Step up.

She’s selecting the gourmet delicacies.

[Christine picks out a worm, then places it back.]

CHRISTINE: That’s too long.

JASONM: Aw, she’s changed diapers. She’s alright.

CHRISTINE: It’s usually not moving in the diaper.

[Finally picks one to her liking] At least it’s a skinny long one.

[Commentary] I was really surprised. The first worm went down so good, I mean, not that I planned on having them to be a regular part of my diet, but I didn’t taste anything. I just swallowed it, I didn’t even feel it go down, I just took some water. It’s like taking a pill. And so I’m like, okay, let’s grab the second one and … it wouldn’t stop moving. It just, I mean, pelted it in my mouth and it came back out.

[Everyone laughs] So I was like, I had another worm and I thought I’d be fine [attempt to swallow a worm again] but my gag reflex kicked in and tried to keep that sucker down but obviously it didn’t work, so… I got to gross everybody out.

[Fails second attempt and throws up on a trash bin]

JOEL: A noble effort, Christine. You’ll only be answering five emails.

FEMALE: Watch out! Watch out! Watch out!

[Christine throws up again in the trash bin.]

CHRISTINE: I’m really sorry, guys.

JOEL: It’s fine.

Give her a napkin (to someone).

BIGJASON: [Commentary] Christine, definitely, second time around, she just couldn’t do it. The gag reflex… that was pretty hilarious.

CHRISTINE: [Back to the challenge] I’m really sorry.

JOEL: You don’t have to apologize. This is hard to do. Christine, you will be answering five emails.


JOEL: Charles, you passed before…


The viewers will love you!

CHARLES: Just like spaghetti, right? [Grabs some worms from the jar] Is that three or two?

[Commentary] I felt bad for the worms. Why were we eating worms to begin with? Poor little worms, they’re just eating dirt…

[He slurps them up as if they were pasta noodles.]

[Commentary] It was kind of like really soggy noodles… yeah. What’s really funny is I don’t like fish or pork or anything like that, right, but I just ate a [bleep] worm.

JOEL: Your email accounts are before you. There are ten to choose from. If you have to reply to fewer than ten, you may choose which ones they are.

HEATHER: You have fifteen minutes and it begins… now!

[Players start working on their emails]

JAIME: I was really angry because I knew that by not eating the worms, I wouldn’t be able to complete the challenge and can’t possibly write ten letters in fifteen minutes and it just wasn’t gonna happen so it frustrated me that I was put into that situation because… because I wouldn’t eat the worm.

HEATHER: Ten seconds.

Time is up. Please close your laptop.

JOEL: Jaime did not reply to the ten emails in time and so she is disqualified from this immunity.

[Reading off an email request/query answered by JasonM]

“I really want to buy your program but I don’t have the money right now. Also, I am vertically challenged and I cannot reach my keyboard. Please do not discriminate against me for this as it would be against Title XV6779 of the Internet Legal Code. And if you do not help me, I will probably report you to the Attorney General, the FBI, and the underground Ninja Society. Can you please get back to me and how we can arrange this.
Mr. John Kensington.”

HEATHER: [Reading off JasonM’s reply]

“I’m truly flattered that you have chosen my program. I will be in contact with you to go over the details…”

JASONM: [Commentary] I enjoy writing emails and I think that’s something, you know, that I definitely have as a skill so I definitely enjoyed the challenge today.

HEATHER: [Continues reading JasonM’s email reply] “…great ideas for the future of those who have challenges.
To your success,
Jason Marshall.”

JOEL: The overall feeling from the email is that you’re bending over backwards. We definitely don’t want to discriminate against anyone associated with the underground internet Ninja Society… this is a good email.

The next email says, “I bought your ultra, extreme collection of eBooks several days ago and I would like to know when I can expect them to arrive at my home. I’m worried about the books sitting on my doorstep. All I got was a link to some webpage.”

HEATHER: [Reading off BigJason’s reply] “Hi Jason. You will be receiving your package on Thursday, between 2-4 pm, Central Time. Your tracking number is 054678923…”

NICO: [Commentary] I thought it was funny Jason Henderson kind of forgot it was an eBook and gave him a tracking number. I thought that was kind of… off.

HEATHER: [Continues reading aloud] Thank you for being a customer of Big AdSense Unlimited, Jason.

I thought they were eBooks?

[Some of the players can’t help smiling]

JOEL: These are eBooks. They are fully downloadable. When we sell physical products, as it says on the page, you will receive in the mail a physical product. This is a digital delivery and you missed the point of what we were going for.

HEATHER: [Reading the next reply for another email – Alisande’s] Dear La Toya, thank you for your email inquiry. We are sorry that your purchase of our product was not to your satisfaction. If you can tell us what your needs are, we may be able to recommend one of our other products for you. As for the product you are not pleased with, we can send you a full refund if you can send the product back to us. We thank you again for your support and look forward to helping you.
Customer Service.

JOEL: Okay. I’ve read all your emails. A few of you did not get the tenor of the email request that was sent. It kind of dropped the bomb in that area…

BIGJASON: [Commentary] Who was the only one that formatted correctly to fit in all email readers? [After each question, he makes a gesture implying or implicating himself as the person he is referring to in his questions.] Who was the only one that caught that this was supposed to be for our JV and actually created a new business name? Who is the only one that actually had a P.S. with an up sell? Who’s the only one that had a support desk URL?

JOEL: And that’s why today’s HackerSafe Immunity goes to Alisande.

Congratulations. Come on up.

[Alisande receives Immunity shirt from heather]

JOEL: Alisande, you had it all in there. You were grateful that they were a customer, you answered all their questions completely, you told them about how to get a refund on their product, professionally written, professionally formatted… I’d be very proud to have you come help for my Help Desk. You are now immune for the rest of the day. Congratulations!

ALISANDE: [Commentary] It is a relief to know that I’m safe today. I think that even if I didn’t win this HackerSafe, I feel pretty confident that, you know, as long as I perform well, that I would probably do really well. So what I want to do now just be best in whatever I can for my team and help us win whatever we win.

BIGJASON: [Commentary] So do you see what I’m saying? Game on. Let’s get on to the next one.


JOEL: Our next speaker is one of the most leading experts in information products. We’re incredibly privileged to have him here on this stage today. He’s going to teach you some incredible things about info product creation. Make sure you take great notes.

Would you please help me welcome to The Next Internet Millionaire stage the energetic, the brilliant, the flamboyant Mr. Marlon Sanders!


MARLON: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome – to – Ninja Training! In the next two hours, you come here as average, ordinary marketers. And through out, you will leave this room certified ninjas! Are you ready to rock!?

PLAYERS: Sir, yes, sir!

MARLON: Are you ready to roll!?

PLAYERS: Yes! Sir, yes, sir!

MARLON: Are the ninjas ready?!

PLAYERS: Sir, yes, sir!

MARLON: Great.

JAIME: [Commentary] Marlon’s a character. I like him. It kept me awake, it was over the top, and he makes over-the-top work.

MARLON: You will not hear anything more profound than what I’m gonna tell you… right now. And it is this: How much money you make five years from now is not gonna depend on how well you learn your lessons here, unfortunately. It’s not gonna depend on how many partnership opportunities. It’s not gonna depend on how many ebooks you read. It’s not gonna even depend on how many products you create. None of that determines how much money you’re gonna be earning five years from now. There’s only one thing that really determines that. And that single factor is – your ability to confront.

There’s one reason some people make it in this business and some people don’t – it’s your ability to confront. See, you got to confront some technical things you’re not going to be comfortable with and if that causes you pain, if you don’t want to confront that pain, if you don’t want to deal with the hassle and you don’t want to deal with that side of the business, you’re not gonna make it. Or if you don’t want to have the guts to pay a little money in outsourcing and go through the trouble and time to outsourcing to somebody that may or may not do a good job, you ain’t gonna make it in this business. If you don’t want to confront creating a product when you’re not the absolute master of that product, you won’t make it in this business. See, you got to confront some things you’re not comfortable with. And that ladies and gentlemen, is why we’re getting ready to go into the ninja training.

CHRISTINE: [Commentary] Today was not the first time I heard Marlon Sanders speak and I was really excited to hear him again. He is just out wild but very, very knowledgeable. He’s a brilliant man and I learned some new things about Marketing, a new way of looking at things, and certainly, things that I’m gonna use again in the future.

MARLON: [Back to lecture] You’re gonna leave out of here being able to put together all those products and being able to put together those ideas and being able to make this happen in a way that you never would have been able before, if you learn just these three simple things: Offensive, Flanking, and Gorilla – these are three things you got to know.

Part One is the Offense: Ninja who attack the leader’s strength commit suicide.

You do not attack a competitor’s strength. Master ninja says, “Attack the weakness in the leader’s strength.” You’ve got to remember this. Attack the weakness; every strength has an accompanying weakness.

Why do you attack the weakness in a strength first than just any weakness? Does anyone care to hazard a guess at that, anyone?

THOR: If you’re able to attack the strength and destroy the strength, you destroy your competitor’s advantage.

[Commentary] Marlon is fabulous! I have never heard such a charismatic speaker that can grab your attention and hold on to it, and entertain through multiple personas… I mean, this guy – this guy is good! And I’m not – I wouldn’t want to be the guy following him, let’s put it that way. I don’t want to be the guy that speaks after Marlon, that’s not good.

MARLON: Now you all might just have to be doing this here in a minute, so if you’ve got some questions here in a second, we’re gonna take questions. Then you better answer and ask them because otherwise, you’re going to get kicked out of the program!


JOEL: Before we get started, Laura, we’re going to give you fifteen seconds to decide which team you would like to join.

LAURA: I want to go back to my original team.

JOEL: So you are back with Kiss now. And also, we’ll need to choose team leaders. Both teams, please confer…

Very good. Thor is the Team Leader for Bullseye. Jason, BigJason is the Team Leader for Kiss.

Here’s what’s gonna happen guys. You’re gonna prepare a marketing plan which will be presented to the entire group. You will choose a specific market and a product to sell to that market. You’ll present three short summaries of possible marketing strategies. You will choose one of those three as your main strategy then you will create four PowerPoint slides based on Marlon’s acronym: NABC. At the end, there will be a question and answer period where the opposing team will try to punch holes in your concept. The winning team will be joining myself and Marlon at one of the finest restaurants in Fort Collins. The other team will be meeting me in the Judgment Room tonight. You got two hours, get to your workstations, and your time begins… now!

[Bullseye group discussion]

THOR: Okay, so we have to find a need first before we find a product, there has to be a need.

NICO: What if we use something that we can use up there [24:11] as bottled water? It will only last because the water absorbs the chemicals of the plastic and the plastic absorbs the water…

THOR: So is the emphasis on the bottle or the water?

NICO: [Hidden from camera] No, it’s both. The water is a special type of water. It’s not your city water that goes through a processing plant that fills and puts it in a bottle.

MARLON: Guys, you got to focus this. Your – your – I’m unclear if this is about… what the Flanking move is? You’ve got to zero in on what’s the Flanking move and how are we gonna sell it.

THOR: [Commentary] This time around, we came up with a great product but literally, the entire thing came together in the last fifteen minutes. And I had absolutely no time to even read what I was going to be presenting. Charles was nervous about what he was presenting and, you know, Nico was going off in fifty directions so we weren’t even sure what Nico was gonna say.

CHARLES: The real angle is the glass bottle…

MARLON: One thing you might think about is there’s been a lot of really negative publicity recently about all the plastic bottles and how horrible for the environment they are.

NICO: Exactly. The plastic bottles leach chemicals out of the plastic to the water…

THOR: So I don’t now if we can use that particular benefit to ‘Flanking’ but…

NICO: Well, the difference we would put into this is we’re not just using any water. We’re using a special water from a special source…

THOR: Special source.

MARLON: If you could really hustle, you could crush the other team by applying it… coming up with a little logo, coming up with your slogan—

CHARLES: The design of the bottle itself could be a selling point.

THOR: I think like what Nico said, you know, you’re not just gonna walk into your local 7-11 and pick up a bottle of this water.

[Commentary] I was the Team Leader on this challenge and I don’t feel I gave the kind of performance that Joel is expecting out of a JV partner. I don’t think I did this time, I really let myself down.

NICO: We’re looking at a niche market like spas which are—

THOR: Or high-end restaurants, maybe?

MARLON: A very famous restaurant, like in LA, decided to stop selling bottled water to their customers – very foo-foo, famous restaurant, because it was so bad for the environment. So that would mean nobody’s delivering bottled water in a glass container to high-end restaurants currently.

Your time is running short guys… [leaves to join Kiss Team discussion]

[KISS team discussion]

MARLON: Lots of product category you can think of where there are still new innovations being made and tons of money are being made.

KISS: Phones…

Music Videos or videos…

MARLON? Music videos? Okay. Out of phones, music and videos, would you like to try to attack one of those – it would be either an Offensive, Flanking, or possibly Gorilla move?

JAIME: There’s a little lot of thing out there, like equipment to do your really basic webcam video but to put together… more of a complex video… like how to edit videos, that kind of thing, how to market yourself using video how to—

BIGJASON: Okay, there’s a phone that I think, if post directly leads to MySpace or something like that or one of those social numbers….. What about um, a phone that you can just update a post directly to YouTube and then…

JOEL: My Treo does that.

BIGJASON: Does it?

MARLON: It’s the same benefit as everybody else’s got, why buy it? Give me some unique benefits. You can be damn well ready to defend it against the piranhas when they attack you.

BIGJASON: The need is – easier and better way to post video to You Tube; and the solution, obviously, is – a better phone.

JAIME: Can you tell me how many videos are posted on YouTube a day?

BIGJASON: Yes, that’s s good research…

Here Alisande, here’s this [hands her some papers]. You can have that referenced. You can maybe… you can start you know …

ALISANDE: I’m starting… I have a bullet… I have uhm, a slide for each—

[Commentary] I couldn’t actually hear well. I was working on my part. I was doing the part – I guess the techie, in a way – I could hear the advice of Joel and Marlon and Heather, you know, they were, you know, adding some tips here and there and we were all so disconnected that we’re so busy trying to figure out what our roles were in the task that we couldn’t really focus on what they were saying, ‘cause you can’t focus on the advice someone’s giving when you don’t even know the heck you’re doing.

BIGJASON: We just discovered that Joel actually just took the video from his phone and then put it to his computer then put it to YouTube—

MARLON: Ohhhhhhh…

BIGJASON: …so it might be a Blue Ocean.

ALISANDE: ‘cause we’re thinking something that you can push right on the phone and—

MARLON: Wow. Yes, that would be Blue Ocean.

JASONM: Right now we have nine thousand three hundred and five years it would take in order to watch all the YouTube video footage…

MARLON: By the way, why don’t you do the research? [points to Alisande]

Or are you going to do the research? [points to JasonM who shakes his head] No? You suck.

[Laura raises her hand] Are you going to research?

LAURA: I’m really gonna research.

MARLON: Okay. Well you do the research and find out if there’s any other phones…

[Group mates start discussing among themselves; lots of crosstalk]

ALISANDE: Marlon was saying, you know, we got to figure out what—

[Commentary] –we were all kind of scattered and I didn’t think any one of us four was particularly the downfall of the group, like, “Oh, it’s your fault that you didn’t do your job well.” We all simply weren’t, you know, guided in a way and that’s—

[Back to group discussion] Is anybody listening to me? Hello! Yes… [trying to catch people’s attention]

LAURA: [Commentary] Right now, I feel like my toughest competition, female-wise, would be Alisande because she’s very strong-minded and she has – she’s very goal-oriented and she knows she wants to win this. She really does want to win this and I can tell and she’s going to keep putting her ideas out there and make sure that they’re heard.

JAIME: [Commentary] If I was going to pick somebody on my team right now who might drag us down, it might be Alisande. It might seem like a surprising choice because she is a strong person but I think that might be her downfall. She’s very strong, she’s very opinionated and she likes to have her opinions known and so sometimes, she can keep going and going and going.

ALISANDE: So I want to start working on a concept why we think this is gong to be a cool thing to for people to get…

JAIME: That would be phone companies because phones can—

JASONM: What do you mean… phone manufacturer? Like as in LG, Samsung? Or isn’t that what you [addressing someone not captured by video – not a Kiss team member] were saying?

JAIME: Yeah, that would be for offensive.

JASONM: Motorola? Those are our competitors…

JAIME: Those are our competitors for the one, but for the ‘Flank’, then our competitors are those who have a service like us…

JASONM: [Commentary] We knew right from the beginning we weren’t mulched in. We were not ready; we are not prepared. We’re – all they have to do is have a decent presentation and they’re gonna blow us away. It was tough going into that competition knowing that.

Presentation – Execution Challenge

[Team Kiss presentation]
JOEL: Team Kiss, are you ready to begin?

BIGJASON: Yes, sir.

Our market that we’re going after is YouTube. Video is very important to them. We want to build an easier, cheaper… and the way that we’re gonna do that is with… [takes something out of his pocket] a new cell phone – anytime, anywhere, any place, they can post it to YouTube with their phone.

JASONM: We’ve got to crush our competitors. We’re gonna create flanking by coming around and hitting them with a lower price.

ALISANDE: [Commentary] I would have to say that my toughest competitor is Jason Marshall.

LAURA: [Commentary] I’d say the toughest would probably be… still Jason Marshall, just because he’s got the great speaking skills and he can ad lib really well…

ALISANDE: [Commentary] And I tell you what, right from the beginning he’s always been a very, very solid presenter.

JASONM: [Commentary] I’m branded. I’m branded as the one that can do just about anything we’ve been asked to do. Every time we go do something, “Oh, is there anything else you can’t do?” So I’m tagged and whether or not the strategy is to take me out because I am strong or keep me around to, you know, help their team win. I don’t mind strategy as long as the deception doesn’t foul up…

[Back to presentation] YouTube is gonna be the creator of this phone. This is gonna be a product that is gonna be sent – YouTube is gonna be the manufacturer of this…

CHARLES: [Commentary] As soon as I saw that they were doing something with YouTube, I knew I had to rip them apart. And I kind of looked at them when they got up there, trying to make eye-contact with everybody, and kind of did one of those, like, “Don’t do it! Don’t do it!” [makes a flipping gesture with his hand on his neck] and I kind of felt like a jerk but, I mean, they were saying some things that I didn’t think were very good or valid.

JASONM: We’re gonna hit an age – the young, high school age that everyone of them has a cell phone.

BIGJASON: This YouTube phone will come with a service built-in so all you have is—

JOEL: Time!

Please step forward.

THOR: [Commentary] It was just asinine for them to pick YouTube as a product when we had Charles Trippy sitting on our team. I mean, literally, I was typing a note to Charles, like, “Isn’t there something already for that?” And he just waved me off. He was like, “I got it.”

JOEL: Bullseye group, you may now please interrogate your competition.

CHARLES: If you look in the options of YouTube, you can set-up a mobile device. I can take this cell phone I have right here and I would just type a text message and it will upload directly to my account. You could use any cell phone already on YouTube as it is.

JASNH: Right. Does it allow you to text message to go to the title and description on YouTube?

CHARLES: So you will have an all new phone just to be able to type this—

THOR: [Commentary] They weren’t able to come back with anything. We kept hammering and hammering ‘em, they couldn’t come back. We tried to hammer the people that were weakest. We tried to direct questions to individuals we believe couldn’t answer them. I directed that question directly at Big Jason, “So Big Jason, you gave a stat. What about it?” and he couldn’t answer the question.

JOEL: So you really don’t know how much it will cost to manufacture a phone like that so it’s purely hypothetical.

MARLON: I didn’t hear it! You’re a ninja! You attack! You don’t sit up there going, “Well… (inaudible language)

JOEL: I have a question for you guys. Has anybody here heard of LG Electronics?

LG is one of the largest electronics manufacturers in the world. LG is going to develop a YouTube phone. I can’t believe you guys did not google to see if any of the big competitors… I mean this kind of takes the whole Flanking approach – it’s decimated.

[Bullseye presentation]
JOEL: Bullseye group, you now have ten minutes to do your presentation. You may begin… now.

THOR: We all need water. Some people will drink a brand water, other people prefer something a little more high-end. And some of these higher-end establishments are not serving bottled water anymore and the individual, or the group, or the company that finds a way to develop a product that’s going to target that problem and solve that problem is gonna sell a lot of high-end bottled water.

CHARLES: Basically, the high-end restaurants are seizing the service of bottled water because of these toxins, and everything this bottle is made of is environmentally friendly. The bottle will be clearly made of glass, lean, and all, it will be a nice, sexy bottle – you know, like the nice 36-24-36 you know. You’re not gonna drop it. These bottles don’t fall.

NICO: There’s a giant that stands five thousand feet tall overlooking the rainforest canopy below. Her name is Bocanerunam. It is comprised of as the name states of Arenocin so basically, what we have here is a five thousand foot water-filter. Now can you imagine a better place to get pure, natural spring water?

JOEL: Bullseye group, please come forward. The opposing team will now have ten minutes to shoot holes in your presentation.

JAIME: Now why would you only target the restaurants? Why won’t you target all the people who carry water around, all the people who have water at their desks, all the people who could potentially use your product?

THOR: Because that’s not the target market for our product.

HEATHER: I thought it was a great presentation. I loved the PowerPoint. I love the way you guys put it together.

MARLON: Marketing is not uhm, ‘love thy neighbor’, you know. I mean, we’re really gonna love thy neighbor but in Marketing, it’s aggression and there was some aggression here but, come on! Think! Think! Think!

JOEL: In meeting the goals and objectives of this particular task, in the minds of all the judges, there was one clear winner that managed to do it over all the others. And that team is the Bullseye group.


JAIME: [Commentary] It’s really not fun sitting at the Judgment table – you have the three judges staring at you; they have water, we don’t have water. And… they just stare and then they’re serious and, you know, they do go on and criticize every member of the team and you don’t know exactly what’s gonna happen.

ALISANDE: [Commentary] I don’t care who gets eliminated! The fact is our team lost, that annoys me! Why again?! It’s like, “I don’t want to be here!”


JOEL: Team Kiss. I’m sorry to see you here in this Judgment Room today but as you see, as far as the competition Laura, you’re here at this table…

[inaudible; continues to speak to the Kiss group but ended with a question] –that did not find… [referring to a key piece of research information they weren’t able to find]


LAURA: There was actually three of us. I start of doing the research on different things and then we start just trying to like, delegate different responsibilities to everyone else in the research and—

JAIME: Well it kept getting shuffled around. Originally, they said please look for this and then they said, “Ok, I need you to do uhm, name and logo, you should do that, you’re more graphics,” and then I said, “Okay.” I worked on that and then I was given the statistics.

JOEL: Jason, you were the Team Leader.


JOEL: What happened to the focus? Why weren’t people encouraged to stay in a certain task and see it through to the end?

BIGJASON: I was encouraging everyone to stick to what they were doing. Alisande – Powerpoint; Jaime, initially, the graphics and the research on the Treo.

MARLON: You know, they had a great idea Joel, [addressing Joel] because, as a matter of fact, a really big company is doing the idea. The other team, nobody’s coming out with Costa Rican water any day soon. They [referring to Kiss] had the winning idea, they had the winning hand. The fatal flaw of the plan was not finding L&G [referring to LG Electronics]. How many seconds did it take you to find upstairs?

JOEL: Fifteen.

MARLON: Fifteen. So we had three people doing research for two hours total and we couldn’t find what Joel found in fifteen seconds.

HEATHER: Jason [referring to Big Jason], why did you pick a product that none of you know anything about?

BIGJASON: Because we finally had a task where we had someone with familiarity. Have you seen—

HEATHER: With cell phones?

BIGJASON: No. The alternate.

HEATHER: Someone on your team had—

BIGJASON: That was the alternate.

HEATHER: Someone on your team knows about YouTube?

LAURA: No, we had a different product.

HEATHER: So what happened?

BIGJASON: It was gonna be a posture product because I have a background in that.

MARLON: The instructions were to choose a target market, then choose your strategy and come up with a product based on the strategy. What he [referring to Big Jason] was recommending was taking a product and then trying to create a strategy and then defend it starting with the product. That was not the assignment.

JOEL: You were moving backwards. Big Jason, you’re the Team Leader, who should take the bullet for this?

BIGJASON: Jaime and Jason [JasonM].

JOEL: Really? Why Jason Marshall?

BIGJASON: No particular reason. I’m not singling anybody out. I just have to pick.

JOEL: I think you should take the bullet. One person should take the bullet. You’ve named both of them, you know, why pick on Jason and Jaime? Obviously, Alisande’s not touchable. What about Laura? What about yourself?

BIGJASON: All the contradictory information that we got. We have the whole thing, we were all going on notions and we were all wrong. We had no idea, we kept on fighting so it just turned everything around, so I can’t point at anybody and say, you know, “It’s your fault. You screwed up the worst,” you know, “You need to go.”

MARLON: Second fatal flaw was deciding to pitch a product of which an expert in that product, was on the other team; really, really, really bad idea.

HEATHER: That should have been the first thought: “Oh, Charles is on the other team.”

MARLON: He killed you.

JAIME: We also shouldn’t have let him kill us. I mean, their product, their bottles of water, glass bottles shaped like that, you know, we shouldn’t have let, in our presentation, we should have stood up for our product because even though you could key in, it’s not the same thing as what we were describing—

MARLON: You didn’t stop L&G [LG Electronics]…

JAIME: So we should have stood up there and said, “You know what, yes! Yes they have that but it’s not the same product.”

HEATHER: There was no cohesiveness between what you, and you, and you, and you, and you were doing. [Referring to each Kiss member]

MARLON: And I don’t understand that Heather, why was that? I don’t understand that lack of cohesiveness?

HEATHER: Well I think ‘cause the leader didn’t bring it together and say that this is what we’re doing.

BIGJASON: Exactly, that’s what I’m trying to explain. We had a path, I had the time laid-out, I had everybody assigned to everything…

JOEL: The best-laid plan.

BIGJASON: That’s right.

JOEL: Jason [addressing JasonM], who should take the bullet for today?

JASONM: For tonight I have to say Jason Henderson based on the leadership of it. I would have followed him be wherever – be it with the posture thing – I would have gone that way.

JOEL: I think your presentation tonight was, you know, from yesterday has ratcheted up a little bit. You’re a little more confident.

Laura, who should take the bullet?

LAURA: I would say Jason [Henderson] just because of the leadership and he did have a lot of good ideas and everything and maybe we should have gone with the posture, but in the end we were just so far everywhere. It was just so…

JOEL: –not put together.

LAURA: Right. From one task to the next, it was just… I had no idea what’s going on.

JOEL: Alisande, you’re untouchable tonight. Tell me, where do you think the responsibility for this task should lie?

ALISANDE: I felt totally disconnected from the whole entire group and then at last, when we had to do the presentation, I just had to—

JOEL: A name please.

ALISANDE: Anyways, just because of the leadership, I would have to say Jason Henderson.

JOEL: They’re coming up with you [addressing Big Jason] again and again.


JOEL: Jaime?

JAIME: I think I feel the same way as my team mates. We needed a time line and somebody to be saying, “This is where we need to be here, this is where we need to be here, we should be at this point.” “What do we have?” “What are we looking for?” And I felt that we were scattered probably most because of leadership. So I guess I will also have to say, Jason Henderson.

JOEL: Okay.

Jason, [addressing JasonM] I know Big Jason named you and honestly, we didn’t see much out of you. You did your part in the presentation and you’re probably a little out of your elements on this task but you did come up with a key piece of data that salvaged the critique somewhat, and that was the information on Verizon-telly service.

And Jaime, you did as you were told and the direction was a little unclear. I think you guys were unsure of who was doing what and maybe the team could have helped, in general, to bring that focus back but I really enjoyed seeing you ratchet up your presentation on stage. I’m starting to see you shine there as you get more comfortable and that tells me that there’s potential there for partnership.

BigJ, Laura… back and forth, BigJ, Laura: both very bright, both youthful, both have lots of potential, both with big dreams… but this is a game and somebody’s got to go. [Heaves a sigh]

Laura, you barely stayed by us because that whole Sandbox thing was an utter disaster…

Jason… [addressing BigJ] [inaudible] –I have yet to see the potential there. And because of that, I’m sorry to tell you you’ve been eliminated from the competition.

BIGJASON: Yes, sir.

JOEL: You have your eCOMMerce chips that you –[barely audible]—here. You now have the opportunity to keep them all or to give your eCOMMerce chips to whomever you choose, either at this table or in the other team.

BIGJASON: I’ll give them to Laura.

JOEL: [Barely audible but commented about Laura receiving Big Jason’s chips.]

LAURA: Watch out.

JOEL: Thanks, guys… [Barely audible but seems to dismiss the players from the table]

ALISANDE: I’ve been frustrated with working with Jason Henderson but I’ve never enjoyed seeing anybody go home.

BIGJASON: I think it’s just part of the game. I had a feeling eventually it was gonna be me.

NICO: Jason Henderson’s been alienating himself since the time we got here and, you know, that is kind of the general consensus with everybody and that was pretty much well-known.

BIGJASON: I was the only one with a lot of really good skills and it was just really imbalanced so I did the game to target, you know, different types of people.

CHRISTINE: Jason doesn’t really go out of his way to make friends. He seems to be very self-serving and he’ll be friendly when he sees how it might benefit him.

BIGJASON: I’ve got a speaking engagement coming up and I’ve got about five joint ventures all waiting for me to get back to ‘em…

JASONM: He’s kinda excluded himself. We sit down to eat, he’s in a different table; whenever you’re talking, he’s gone off by himself. He was nice to me at times – I want to say he’s a nice person, but I kinda looked right through it and thought he was being very fake in the way of being nice to me.

BIGJASON: I’ve had phone calls and emails I haven’t been able to respond to while on the show so I’m just gonna get back to what I was doing before.

THOR: Boy, you know, sometimes you’re really rude to people like this morning, when you just trashed that poor lady at the front desk by not having your dry-cleaning done on time. That stuff’s not cool man, don’t do that.

BIGJASON: You know, some of the things are not my strengths and some of the things are not geared to a lot of people’s strengths so, you know, some people react better to certain situations than others and ah, you know, I don’t react to certain situations in the right way or the best way so…

JAIME: I wasn’t very sad to see Jason Henderson go.

CHRISTINE: I’m glad to see Jason Henderson got sent home.

LAURA: I felt bad for Jason and everything ‘cause I really like him and I didn’t want to see him leave.

BIGJASON: Uhm… yeah, I could say I’m set.

[Dinner with winning team]

NICO: [Commentary, but only his voice is heard] We are all in The Melting Pot here in Colorado and Joel Comm is taking us out to dinner…

THOR: I’ll try something new today. It wouldn’t be the first time…

[Christine laughs]

NICO: [Commentary] We had worms for breakfast and fondue for dinner.

JOEL: Alright, a toast to today’s victor – Team Bullseye [everyone toasts and clinks their wine glasses]. Tomorrow is another day. Cheers.


[End Credits]

JASONM: [Voice-only Commentary] Sometimes you’re forced to do something that you don’t want to do but you got to do anyway. You got to take some risks, you’ve got to take some challenges and recognize when you are weak; and when you recognize that weakness, work with it and try to overcome it.

JAIME: [Commentary] I hope it’s not a bowl of cockroaches tomorrow… ‘coz I’ll leave the room.

[Some scenes from the next episode are shown]

[Few Words from Joel Comm]
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