Next Internet Millionaire Episode 3 is Now Available!

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  • Written on: September 7th, 2007

Just in case you have not had a chance to watch it yet, the third episode of the Next Internet Millionaire is now available. IN this episode my team was tasked with putting together a marketing plan to move a $500,000 home that had been stagnant for 18 months in a mere 30 days.

Thanks to a great idea from Christine and some quick thinking from Nico, we had a home run of a plan. I spent extra time that day talking with the current home owners about their experiences and memories in the home.

When it was time to present our plan, I assumed the role gladly. Some of the stories the home owner told brought me to tears because they were the kind of loving things my wife and I would do for each other.

While I was presenting the plan to move the house, I actually had the home owner crying as she relived all of the memories her family had in the home. I got a little choked up too.

At any rate, a lot of that was left on the editing room floor, but the general gist came through and it was an awesome day for me and for my team!

Watch the show when you have a chance, or read the transcript below!

Episode 3

HOST: Joel Comm
HEATHER: Co-host

JEFF: Jeff Walker –
WYNN: Wynn Washle –

CYNDI: Mrs. Cyndi Corvette
BILL: Mr. Bill Corvette


LAURA: Laura Martin
JASONM: Jason Marshall
JAIME: Jaime Luchuck
NICO: Nico Pisani
ALISANDE: Alisande Chan
JASONH: Jason Henderson
THOR: Thor Schrock
CARLY: Carly Taylor
STEVE: Steve Schuitt
DEBBIE: Debbie Ducic
CHARLES: Charles Trippy
CHRISTINE: Christine Schaap

NARRATOR: Previously on the Next Internet Millionaire.

JOEL: Again, we’ll start the day with our HackerSafe Immunity Challenge.

NARRATOR: The task of creating a blog proved to be more difficult for some than others but there was one who stood out above the rest.

JOEL: Our HackerSafe Immunity Challenge was won today by Mr. Charles Trippy.


NARRATOR: After that, it was time to learn about “Branding” from internet marketing expert, Armand Morin.

ARMAND: What’s the first thing that you see on Google?

The logo.

Okay. If you go to eBay, on the upper left-hand corner, what’s the first thing you see?

eBay… which is the what? The logo.

If you go to Amazon, on the upper left-hand corner, what do you see?

The logo.

NARRATOR: Armed with their new-found knowledge, our contestants went to work designing a new logo for The Next Internet Millionaire. While both teams put forward a good effort, one logo was clearly the winner.

JOEL: And that’s why ultimately the winner of this challenge is the Bullseye group.

NARRATOR: In the Judgment Room, Laura and Steve joined Debbie and Carly in the Sandbox where they would await their time to prove themselves worthy of re-entering the competition.

Stay tuned to find out if they’ll seize the opportunity or if they’ll continue their downward spiral toward elimination from The Next Internet Millionaire.

[Theme song of show plays; credits and names of contestants are introduced]

Day Three – Loveland, Colorado

NICO: [Commentary] Only the third day in and it feels like three weeks and we’ve been going fourteen hours a day. We got home from the set at 3 o’clock in the morning and we slept for four hours… do I look like I slept for four hours? I’m back. So, I’ve got a little bit of the shakes today… so this is quite an experience… just like bootcamp!

JOEL: We started the day with an Immunity Challenge that would test the contestants’ ability to read their competition.

HackerSafe Immunity Challenge – Poker

ALISANDE: [Commentary] When I saw that poker table… I don’t want to get my hopes up, I was pretty excited. That’s just – that’s really my game.

JOEL: Good morning contestants!

CONTESTANTS: Good morning!

JOEL: How is everybody feeling?


JOEL: Is it game on?



JOEL: Today’s task is gonna test your ability to manage risk. It’s very important in any business to know your opponents, to read them, to determine what their next move is…

JASONM: [Commentary] I’ve never really played poker. I’ve only watched it a couple of times on tv with a friend or something, maybe played once or twice, and that was it. And it was – we didn’t even play for money. It was just because it’s a game.

JOEL: [Back to the game] With that said, let’s play cards.

[Game 1: All players]

ALISANDE: [Commentary] The challenge of playing poker especially with people who aren’t familiar with playing poker is you have to not be so aggressive because they don’t know what they’re playing. Um, they’ll bet on anything so they just might hit your card.

JOEL: Alisande was the first to fold followed y Nico with many of the contenders playing poker for the first time. It would be interesting to see how it would turn out.

[Game: Christine, JasonH, JasonM, Charles, Jaime, Thor]

The flop provided Christine with a pair of Jacks but no help at all for the other four contestants.

Both Charles and Jaime folded, with Thor on the fence for a moment before joining them.

[Game: Between Christine and JasonH]

The turn proved to be no help for Christine or Big Jason.

DEALER: [To Christine] You either call the 3 (of Diamonds), raise, or fold.

[Christine calls it]

JOEL: And with that, the river card was a ten of spades. If Christine stayed in, she would win the hand.

[Christine calls and wins]

NICO: Good job Christine.

CHRISTINE: I like poker.

[Everyone laughs]

[Game 2: All players]

[Nico folds]

JOEL: Ooh. Jason Marshall is going all in.

CHARLES: Yeah, I’m not gonna do it.

[Charles folds]

ALISANDE: [Commentary] So my strategy, because I was playing with a table full of people who did not, sort of, play poker all the time, was to not be aggressive and sort of just see what happened with your hand…

[Thor and Big Jason folds during Alisande’s commentary]

[Alisande folds]

[Game: Jason M, Jaime, and Christine]


JOEL: In one fill swoop, Jason Marshall took the lead as Big Jason, Christine, and Jaime were dismissed from the table.

[Game 3: Nico, Alisande, JasonM, Charles, Thor]

ALISANDE: [Commentary] When you plan a river basis, you’re trying to read other people. And if it’s a more experienced player, you can rely more on their consistency of their betting, like they bet for a reason, they raise for a reason, they check or fold.

[Back to the game]
Nico: Let’s go all in.

JOEL: Jason Marshall’s big gamble paid off but would his luck hold up?

[Alisande folds]

Nico moved all in with a solid hand.

Thor went all in, and with very little to lose, was followed by Jason.

And while uncertain at first, Charles showed he was willing to risk all of his chips.

ALISANDE: [Commentary] You cannot bluff at all when playing against people who aren’t sure what they’re playing with because they will not be intimidated by you betting big. They will simply ‘call’ you and so if you don’t have any good hand, it wouldn’t be a wise decision…

[Charles and Thor were dismissed during commentary]

[Nico, JasonM and Alisande]

So I thought I played well because my decision was to just play tighter, more conservative, and if you get the good hand, I’ll just push.

[JasonM folds during commentary]

[Game between Nico and Alisande]

JOEL: With that, Alisande decided it was time to make her move.

[Once cards were dealt, with Alisande waiting for a six of diamonds, and the six shows up… triumphant jubilation occurs; Nico and Alisande give each other a hug]

[Alisande shouts for joy; Alisande wins the round]

[Game 4: Nico, Alisande, JasonM]

ALISANDE: I felt so totally confident. Like, I had no reservations, no fear, no nothing… I mean that’s my game; that’s what I play; that’s my passion. So I was totally comfortable and just very excited.

JASONM: [Commentary] During the game I ended up being the chip leader – massively, the chip leader. Nico and Alisande worked their way back and we were the last three left. All I had to do was just fold and walk away. Of course both of them went all in, I thought, “Well, there’s no way, with the amount of chips that I had, that I could possibly lose.”

[Back to the game – Nico wins the hand]

[Commentary] It came down to the last card and then when they calculated the chips, ‘coz I didn’t realize how much Alisande had because I wasn’t looking at her, and all hers went to Nico so he ended up winning the thing and I took second.

JOEL: [to Nico] Congratulations.

Jason, you let down your guard. You had this game and you lost sight of it and because of that, the winner of this Immunity Challenge is Nico.

NICO: [Commentary] I felt bad for Jason but he’s a great sport. All he had to do was fold in the last game and he would’ve won the table but he was trying to make it exciting… and he did. That made it more exciting for me.

JOEL: We present you with the HackerSafe Immunity shirt which you may put on and wear for the rest of the day. You are immune and cannot be eliminated from the competition today. Congratulations.

And… you’ll also take the entire pot – 8 eCOMMerce chips. Let’s hear it for Nico!

[-“Whoo!” Applause]

ALISANDE: [Commentary] I think I might have been first if Nico had not rivered me… but I’m happy that he got it and it was a fair game and I just had fun playing it…

NICO: [Commentary] Alisande was good. She almost took me out a couple of times and we had a lot of fun…

–now that we’ve played Texas hold’em today because we won the HackerSafe Immunity. Look, [approaches camera and shows his shirt logo] Hacker…Safe.

What that means is I can learn today and enjoy the day and compete but… I’ll be here tomorrow, definitely.

JASONM: [Commentary] You’ve got to learn from your mistakes; it’s game time now. I’ve already debriefed myself so I can’t let that eat me up. And I need to go forward in the next challenge and I lost my immunity today but it only just makes me work much harder at the challenge today… so bring it on.

JOEL: After the game, the contestants were prepared to go all in to discover the strategies of our Product Launch superstar.

We’re privileged to have with us today another superstar of internet marketing. He is responsible for orchestrating over $60 million dollars in product launches on the internet and you’re going to learn from him today some of the tricks, strategies and secrets of exactly how he does it. So please join me in welcoming to The Next Internet Millionaire platform, Mr. Jeff Walker.


JEFF: In talking about product launches, what’s a joint venture without a ‘Product Launch’? It’s a good idea that’s not executed, right? I mean, this is really – the reality is, when you do that joint venture, well, a joint venture is all about good people to take action, to move on that and it’s all about your promotion, and the best way to do that, in my opinion, a lot of people’s opinion, have made a lot of money is through a ‘product launch’.

Now frankly, I don’t often talk about launches in the internet marketing niche because a lot of people think that’s all this is for. I’ll give show you examples where it’s absolutely not.

And here’s a very critical thing to remember about product launches:

‘No Proof – No Launch.’

Got that? No proof – No Launch. There’s a lot of things we’re doing… in this process, in this launch process, but one of the things it does is it gives us a lot of opportunity to prove to people that whatever you’re selling them actually works.

NICO: [Commentary] I’ve learned so much in the last three days. I’ve been to marketing conferences before… you learn some but, you know, they give you a little bit and then it’s a pitch fast and then they want you to buy the product. Here, you get the meat of the product and then, you know, with our challenges, we’re actually getting a workshop and it’s just so much more effective.

JEFF: [Back to seminar] –think the ‘product launch’ is a big, you know – why would you do all that work just to make like one quick pile of money? Well, I tell you what, if you make a quick million bucks, it’s pretty cool! But, you know, the reality is, you got to be strategic and it goes way beyond that quick pop or…

Adsense templates… Joel ran a lot of people through AdSense templates – tons and tons of people bought their product.

-Well there’s a little checkbox there, right?

Okay, you just bought a whole bunch of templates. Do you want to keep on, get more templates, basically. At $100 a month? At a hundred bucks a month. Now I’m already – I have a habit of putting people on the spot, like when they ask me to come and speak but we’re not going to talk about his numbers. But a lot of people pay Joel a hundred bucks a month. I mean, do you know how fast that adds up? It’s like every 10 people… that’s another $1,000 a month you’re making.

You’re starting to see how this can go just beyond one big payday?

THOR: [Commentary] As Jeff was talking, they’re talking about the products that he has and what they do and the methodology he uses to put together a product launch, I mean, literally, when I get home, after this competition, after I win it, hopefully… I have a Product Launch to do and I thought I had it all planned out, it was going to go great, and I’m looking at all this stuff I know now, what I’m saying, this product launch, this Schrock Desk product launch is not going to be nearly what it could possibly be unless I implement this stuff.

Execution Challenge

JOEL: And it is time for our Execution Challenge of the day.

As you know, there are currently four people in the Sandbox: Debbie, Carly, Laura and Steve. All four of you are currently targeted for elimination. If you don’t win this task today, three of you are going home tonight. You are going to have one opportunity today to get back in the game and you are now a team. In fact, your name is the Sandbox team.

Bullseye group, you got one extra player. So Kiss, it is now your time to select who you would like to choose from the Bullseye group to join you so the teams will be even.

JASONH: Jason Marshall.

JOEL: Jason Marshall! Trading teams again…

JASONM: [Commentary] Kiss Team got to pull another person off of the Bullseye team, which was the new team that I was on, and they pulled me over so I was on the Kiss team again. I felt good because I’ve worked with that team before so we did kind of know each other. It was an ok move; I didn’t feel bad about it at all.

JOEL: Ok, it is time to choose Team Captains.

Sandbox Team, who’s your team leader?

[Steve raises his right hand]

Steve, you’re going to need a shovel because there’s an awful lot of digging that you’re going to need to do to get your team back out of the Sandbox.

Bullseye group? Christine is the Team Leader?

Kiss? Alisande.

Today’s Execution Challenge concentrates on real estate. And to help with this task today, I’ve invited my realtor to join us. His name is Wynn Washle, he is one of the top realtors in all of Colorado. He’s with the company called the Group Inc. They are a leader in this industry.

We’re gonna apply the Product Launch skills and theories that you learned today as we go on location to a home in Loveland that has been on the market for some time. You will then have to give a presentation of no more than ten minutes with a budget of $1,000 that will demonstrate your Product Launch strategy to get this house sold in thirty days… or less.

[Somewhere in Loveland]
Alright teams, we are on the location at the home – this is the home of Bill and Cyndi Corvette. You’ll have forty-five minutes. You may ask questions of myself, of Jeff Walker, of Heather Vale, or of Wynn Washle and we want you to put together a presentation that is going to help re-launch the sale of this home in thirty days or less.

Ok, no further questions. Your forty-five minutes begins now!

Bill and Cyndi’s home was an architectural masterpiece eager to find a new owner who would appreciate its unique beauty and artistry.

DEBBIE: [To Sandbox team] If they’ve tried showing everything online, as far as the house, what I suggest is that we create a suspense, a mystery about this house and promote it without showing one thing about it, and then when we launch it on the internet then we show what a gorgeous place it is… but not until then.

NICO: [To Mr. Wynn Washle] Can you think of reasons why haven’t they made an offer?

WYNN: Typically, it’s the floor plan, more than anything. And they love the location, it’s absolutely gorgeous and it’s unique. And people have to work harder to get their hands on something that’s unique.

JASONM [To Alisande and Jaime] You have to find all those people who are diffused but yet targeted to what this house has to offer.

ALISANDE: Exactly.

JASONM: Also in the design…

ALISANDE: Yup, exactly.

JASONM: So that’s where I was thinking, not even focus to on real estate niche.

ALISANDE: So basically, what you’re saying is that the target buyer list that we’re trying to find is not necessarily the type that’s looking for real estate but more what you’re saying – which maybe our target’s the outdoor…

JASONM: –or design.

JOEL: The home was truly unlike any I’d ever seen.

LAURA: [Surveying one of the rooms] Ok, this is cool but no wonder why it’s not selling – who wants a crooked bedroom without a wall?

CARLY: Do you think maybe we should ask the owners some more questions?

LAURA: No, I think we should totally leave them out of it.

ALISANDE: [Commentary] I’m not so sure about Laura… I mean, if it wasn’t for the fact that every single time she gets up on the stage she does better and better, I mean I could potentially see Joel saying, you know, “You can stay,” because each and every time she gets better. She’s more confident and she participates so… I could see them keeping her.

THOR: [Addressing Mr. & Mrs. Corvette] Do you guys do a lot of entertaining here? Do you have parties and people over?


THOR: What’s an average size gathering?

BILL: So we had a hundred and thirty people just wandering through—

CYNDI: Everywhere…

BILL: –throughout the day.

MALE: [To Bullseye Team] I had been here a couple of times as a guest and loved the house.

CARLY: [Commentary] With Christine the other day, she kind of took the credit for the headline of the copy which is actually mine, so I don’t know why I didn’t speak up because at the time I should’ve, so it made me watch out for Christine.

WYNN: [To Debbie] You know you can always ask questions about the number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms…

DEBBIE: Right.

WYNN: –but that doesn’t make a difference. I mean, people, about eighty percent of the purchase decision, I think is based of what we call the critical term “Wow.” Kind of what someone would feel when they walk in the house and they go “Wow, I can see myself living here.”

STEVE: [To Joel, with Sandbox Team] A good strategy for, like marketing, like building a story, kind of like gather little things here… since we need to really utilize what we learned today. I think that’d be really effective since, you know, people don’t like being sold to.

JOEL: [To camera/viewers] That’s good if they can tell the story and connect people emotionally with the home. People buy on emotion, right? It’s not always what they need but what they want. So it’s going to be interesting to see if the Sandbox Team can tell a story that is gonna pull people into purchasing this home.

LAURA: [To Carly, on the grounds outside] So who would want to live here and why?

CARLY: Well the whole like-paradise, live-your-dream, that kind of thing… because it’s like a dream setting, you know…

LAURA: But when you say paradise, don’t you like think of beaches and palm trees?

CARLY: We’re trying to sell it.

STEVE: [Addressing Laura & Carly, indoor] Does this remind you of paradise when you walk in?

CARLY: Yeah, I think we should go with the whole paradise thing.

STEVE: I just feel like I’m walking into a hotel.

JOEL: Did you guys see this? [To JasonM and Nico, pointing to a section somewhere inside the house because they were taking pictures.]

There’s a ladder and you can climb up the wall…

JASONH: Yeah, I saw it.

CHRISTINE: [To Thor and Charles] –the reason he bought the house, is he gonna guest here?


CHRISTINE: If it’s a friend of the owner and a guest…

THOR: You have to be here for a period of time to appreciate it…

If we can get all those people here and we can have a nice party that’s gonna be fun, there’s like door prizes and people can win this just for coming even if they don’t intend to buy the house but what’s gonna happen is if we can then redesign this marketing message and then re-launch the product with a new marketing message, those people will go out to their friends, and even if they aren’t in a mood—

CHARLES: If they aren’t looking to buy… they might know somebody who is.

JOEL: All right! You guys spent forty five minutes in this home. You’ve had an opportunity to speak with Bill and Cyndi, with Wynn, Jeff Walker, Heather Vale, and myself… are you ready to put together a presentation that is going to move this house in thirty days or less?



JOEL: Fantastic!

Cyndi, thank you so much for allowing us in. Bill, appreciate it.

Ok, we’re going to head back to the COMMplex and you’ll begin working.

THOR: [Commentary] We had a general idea when we left the house on what we wanted to do and when we kept trying to put it together in the van, but I’m kind of deaf in one ear so when I talk, I tend to talk a little louder than I probably should… so it was difficult for us to do any planning with the other teams right there with us in the van. So when we got back, it was just a matter of putting the pieces together and it gelled really quickly, really nicely, and everybody used their skills and contributed all at the same time.

[Bullseye group discussion]
NICO: In creating this art show, we invite the artists to come out and see the house…

CHRISTINE: No. We – we trade leads with the gallery owners because they’re the ones with the list… we need a list.

NICO: Timing here is very important. One of the biggest sculpture shows in the world is in August. So if we schedule the event shortly after that, besides the art galleries hitting their lists, we can be out in the public, with press releases at the show.

The location of the show is even real close to the house. It’s right on the other side of Lake Loveland, which is 5 miles from the house.

CHARLES: So the incentive would just be, you know, allowing them to have a venue… we’d be nice guys by giving them the house to use for the show…

NICO: Right.

THOR: Let’s use the access at our disposal. We got two thousand people just sitting in the park looking at artwork there, which is the exact kind of demographic we want to have that’s less than 5 miles from the house.

JASONM: [Commentary] In our group we were having some difficulty… it’s just totally cohering together with one another. We were all writing and then doing different tasks but the tasks weren’t coming together as a whole.

[Kiss group discussion]
So here’s a list of what we have: Bird watchers, wildlife… these are all the different niches of people–


JASONM: –that would, you know, that maybe from here or not from here in order to go out all out in our market.

[Commentary] Jaime, you know, I was trying to read to her and show her her part and where she was coming in… so I went right in, showed her… we were just – we weren’t communicating properly so I finally had to say, “Jus stop and listen to me.” The finally she stopped, came over, we got past the ordeal and we … she was able to see where her part came in.

[Back to discussion] The ultimate goal is finding out who would be interested in this stuff. We don’t want to sell this to somebody who hates wildlife, “Oh gosh, I hate animals! They’re so gross that’s why I like the big city.” So, you know, you don’t even want to bother with those people so let’s cut to the chase and find the people that would really be interested in this house.

ALISANDE: So the story to the local market is… the story is in the website, now we’re adding the video story?


ALISANDE: So that’s changing the rules there. We’re…

[Commentary] So during this entire last few days, I’ve been very frustrated with a particular member of our team, and that member is Jason Henderson. In our first task, he was suppose to get our landing page up and he blamed it on the new operating system on the laptop but I just – I’m not so sure about that, like, you know, “Can’t you sort of work around that?” If you just step up to the plate, will you not find a way?

Today, I delegated to him the task of taking the copy that Jaime and Jason wrote in bullet form and put it on the PowerPoint, and he kept asking me, you know, well, what exactly do I want on the title, this and that, and everybody has a job in the group. You need to use your own skills. I mean, if you don’t think that you’re there then you should speak up but you need to use your own skills and not ask so many questions about it cause they got other jobs that they’re doing as well. It just seems to me [shakes her head]… I’m not seeing the effort there.

JASONM: [Back to discussion] We will then begin building commitment with our list by sending out a free product… so that’s building commitment and reciprocity. They feel like, “Wow, they’re just giving me something for free?”


JASONM: So I need to put that…

[Sandbox discussion]
CARLY: [Commentary] Steve is good. I think he’s probably in a bit of hard situation being with three women.

STEVE: Let’s try to figure out like where do you want to hit the market?

LAURA: I thought we don’t want to do a target market…

STEVE: No target market at all?

LAURA: Uhum.

STEVE: I think we should just lay it out, you know, quick…

JEFF: I’m not a realtor so I’d ask Wynn about that but it sure looks a–

FEMALE: Oh, sorry.

JEFF: [Smiles] Yeah, that’s two times now.


I don’t know. Yah, I’d ask him. I would think you could call him ah… Steve…

LAURA: [Commentary] There was Wynn and I looked back over and there was Jeff and I was just like, “Wynn…” I was like… I said something. It was just like “so in real estate…” And he was, “Well I really don’t know much about real estate?” He’ll say, “I mainly focus on product launches.” And I was like, “Oh, you’re Jeff. Again.” And he was like, “Yah, for the second time.” And then it happened again so that was wonderful.

STEVE: [Back to discussion] So we start out talking with Wynn, are we open to talking about the house? Or kind of like…

DEBBIE: I think, do we want to just… presentation – trying to sell the idea so I think we – I mean, wouldn’t we start out talking about how we came up with the idea or whatever we need to say to sell it.

STEVE: To sell the house—

DEBBIE: No, not to sell the house…

STEVE: Oh, the idea. Ok.

DEBBIE: –to sell our campaign…

CARLY: [Talking to Laura while Steve and Debbie continue discussing in the background] I just mean in general, what am I writing about? And where is it going? Because I need to be sort of, be sure of exactly what I’m doing.

Do you see what I mean?

LAURA: Yeah, I just don’t think we have this mapped out too well right now…

CARLY: No, I know… I don’t mean that to you or anything–

LAURA: Oh I know.

CARLY: I just need to know because I don’t feel like I’m doing a lot. I don’t want to ruin it for you guys because—

STEVE: [Joins in] Oh you won’t ruin it.

LAURA: You won’t ruin it, but if you’re not comfortable then you don’t have to.

STEVE: So what are you most comfortable with? Because I think you’re the most uncomfortable right now, as far as—

DEBBIE: She doesn’t have to speak if she doesn’t want to.

STEVE: Oh you don’t have to? Ok. Would you be comfortable not speaking now but like, I don’t want that to be – like I want to utilize everybody because…

CARLY: Right. I don’t mind saying a small part… or something.

STEVE: Yeah. So on that board there [points to board], what do you see as far as, like, you can embellish on most effectively..


[Different scene]
STEVE: You don’t feel comfortable talking?

CARLY: Not at this stage because I haven’t got anything planned, and I don’t want to mess up for you guys. So I would rather not.

[Commentary] When you’re in a group, you have to go with the general group consensus and I’m not a very, sort of, strong leader so I’d rather sit back and watch and kind of get involved that way and take my part but that’s something I need to work on.

DEBBIE: So we start out with the price they have right now and we go up in increments of… what? $25,000…

LAURA: Everyone can vote it up instead of placing like a drop-dead bid on the very last day and that’s—[crosstalk] there are ways to do it.

STEVE: Yeah, let’s do it.

JASON: [Commentary] I think Laura may stay. I think Steve – it’s either between Laura or Steve that would stay… it’s between the two of them. I think the other two, Debbie and Carly, are definitely going.


JASONM: We’re gonna broaden and widen our marketing. Here’s how: we’re going to use online marketing in a way to provide and find niches that are in coincide with the features of the home, such as, just the outdoors – people who are interested in outdoors, people interested in like storm watching, people interested in hunting, fishing, most of all, in this neighborhood, the people that have been there other than that couple that has been there for thirty years or more.

Houses do not come up on that street all the time. As you can see again our focus is the story and connecting with them and allowing the prospects to see what they’re really… well, they’re not just getting a home, they’re getting an experience.

JOEL: Thank you Team Kiss. You may all step forward on the platform.

JEFF: The one thing I really didn’t hear is… I didn’t hear any real plan?

JOEL: [To Jeff] I got to: the product, the contest, videos, but it didn’t weave together…

JEFF: No cohesive plan.

WYNN: Jason, why – you said you’re willing to make an offer on the spot, the house is still available.

JASON: I already told them, I said if I win, you’ll have my offer…

JOEL: Thank you very much.

THOR: We have a problem. This problem is the house that’s been sitting on the market for eighteen months with no offers and we need to find the right target audience for this house and sell it. Architecturally, it’s extremely unique and we have to find an individual who will appreciate the uniqueness of those features. Why don’t we go after and try to find artists or people who appreciate art, or people who collect art. How do we find the list of such people? We’re going to have to go out and find somebody that already has a list. Galleries are loaded with art, they’re networked with artists. They have a list, not only of artists, but customers.

With that gentleman, we thank you for the time. I want to open it up to any questions, if you might have any, but thank you very much.

WYNN: Good ideas, great presentation…

JOEL: You guys really looked for a market that would appreciate this house…

JEFF: Thor, you’ve got some great natural charisma, you did a good job… a great, excellent job of presenting…

ALISANDE: [Commentary] Team Bullseye was really well-presented. I think if the owners implement their idea and they sell it, that’ll be totally awesome.

I can totally envision it. I think that’s the point of the presentation – to see how well you can deliver the idea and make it imaginable for people. I think they really got the ‘bullseye’ on that one.

DEBBIE: I apologize that this is probably the messiest plan you have ever seen in your life. This concept is hot, it’s gutsy, and it just might work.

We’re gonna give ‘em a little bit here and there, we’re going to give them a little picture here and there… we’re gonna just tease ‘em.

Right here [points to 21st day of 30-day plan], we start getting in real prospects. From the 22nd to the 29th, we are going to offer the house, each day, it’s gonna go up $25,000.

JOEL: [Scratches his head and bends his neck, sighs, then stands up and walks away] Give me a second.

[Returns] You’re all great people… you are. I like you all very much but this plan is an utter disaster! This is just a train-wreck of nearly biblical proportions.

DEBBIE: [Commentary] I have learned that I will never again say, “It might just work.” Even though Joel said it’s ok to say it sometimes, I guess I-I… it just slipped off the tongue and that was definitely one of the things that made Joel jump out of his chair…

JOEL: [Back to presentation judgment] Debbie, you kind of said it when you started, you said, “This just might work,” as if you’re not even really sure that this plan is gonna come together, cause I’m thinking, if I want to buy a house, you’re telling me I can’t see the house? I’m ready to buy now… I’ve got to wait a week or two weeks? This would frustrate the tar out of me if I was shopping for a home and I just – I don’t understand. If I’m buying a house and you tell me, “Well, if I buy it today, I get it for this price. But tomorrow I come back and it’s gonna be twenty five thousand more…” You and I both know that the real estate market is such that there is always ‘give and take.’

THOR: [Commentary] I thought the Sandbox team was… I mean, I agree a hundred percent with Joel. I mean, that was… I’m putting myself in the shoes of a realtor and saying, “This is your plan for me to sell a $500,000 house? It’s on a marker board and it’s half-erased?” Come on, that doesn’t fly.

JOEL: [Back to presentation judgment] The Sandbox team is out of the competition, may we please have the two remaining teams take the platform.

Team Kiss, Bullseye group, I’m gonna make this easy. I think there’s clearly one team that was able to accomplish the goal of creating a campaign to re-launch the house better than the other… the Bullseye team hit the targets. Congratulations.


NICO: [Commentary] We won. And not only did we win, the realtor wants us to put together this campaign for him.

JOEL: All teams are now dismissed, thank you.

CARLY: [Commentary] We just have to go in there, plead our case and see what happens.

THOR: [Commentary] I think the person that has the best chance of staying of the group would probably be Laura. She’s been stepping up every single challenge. She gets a little better, and a little better, and a little better… you know, Carly, I haven’t – she didn’t even talk in that. I mean maybe because they ran out of time, I don’t know if she had a part in the whole thing or not, but she didn’t talk in the end. She just made no effort to step forward and contribute and… so I think Laura’s going to be the one that stays and the others are gonna go.

[Discussing with other players] You think it’s gonna be like Carly or… you [to Jaime] think Laura’s gonna stay?

JAIME: I think they’ll keep Laura. That’d be my guess—

JASONH: Yeah, cause Laura’s shown improvement and she has a strong opinion…

FEMALE PLAYER: –and she’s sweet.

Judgment Room

JOEL: You’re no longer the Sandbox team because for three of you, this is going to be the end of the road.

[To Laura] I want you to tell me why you should be the one to stay in the competition.

LAURA: I really do feel like I brought a lot to the table today but even if it wasn’t heard all the way through. I think that I did do a really good job.

JOEL: Jeff, any questions for Laura?

JEFF: I’m afraid, you see, Laura confused me with Wynn twice today.

LAURA: Three times, actually.

JEFF: Relationships are way important…

LAURA: Right.

JEFF: And so, you know, I was up on stage for two hours talking to you…

JOEL: Heather?

HEATHER: Laura, you did definitely improve today. Sometime you didn’t communicate your ideas as effectively as you could, sometimes I get the feeling there’s either maybe a lack of self-esteem or that you’re so cute that you’ve been able to get things your whole life without having to go for it. And you know that pressure is part of business…

JOEL: Hi Carly.

CARLY: [Softly] Hi.

JOEL: Why should it be you that gets to stay?

CARLY: I have a lot of experience and I’ve worked in marketing for six years, I’ve done PR, I’ve done sales… I’m just not used to the kind of pressure that I’m under but as Heather said, you know, it’s that kind of environment.

JOEL: Jeff?

JEFF: I feel like I don’t know you. This is the thing… I literally have no notes, whatsoever about you because I just didn’t notice you contributed here.

JOEL: Heather?

HEATHER: I can see what Jeff means. It’s almost like you’ve withdrawn and disappeared from the group so we can’t see you shine, because you’re not shining.

JOEL: Steve, as a leader, you know, it was good to see that you stepped up but you didn’t take a direction that led you to any kind of victory. Why should you be the one to stay?

STEVE: I think age has a lot to do with it. I think I can open up a lot of eyes… I was like – I’ve worked with a lot of older people before, they see me in them when they were my age.

JEFF: The energy I felt from you this entire day is extreme openness, extreme willingness to listen, willingness to take criticism… you’re a lot of things that, to me, it’s like, at this stage–

HEATHER: I would chalk up today’s performance to one bad day.

STEVE: Yeah, that’s basically — I’m not in my element.

JOEL: Hi Deb. Fight.

DEBBIE: I think that I should be the one to stay because today, we wouldn’t have had a presentation if I had not been there.

JOEL: [Shakes his head] It just wasn’t – it wasn’t appealing at all. It didn’t draw me in and you know how I feel about the concept… but you know what, I also appreciate the fact that you had to come up with something and this might not be an area that you’re familiar with.

DEBBIE: Well, I beg to differ from you. I’ve studied from my real estate lessons. I’ve had a house in a very similar situation and if I have had the kind of information that you [referring to Jeff] gave me today and the ideas… I would have tried that myself.

JOEL: Well I guarantee you, I am totally convinced that Jeff Walker could probably take any business model and concept and applying what he knows, turn it into a winner. But what was brought to the table was minus Jeff Walker.

JEFF: [To Debbie] That’s a lot of good ideas coming from Debbie, and a lot of, like, you had a whiteboard, it was awful—

DEBBIE: I agree.

JEFF: –but there was a whole different diagram on the original whiteboard and I’m like, “That’s pretty cool stuff!”

JOEL: When they had the circles—

HEATHER: What happened to the circle?

JEFF: That was cool.


JEFF: When you said ‘it might work,’ I mean, right there, it’s like—

DEBBIE: That is something that I use in my Marketing.

JEFF: The time you use it is when you come from a place of huge authority, that’s the time where you can use something like that more effectively. But when you’re coming from the Sandbox team…

HEATHER: Now what I saw today was the flip side of what we saw the other day. Now in this case, he [referring to Steve] was the leader, you were not, and there was a bit of a power struggle. So I don’t know if it just happened to be two men but you use the phrase “gutsy woman” a lot and I think you put a lot of weight on your identity of being a woman in particular and instead of just being a marketer, being a potential millionaire… there doesn’t have to be gender involved.

DEBBIE: I’m taking your advice but that’s a fine line because I am who I am and the women who do business with me and that I’m trying to represent count on that.


Carly, I feel as you do, in this particular niche, you’re kind of like a fish out of water, and because of that, I’m sorry to tell you you’ve been eliminated. [Carly nods and gives Laura a kiss]

LAURA: [Softly, to Carly] I’m so sorry.

JOEL: Steve, you’re the Team Leader, you had a chance to step up but you’re a kid still. I see an incredible amount of potential with you and I think you’re gonna do very, very well. I encourage you to continue learning about internet marketing. And who knows, maybe that JV will come one day but for right now I’m sorry to tell you that you’ve been eliminated.

STEVE: [Nods] Understood.

JOEL: Debbie, you are a gutsy woman. There’s no doubt about it but I wonder if the target that you have is so gender-based that it almost prohibits me from reaching the mass market as I intend to do with my JV partners. [Debbie nods]

Laura, I’m wondering if you’re really going to be able to really ratchet it up, accelerate it – that next notch because the little bit of what we’ve seen today is a start but we would really need to see, you know, some rocket fuel. Do you have that in you? I’m wondering.

I’ve got to give somebody another chance and I want to give somebody another chance. Because of the way, Debbie, that you present yourself as a strong woman, which I admire, and because of your adventurous spirit and the many things you’ve accomplished, I think you’re gonna do incredible things. But if you ask me if you’re gonna be the right JV partner for me, you might ask, “Do U C?” I’m afraid I will have to say, “I don’t.” So I’m sorry to tell you that you’ve been eliminated.

Laura, you live to survive another day. You’re still in the competition and I want to see the rocket fuel. You have accomplished a lot in three days. It’s time to really rap it up.

For those of you who’ll be leaving now and have been eliminated, you have a choice to make: since you’re no longer in the competition, you may keep your eCOMMerce chips or you may give them to any player that is still in the game. What would you like to do?

DEBBIE: Um, I will – I will give them to Nico.

STEVE: I want to see Jason win this thing so… [puts his chips on the table]

JOEL: Which Jason?

STEVE: Oh, Jason Marshall.

JOEL: Jason Marshall.

CARLY: I would like to give mine to Laura.

JOEL: Laura, give her a big hug.

CARLY: I think that she is the decided winner. I like her to win—

JOEL: [Softly] That’s pretty sweet.

LAURA: I can’t say anything…

JOEL: Well thank you very much. We’ll make sure that these eCOMMerce chips go to Jason Marshall and to Nico. You may now exit the COMMplex.

[Eliminated members bid goodbyes to the other players]

NICO: [With arms around Debbie] Debbie’s a little too gutsy for Joel.

DEBBIE: [Commentary] I knew that when I said that I have to hang on to my own persona and Joel just said, “Ok, I heard enough,” that he had made up his mind so—

LAURA: [Commentary] I was angry at everything and so excited and nervous, I just wanted to pick up the table and flip it over and just be done with it.

STEVE: [Commentary] Just reflecting today, I had a chance to shine, you know, being a leader and everything and uh, I just didn’t pull through so I think that’s what they virtually saw so…

CARLY: [Commentary] I do kind of just sort of slipped into the background a bit when I should have stepped it up and, you know, I won’t beat myself about that. But um, I learned from it. So I’m going home and I will just succeed. I will never give up.

STEVE: [Commentary] –situation you’re in, you know, figure out what you want in life, you know, be passionate about it and just do whatever it takes. Put it online and just go all out. Don’t listen to your family, don’t listen to your friends, maybe it’s gonna stop and you only take the people that want to, you know, help you really succeed in life.

DEBBIE: [Commentary] GutsyWomen is about helping women create more success in their lives and in their businesses, and that’s my passion and that’s what I’m gonna make happen. But the ideas that were given to me in the last three days and the people that I met up with are really gonna help warp-speed what I’m doing in my business right now.

CARLY: [Commentary] I really want Laura to win because me and her – we’ve become very close – and will stay very close – and I would love her to go far because I could see the potential in her.

LAURA: [Commentary] Right now, I’m just like chopped beef… chopped liver… is the expression, ‘chopped liver’—

CARLY: [Commentary] She’s overcoming all her fears and, you know, as the days go on, I think she should become stronger and I think that some – a quality like that, when you get to the end, it is a very deserving winner.

LAURA: [Commentary] Right now, I just feel like chopped liver… or a cut meat, even, or just kind of thrown out – or chomped… whatever. Either way… I just kinda – I’m really nervous about going in tomorrow.

NARRATOR: Stay tuned for scenes from the next episode…

[End credits]

LAURA: [Commentary] I’ve learned from this experience that I will probably never ever, under any circumstance, no matter how much pressure there is, ever audition for a reality show… ever again.

[Scenes from next episode shown]

[Few Words from Joel Comm]
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