Episode 1 of Next Internet Millionaire is LIVE!

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  • Written on: August 17th, 2007

I would encourage all of my readers to check out the first episode of Next Internet Millionaire. It was released today and is now available for viewing (best viewed with a high-speed Internet connection). Click the play button below to watch!

For those of you who are new to the blog or the show, Next Internet Millionaire is a competitive web-based reality show in which I was one of 12 contestants.

There is TONS of drama in this 52 minute episode and only one small commercial! Watch to see who gets eliminated, who talks trash about who and how your favorite local computer guy did

After you have watched the episode, feel free to post comments in the Next Internet Millionaire forum. They have a section there asking who is your favorite contestant and why. Already there are some people talking smack about me and some of the other contestants!

Have fun and I hope you enjoy!

**Update 9/9/07** You can now read a transcript of the show by clicking on the read more link!

The Next Internet Millionaire
Episode 1

JOEL: Joel Comm
HEATHER: Heather Vale

CRESTA: Cresta Pillsbury (HackerSafe)
MARK: Mark Joyner


LAURA: Laura Martin
JASON1: Jason Marshall
JAIME: Jaime Luchuck
NICO: Nico Pisani
ALISANDE: Alisande Chan
JASONH: Jason Henderson
THOR: Thor Schrock
CARLY: Carly Taylor
STEVE: Steve Schuitt
DEBBIE: Debbie Ducic
CHARLES: Charles Trippy
CHRISTINE: Christine Schaap

JOEL: My name is Joel Comm and I’ve made millions of dollars on the internet. In the past twelve years, I’ve sold ‘this’ idea, written in the New York Times Best-Seller and built several profitable websites that generate passive income for me each and every month.

Now, I’m looking for the right person to join me on my new venture and become the Next Internet Millionaire. I’ve gathered the best online wealth building experts from around the world to join me and my contestants for an intensive learning experience and a competition that will ultimately lead to One winner.

NICO: [Reading a letter out loud] Congratulations on making it to the Next Internet Millionaire, a whirlwind of discovery, the competition awaits you

[Video Intro] My name is Nico Pisani and I live in the beautiful country of Costa Rica and I’ve been alone working for the last five years in the rainforests. I long to share what I’ve learned over the last ten years of doing business in Costa Rica with the world and it’s through the world of internet marketing

[continues reading letter] Along with this letter, you receive a small pouch containing ten e-COMMerce chips. These chips have no cash value but they will prove to be invaluable for one or more players in this competition.

ALISANDE: I’m not quite sure what are the advantages of what the e-Commerce chips are for.

THOR: [during breakfast] Bases [2:12] do a lot of great work for a lot of kids through the fund-raising for kids who can’t afford medical care. The parents have put them up. It’s a really great cause–

My name is Thor Schrock. I’m from Lincoln, Nebraska. I’m a Republican, card-carrying—

NICO: –Again, I think the American people have been grossly misled–

THOR: –And we need to support our troops in Iraq and make sure they know that we appreciate what they’re doing and that what they’re doing is keeping us safe here.

CHARLES: I got a t-shirt ready for them. Yeah, I got this little “Not My President” t-shirt with Bush’s face painted on and…

THOR: It feels really surreal to be a on a reality show. It hasn’t really quite hit home with me yet. The $25,000 will go to charity in and around Lincoln, Nebraska so no, I’m not going to keep a dime to myself.

[Back to breakfast and other scenes showing players interacting with each other or getting to know each other]

JOEL: After meeting each other at breakfast, our twelve contestants will be taken to a place they would soon love, hate, and even fear – the COMMplex.

JASONH: Jason Henderson, Louisville, Texas. People that don’t even know me, all they have to say to me is, “How tall are you?”

CHARLES: Oh he seems scary because he’s tall. He’s a big guy. He’s a pretty big one…

JASONH: Nervous about……nothing, really.

CHARLES: Uh, my name’s Charles Trippy and I’m from Tampa, Florida. Now Trippy is a unique name, whoever that has it. And it’s good because people think it’s a stage name when I do things online.

Words, some words annoy me, like the word “flawed,” or “blog” — hate those words, they sound stupid and they should be stricken from the record.

JOEL: [on video] “Welcome to the COMMplex. Here, at the base of the Rocky Mountains in Northern Colorado, the twelve of you will be competing for a $25,000 cash price and an opportunity of a lifetime to join me in a new online business venture.”

“You’ll be learning from the top online wealth-building experts and taking furtive[4:32] challenges to determine who is best suited to be my new joint venture partner.”

“I wish each of you the best of luck and may the best contestant become… The Next Internet Millionaire.”

[JOEL enters room amidst applause from players]

“Welcome, welcome everybody! Wow! It is great to see you guys finally, face-to-face. Are you ready to compete?”

PLAYERS: Whoooooo

JOEL: Excellent! Then it is game on!

What you see behind me is the holy grail of The Next Internet Millionaire – the HackerSafe Immunity Shirt. If you have the HackerSafe Immunity Shirt, then you are immune for the entire day and cannot be eliminated from the competition. You want that shirt.

Now, your first HackerSafe Immunity Challenge is going to give you an opportunity to test your presentation skills. You will randomly be drawn, one at a time, up to the platform, to give a presentation and tell us why your partner should be selected as The Next Internet Millionaire.

[conversation between THOR and CARLY whose faces did not appear]

THOR: Come here?

CARLY: Yeah. Oh, not to come here.

THOR: Hooo, god you are confident!

[Other scenes showing players discussing with their partners]

HEATHER: Your time is up. Please take your seat. Our first contestant will be… Debbie. Please step forward.

DEBBIE: –he will be translating everything that’s in this internet world to the people of South America, which is huge! [referring to Nico]

JASONH: If you’ve seen Laura, she’s phenomenal on camera, she’s gonna present extremely well for The Next Internet Millionaire and I cannot recommend anyone higher than Laura Martin.

ALISANDE: He is an out-of-the-box thinker—

My name is Alisande Chan and I come from Percacola, British Columbia in Canada. When I look back at all the accomplishments that I do in my life and whenever I’m at home and if, you know, there’s something to do for renovating, I’ll find a way to do it. If there’s something on the internet that I need to research, I’ll find a way of how to do it. Uh, if a friend has a problem with something, I will figure it out for them if they can’t figure out themselves.

All throughout my life, it’s always been that way but I never saw value in it and the day that I realized and saw value in it, and realized that I’m an awesome person, I’m a great person, was the day that I realized nothing could stop me.

[back to competition] — He’s funky. He’s fun. He’s attention-grabbing. He is just the type of person that you want to watch…

STEVE: Alright, the reason why Christine Schaap should be The Next Internet Millionaire is because she figured out her target market. I think that’s the most important thing here, you know, on online marketing – figuring out your target market because if you don’t know who you’re going to market to… [gives a shrug] you’re not going to make any money.

CARLY: –but Thor is definitely going to be The Next Internet Millionaire.

Hi, I’m Carly Taylor and I’m from Cambridge in the UK. I’ve got a little boy, Brandon. He’s nine and he’s actually an aspiring internet entrepreneur. I think I’ll win because I want to… very badly. So uhm, yeah… I will do…will give everything to win. As I’ve said before, the only thing that shatters dreams is compromise.

[back to competition] He’s got the skills. He has the vision. He runs a very successful offline bricks and mortar company – computer repair. It’s helping people… he charges $100 an hour for his service. So, I mean, if people are paying that money to come to him, he must have something that I/they don’t want to hear.

JASONM: As you know, we’re here to find and look for The Next Internet Millionaire. As Jaime’s representative, I can fully tell you with confidence that she will be The Next Internet Millionaire. Is it her creative ideas or her aspiring youthfulness? Maybe it’s even her graphics design background?

JAIME: –the way he talks about his wife. The way he is devoted to her touches my heart [referring to JASONM].

I’m Jaime Luchuck from Toronto, Canada. I’m most excited about learning. I have a job. I am a web editor for the Provincial Government and that’s what I do, pretty much so.

[back to competition] He gives his whole to everything that he does. He volunteers at the ministry and helps with children, and he’s very athletic. In fact, Jason told me that he’s won a lot of 2nd places throughout his athletic career and I think it’s time that Jason won a first.

[Commentary] We have to stand up and do public speaking and introducing people, which, as soon as they announced that, my blood just ran cold and I got nervous and shaky and I was interviewing Jason and I got up there and stood and talked. I didn’t know what I was saying. And apparently I found out in the in the end I said, “I hadJason Marshall,” and then I said, “Congratulations” and announced it…so I’m completely screwed up now.

CHARLES: The advantage of not being one of those ‘suits’ that, you know, are formally trained, that are in the old media, they don’t really have an understanding of, you know, the internet, you kind of have to learn that on your own and I believe that her [referring to Alisande] skills and offline will be able to transferred onto online and should be able to convey that very clearly.

CHRISTINE: He [referring to STEVE] is such a free spirit. He has lived in both Alaska and Hawaii; and both the East Coast and the West Coast, but really, this guy brings to internet marketing, a lot of creativity. He really marches to the beat of his own drum…

NICO: I am representing one of the most gutsy, most passionate woman, out there in the internet marketing world… do U C? I C. [points to Debbie] Debbie Ducic is The Next Internet Millionaire.

DEBBIE: My name is Debbie Ducic and I’m from Pueblo, Colorado, USA and that last name is spelled D U C(?) I C(.) What I’m most nervous about is the fact that I’m actually a team builder and not a real competitor. I like win-win situations and competition to me is almost like a ‘stab somebody in the back,’ so, you know, I’m a little bit nervous about that.

I’m not worried about my abilities. I’ve been around long enough. I’ve done a lot of different things and I’m a gutsy woman so I’ve done a lot of crazy things and took risks that took guts and…that part I’m not afraid of but I just want it to be a win-win for everybody.

NICO: –you know why? Because she wants to lead a minority workforce into the new millennium here in internet marketing and to web 2.0

THOR: She [referring to CARLY] She walks the walk. Carly Taylor, last month, left her full-time job to quit and become a full-time internet marketer.

LAURA: –And because of this this, some of the most powerful speakers, support Jason [JASONH].

I am Laura Martin from Austin, Texas. I am very single. I am currently doing affiliate management for a guy in California. My family members are very excited and …for them to know that there’s a reality show about Internet Marketing. They’re hoping to learn exactly what it is I do at home, in my bed, all day… pretty much.

Oh *beep*… Not so good. Ok, let’s change that. Let’s change that. Yeah. Yah?

And everything that he has done and is backing him, personally.

HOST2: Thank you everybody for your presentations. Now Joel and Cresta will be deliberating and determining who is going to be the HackerSafe Immunity Challenge winner for today.

JOEL: Will you please give a warm welcome for Ms. Cresta Pillsbury


CRESTA: As Joel mentioned, I’m with HackerSafe. We actually certify over a 100,000 websites on the internet today. We are currently partnered with Visa International; security in over 79 countries. We’re also only the trust mark ever to go into Yahoo Shopping. I tell you all this to let you know that consumers are very, very aware of the HackerSafe certification.

When you use the HackerSafe on your website, what you’re doing, what you’re telling them, that you’re holding yourself to the highest standard – thereby… [points to logo on video wall] HackerSafe

JOEL: There are some interesting presentations.

Laura, Jason is a big guy. I know you can fill him with more to say about him.

Some of you told us a little bit about what people are passionate about but not so much what they’ve done; some of you have told us what they’ve done but not so much what they’re passionate about. Some presentations were polished; some not so much; some, a little stilted.

Big J, we got to work on that a little bit – your stage presence for doing what you’re doing. We really want to nail that down.

But I think, through it all, there was one person that demonstrated everything that we were looking for in this task. And that person who wins HackerSafe Immunity for today would be Jason Marshall.

[Applause – JASONM walks up to front]

Here’s your HackerSafe shirt. You will have an opportunity to put this on shortly. We’re not going to ask you to strip now…

CRESTA: Strip now. What do you guys think? Right?

JASONM: My name is Jason Marshall and I’m from Ocean City, New Jersey. This year, I was hired to be a one-on-one aide with a student who has a muscular dystrophy. I’m a support staff at Ocean City Remedial School. I work with a young man who has a muscular dystrophy. He’s 12 years old and he’s going into sixth grade so my job is to take him throughout his day.

I’m passionate about my relationship with Jesus Christ. That’s my heart; that’s my soul and that leads to my passion in other things in life.

JOEL: –and we have a special surprise for you from HackerSafe. They will be giving you a complimentary one-year subscription to HackerSafe that you will be to put on your website and this is valued $2,000.

[JASONM expresses gratitude and shakes hands of Joel and Cresta]

But wait! There’s more. We have one more thing for you. [Directs to Heather behind] Heather, can you please bring it out.

[Heather brings out a big box]

We have a brand new laptop computer. Congratulations! Welcome to the competition.

[Someone exclaims “Congratulations” from one of the female players]

But wait! There’s more. As we call your name, please come forward for your laptop computer.

[Proceeds to give all players laptops] Debbie Ducic. Jason Henderson. Nico Pisani. Steve Schuitt. Alisande Chan. Thor Schrock. Laura Martin. Singing Jaime Luchuck. Christine Schaap, mother of five, come on down.


CHRISTINE: Hi, my name is Christine Schaap and I’m from Alfred(?), Michigan. I’ve been married to my husband, Steve, for over twenty years. We have five children – four boys and one girl. And they’re really excited for their mom.

I am passionate about changing people’s lives. I am passionate about helping people realize what their potential is. I was always terrified of public speaking and just being in front of a small group of people was a very intimate thing for me and I was very, very nervous…to the point of being physically ill if I would had to speak in front of a group of people.

JOEL: All right. We have got a fantastic playing time for all of you and this just the beginning. It’s incredibly exciting. And at the end, one person’s going to come out as the victim and it’s exciting to see who it is.

JASONM: –feel after winning the first Immunity Challenge. It feels good. I guess it’s relief, in a way, but it was also nerve-wracking at the same time. I feel good also, particularly everyone being able to get the same prize.

JOEL: After a quick tour of the COMMplex, it was time to start learning.

MARK: So uhm, if you’re serious about winning this thing, I’m going to teach you guys stuff that is kind of unusual, a’right? And you’re going to be wondering like, “What is this all about?” It’s going to seem very, very, silly to you at a certain point but you’d get to a point where you’d break through that and you’ll understand why, ok? So I need you to kind of suspend your disbelief for a few things especially for the comedian [points to Charles in the back] back there, he’s going to be chuckling. He’s rolling his eyes already.

Alright, so, I started realizing I had to stop teaching these guys internet marketing. I had to stop feeding them ideas and I had to teach them what I’m about to teach you guys.

Ok, come on up. [Alisande stands up and goes on stage] Here’s what I want you to do. I want you to write, up here, the “First Law of Simpleology.” Just write First law of Simpleology – the law of straight lines.

Here’s the point, you guys. Here’s where you are right now [Raises his right hand across to a certain level]. Here’s where you want to be, the things that you want [Raises his hands higher], okay? The point of this is the shortest path between where you are and what you want in your life is a straight line. And I’ll tell you right now that the guys who use this, are going to have an edge over the guys who do not use this in the next twelve days, okay?

And you’ll probably understand why at the end of this thing.

STEVE: Like materially, what he’s doing, breaking it down, and making it simple? And I see that it’s not kind of simple to learn but once you get it down, it really is, going to get you to go where you want to go 300% faster.

MARK: Steve, here’s what I want you to do. I want you to draw a dot…

[Steve draws on the left side of the board]

Okay. Now I want you to draw another dot off on the other side there.

[Steve draws a dot on right of the board]

Okay. Now what I want, Steve, to do, is I want you to start on that dot on the left and I want you to draw a line. Now if the item that Laura talks about here is going directly toward that goal of starting her own business, I want you to continue to draw a straight line. If it’s not, yeah [Steve makes a gesture not caught on tape]… exactly.

So read the first item on the list of things you do during the day.

LAURA: Okay, I wake up gradually in my own pace…

MARK: Okaaaay, maybe it’s a slow nudge toward the line, right?

THOR: Laura is an interesting girl. She doesn’t get out of bed in the morning. And when she does get out of bed in the morning, but not that I would know from experience, but I’ve heard, that when she gets out of bed in the morning, she cusses at the world. She kicks things. She mutters and she says she hates life when she gets out of bed and so I just don’t know how someone with that kind of a morning attitude is really going to get to a point where they do some of her best marketing with a laptop in bed and she made that clear to everybody. So, it’s going to be interesting to see, now that she has to get up early in the morning and kick things and mutter and say she hates the world and come here and perform. I think it’s going to be fun to watch to see what she does.

LAURA: I pull my laptop out from my under my pillow and turn it on…..


MARK: It’s up to you. You choose, you choose [presumably speaking to STEVE who’s still on the board]. I’m stuck. I don’t know.

I mean, I could see that. It could work, you know. It’s honest. That’s good, I like it.

And so, it’s relatively straight. Okay, what’s next? [Addressing Laura]

LAURA: I open up my hotmail account in Outlook and press send/receive. And I open up all my IM clients

[bit of laughs…not quite sure why]

MARK: True? True statement?

LAURA: Well, it is.

MARK: Okay, but is that honest? Is his [STEVE’s] assessment honest? [addresses Laura and points to the board on what Steve wrote (or drew)]

LAURA: [Looking at the boar] Yes, because it takes so much of my day away whenever I’m like Hah! You’re online.

MARK: Okay, so what I want you to do is – shut your email down. Don’t turn on your IM, ok? Don’t do anything, right? Until you do this exercise, we’re going to learn here in a minute the DTP (Daily Target Praxis). That’s the first thing I want you to do. You’ll understand why. What I’m telling you right now, if you think about it, is going to allow you to win this competition.

JASONH: I would definitely recommend Mark Joyner to anybody. For more than one time, I’ve seen people let [19:27]pages laid on the table would actually do Simpleology tasks, you know, to help them, you know, prioritize and get more done in less time so I’m just hearing a lot of awesome, you know, he really does deliver the goods.

JOEL: Now we’ve come to the Execution Challenge. The winning team, has potential reward and Immunity. With the losing team comes the Judgment Room.

And so today you’ve learned from mark Joyner about Simpleology. Who learned something to day?

[Players raise their hands]

A lot of great stuff. It’s simple, hence the truths of Simpleology are… they’re so deep that it’s difficult to explain it on a simple web page. Here’s the deal: You will have 2 ½ hours. If you want to build a landing page, that’s fine. You still have to discus the presentation for how this is going to work and how it’s going to be more effective for Simpleology.

Every member of the team must take part in the presentation. And with that said, we’re going to divide you up into teams.

Jason Marshall, since you are the winner of the HackerSafe Immunity Challenge today, why don’t you come on right up here. [Gestures to floor/spot right in front of him] You’re going to be one Team Captain. And I would like for you to please select the other Team Captain.

JASONM: None of them will make eye contact. [Refers to players] Debbie, you’re the first to look me in the eye.

JOEL: Debbie Ducic. D U C?


JOEL: I C. Come on. Okay, you’re the other Team captain. Alright, now we’re going to alternate… and Debbie, since he chose you, you may pick a male to be on your team.

DEBBIE: Male…. Male…

[Teams are picked]

JOEL: Okay, now teams are picked. They’re complete and they’re going to need names. You have two minutes to huddle up and give me a name. Go!

Jason, what’s the name of your team?

JASONM: Our name is Kiss. K I S S – Keep It Simple, Stupid.


JOEL: And this side? Team Captain?

DEBBIE: The Bullseye group.

JOEL: The Bullseye group. Fantastic!

Kiss – the Bullseye group.

Your time begins… now.

[footage of group discussions – Bullseye group]

THOR: They said you have, like 4 seconds to look at a page and decide whether you’re going to read it or go away.

CARLY: Yeah, it’s the caption.

CHARLES: Video and audio are usually really quick and… you know, you see what it is…

[group looking at a website]

THOR: What an idiot. Who designed this?

CARLY: [Commentary] From that moment, it kind of went into the direction that everybody took their own idea on how they were going to work but nobody was…there was no, like, team working together. To be honest, to the end I didn’t actually know what the other person is going to be…

[Back to Bullseye group work]

THOR: Who do you think… what’s the target market that would benefit most from this?

CARLY: I think it’s between 18-35

DEBBIE: Wait, wait, wait, guys. I volunteer my target market which is ‘gutsy women.’

[Kiss group with JASONM, JASONH, STEVE]

JASONM: What are we gonna do? We’re going to go ‘Live’ with this [points to laptop JASONH is holding], we’re going to act out [conversation is hardly heard]

[The 3 kiss guys listening or viewing JASONH’s website]

JASONH: [Commentary] I should say Jason Marshall did a good job. He really didn’t have all the technical or the marketing knowledge that some of my other teammates had but as far as a leader and delegating tasks, he did a phenomenal job.

JASONM: [Speaking with Cresta and Joel] –with the ideas is that, we’re going to have a live cycle. We’re actually going to actually act out the site itself, with, you know, people reading the copy, people viewing the video…

MARK: Okay, the fourth law if the Law of Focused Attention.

[Team Bullseye]

DEBBIE: Maybe we say are you this guy or are you this guy?

CRESTA: –give this to you since you are the Team Captain.

DEBBIE: Oh, thank you.

CRESTA: It’s up to you whether you keep this for yourself or give it to one of your team members.

DEBBIE: Alright. You guys do good. You will be rewarded.

THOR: I’m cramping my ******, Christine. I tend to get a little hypoglycemic when I’m stressed so I have to keep eating otherwise I’ll go bwahbbwah.

MARK: Third Law of Simpleology: Law of Focused Energy.

[Kiss group]

JASONH: Who can do a good godfather accent?

SOMEONE: [Not JASONM although it may seem like him] Godfather accent?

JASONH: Because we’re doing a sales… [barely audible 24:50], he’s like a mafia guy? [Imitates talking like a mafia guy.]

JASONM: [Commentary] Jason Henderson. I don’t think he’s afraid to jump up. I don’t think he’s afraid to speak and take over. He definitely should have but I was also impressed there. One of out first tact [25:08] of ours was to ‘be humble. I’m the leader, but, I’m also going to be humble on how I approach you and you’re going to be humble in the way we approach each other.

JOEL: [Addressing Team Bullseye] So can your team leader just give me a quick overview of what you guys are doing?

DEBBIE: We thought in the beginning we just sort of brainstorm because we’re coming up with some pretty good ideas. So step 1 is just brainstorms and ideas. We talked about, as women, what didn’t catch us with this headline.

[Commentary] I walked up to Mark Joyner afterwards and I said, “Do you know what? I think that you are… what you have to offer women, with all of the things that they have going on and all of the things that they have to think about, that your product is perfect and I think that I can be a really good affiliate and sell the heck out of it to my gutsy women.”

[Addressing Mark during Bullseye discussion] –and then what we’re gonna do is we’re going to use your Simpleology to go through the steps.

MARK: I’m a very, very firm believer of all the things that you need to do to accomplish what you want to accomplish in your life and are in fact, very simple. But the problem is you’re not doing it.

[Bullseye group]

DEBBIE: Am I on the right track? I think that’s sort of the idea of…..

CARLY: [Commentary] Obviously I’ve… what’s on the copy, that’s kind of my strong area. So, I wanted to get her idea of how the whole thing would look and the concept but it was quite hard when you’re in a group of people who, you know, are very opinionated and strong-minded. And I would say, in that situation, that I kind of took more of a back seat….


STEVE: –bust out the cardboard scene?

JASONH: We should definitely use that.

STEVE: Wham! We should sharpen it, somehow.

JASONM: [Addressing Kiss group] You guys are going to type it?

ALISANDE: Well, we’re going to need to. Otherwise, we don’t read it.


[Bullseye group discussion]

THOR: — You know what the breakdown is between male e-entrepreneurs and female e-entrepreneurs? How… there’s one [crosstalk]

DEBBIE: –I do know that latest statistics I have read and I think and Christine agrees with me that majority now, are women, online.

[CHARLES WITH NICO; laughing at something Nico is writing/drawing while rest of Bullseye group continues to discuss in the background]

CHARLES: Is he walking the dog or is he the dog?

NICO: [Commentary] We networked last night. I brought some rum up from Panam and a lot of us sat around and got doozy and did a little taste-testing on some imported rum and cigars and got to sit down and actually we networked tilla round midnight…

JOEL: [Addressing Bullseye group] Right now, your presentation has to be fifteen minutes long, okay? If you want to cut five minutes off the length of your presentation, I’ll take 5 e-COMMerce chips from you right now.

THOR: [but not shown]I can talk all 15 by myself if you guys want me to…

DEBBIE: I think we don’t have any problem of doing that.

[JASONH asks Cresta a question – conversation a bit undecipherable]

JASON: Do you think …convey that sense of information is secure so we went ahead and we purchased a HackerSafe account.

CRESTA: Brilliant.

CRESTA: [To Bullseye group] So your target audience is the stay-at-home mom? Or…


DEBBIE: No. The professional…

CRESTA: The professional?

DEBBIE: The entrepreneurial woman, wherever she has her business.

JOEL: [Addressing Kiss group] For 5 e-COMMerce chips, you can have another 15 minutes to work on your presentation. Remember, it’s winner take all tonight so I need you to decide if you want to do this.

JASONM: Part of my plan is to use some of my chips anyway for being part of the team because I’m here to serve and invest in you [refers to team mates]

STEVE: [says something back to JASONM]

[ Kiss decides to give 5 e-COMMerce chips to JOEL]

STEVE: We wanted to gather around all our ideas, like in the first half, and then the rest of it, we just rehearsed and it worked out pretty good.


DEBBIE: My name is Debbie Ducic from Pueblo, Colorado and I represent the Bullseye group. First of all, I want to thank you, Mark Joyner, for a wonderful presentation this morning and we really appreciate the opportunity to present our idea about how to market Ideology [laughs a bit too late about mistake].

[Mark smiles]

And I looked outside and I had all the intention of doing it and my life got absolutely crazy and I have to say I felt a little intimidated because there was a lot of information there. There was a lot of things that I printed out and I overwhelmed myself and when I looked at the Control Panel, it seemed a little intimidating to me. And so, that… the reason why I bring that up is because I felt like I… that our presentation really represents women who are like me – who have a million things going on, and yet we need that tool more than anything in the whole wide world.

THOR: Right now, anything that you do in Marketing needs to be targeted to a specific group or a specific gender, demographic – any number of ways, even down to what kind of browser the person is using. And if you don’t target very specifically, and follow through on that targeting and make sure your target market has the money to buy your product, desire, and need for your product, your launch is not going to be successful.

CHRISTINE: We do choose to focus on over-40 female demographic because baby boom constitutes 76 million of the US population and well over half of those are women.

CHARLES: [Commentary] And Christine was very set in her ways but… I mean, nah.. haah [makes an explosive gesture like things scattering]

CHRISTINE: [back to presentation] What’s more, women were the original viral marketers [Cresta has a big smile on her face]. When they discover a product or service that makes their life easier, they’re quick to spread the word.

CARLY: The main objective probably was to was to create a comfortable setting for 40+ women, rather than the usually intimidating sales agents. We wanted to make a simple way, hence the term –Simpleology, of benefiting 40-plus women’s lives in just 15 simple ways.

NICO: I’m a 39 year old entrepreneur and I don’t read static sales pages. I look at the headline on the page, and I scroll all the way down to the bottom of it for the price. Maybe I’d read something in between…

CHARLES: Yeah, and I’m a 23 year old college dude. I don’t read. I just want to get into the site, I don’t want any of the hassles. I just want to go read into it…

NICO: [Holding presentation board on easel stand, about to turn first page] Ready for this?

[Turns first page to show a comic strip(looks like it)]

CHARLES: And so we decided to do a video that would capture the audience. Like, when you first go to a website, you know, you have a few seconds to grasp the audience’s attention.

NICO: Picture this. The landing page comes up and we press play on our video and you’re bombarded by whistling of the tea kettle, the kids screaming, the dog chasing the cat, and the phone ringing off the hook, then….BOOM— Zzzzzzt

CHARLES: That’s a rewind effect.

NICO: High-speed rewind; 3 or 4 seconds and then from Frame 1 – Boom! The same scene. And it’s organized.

JOEL: It’s an interesting presentation in a really very, very …of [32:43] personalities and way of delivering your message. My first question is the statement, and then I suppose, the questions is going to be answered by Mark, and that is, are middle-aged women the target market of Simpleology?

MARK: Uhm. I would say probably no and here’s why: So, your logic is interesting, backed with some interesting facts, but if you say 80% of purchases online are from women, does that necessarily mean 80% of their purchases of this potential product? So what if, for example, the video would include, for example here, you know, pornography directed at men, right? So we’re going to target women as the result because 80% of the women, you know, online purchase products….do you know what I’m saying? Because the logic just doesn’t hold up.

JOEL: Okay. Thank you Bullseye group.

[Bullseye group leaves stage; applause]

JASONM: Again, everybody thinks that everybody is roughly the same in internet marketing when it comes to these pages but if we see that, actually, everybody is not…we’re not the same [does a magic trick with ropes of different lengths but almost the same]. To be honest with you guys, we’re all different.
[switch to another scene]

Okay. Now, Mark, you mentioned earlier… what was one of your thumbs on internet marketing again….

MARK: That people don’t have as much trust.

JASON: So what is the way now, that we’re in these new times, to accomplish that ways…

JAIME: –Video allows us to personalize your website Simpleology with your consumers . Because let’s face it, there are so many products on the market today. Why would somebody want to buy from you…..people like to be treated like people. They like to be nurtured. They like to recognize who they’re dealing with.

LAURA: In order to make subscribers feel more comfortable, we have added a transparent flash video of Mark using their skepticism…. And of course, Mark would be walking towards a compelling subscription box.

ALISANDE: Are you bogged down by too many emails? Are you spending too much time in the office? Are you as organized as you like to be? What if we told you that we could make you work 300% faster?

STEVE: [Commentary] Alisande, that was way cool. Another Candian, ey. And uh, yeah, I love her. I definitely love her…she’s hard to read because she’s definitely a poker so she’s always got the edge on that thing…It’s like she’s reading other people but she’s hard to read, that I’m reading her reading other people…

JASONM: And that’s the goal. The goal is just to get them in and then let you do the job. Let the site do its work, ‘coz that site is interactive and critical

JASONH: So we wanted to test having personal video testimonials from Simpleology customers.

THOR: [Commentary] Sometimes Jason comes off as a little over-bearing and he’s distanced himself from a few of the contestants already that didn’t really appreciate that so much.

I think he asked Christine if she would like to do a joint venture and Christine was like, “Oh sure! What’s that?” And he said, “Well I need my shirts ironed. Can you take care of that for me?”

JASONH: We have over 200,000 customers using Simpleology and raving about it.

JASONM: This is the page that will draw you in to the next level.

JOEL: Thank you Team Kiss. It is a very well thought-out visual presentation. I love, and maybe Mark will agree with me, I love the idea of having him walk in a video. I’ve been wanting to do that on my site and I think that’s some brilliant concept. And I also got to say, and I know that Cresta would say it herself, it was brilliant to put the HackerSafe trust mark on the page. Not just because [crosstalk] but HackerSafe really does work.

CRESTA: [Probably addressing Alisande] Your copy was very effective. I actually, kind of got chills on those, with what you were saying. You made me want to learn more with what you said. It made me want to go say, “Hey, what is this that can help me with all these problems that I have.” So the copy – very, very effective.

JASONM: [Commentary; letting out a big sigh of relief] Haaaaah. That’s the sound of it all. I am drained – physically, mentally, and we have a lot more to go. That was just Day 1.

JOEL: Haaaaaah. You guys don’t make it easy. We have two presentations – each with their own strengths and weaknesses. On one hand, Team Kiss utilized all of their members quite well but had a hard time communicating exactly what the substance of the page was about. On the other hand, the Bullseye group, seemed to have … a target and yet, there was a lack of cohesiveness among the members of the team – in communicating; and clearly presenting what the Simpleology page would be all about.

I have to say you both made it difficult because one team is going to win, and one team is going to lose—with two members from that team being eliminated from the competition. With that said, I have to award the winner to one team.

And because they were able to so effectively market to us, the winner of tonight’s challenge is Team Kiss.

[Team Kiss jumps and shouts in jubilance]


JOEL: Congratulations. You guys are immune tonight and you will each receive lifetime memberships to Simpleology and all Simpleology products that mark Joyner will ever release.

As for Bullseye group, you gave a noble effort. I see a lot of good, raw material there and a lot of promise. It’s early in the game but I’m afraid you’ll be coming back to the Judgment Room shortly, where two of you will be eliminated.

[Commercial Break – chitika.com]

Judgment Room

[Team Bullseye in Judgment room with JOEL, MARK, and CRESTA]

JOEL: I am sorry it has to come to this so early in the game but as you guys know, I get a lot of JV requests. And the best majority of them I don’t even have time to read, let alone, consider. I want make sure that we’re not wasting anybody’s time and get right to it and find the person that’s right to do that JV.

Now your task today was based around Mark Joyner’s Simpleology. The shortest distance between two points is what?

BULLSEYE: A straight line.

JOEL: And you’ll notice during your task that sometimes it might have been a little difficult to concentrate, to keep focus. A lot of different things you but went through it. The challenges you did pretty well; some of the others, not so much. Now, you were judged for your presentation and unfortunately, that’s why you’re here in the Judgment Room.

MARK: [Addressing CHRISTINE] The one thing that I observed with you was you’re so reserved and sometimes when we have an opinion… if you do have anything contrary to that, you are very, very defensive, in your position.

JOEL: [To Cresta] Cresta, your comments on Christine.

CRESTA: I have to say your focus is amazing. When I came in with the check/chip, [41:11] you didn’t miss a beat.

CHRISTINE: I was really frustrated in the first 45 minutes. I wasn’t the team leader and so I was trying to get my ideas out there that people could see a possibility.

JOEL: [To Thor] Thor, you’ve got a really strong personality.

MARK: Thor, dude, you’ve got some mojo. You stepped up as a leader during the whole thing. I would have played it a bit differently, okay? I think that what you saw was Debbie was on her best dress [41:36] and you’re just the man who’s just got to step up to the plate and “I’m going to be the leader.” Fine, but do have respect though for the leader. Let the person lead.

JOEL: [To Debbie] Debbie, Do U C I C

CRESTA: I thought I could have seen more coming from you, you know. I thought maybe it wasn’t your strength.

JOEL: Your site Gutsy Woman, your audition videos – gutsy, stand up, go get ‘em, give ‘em all you got, you’ve done a lot, you’ve obviously accomplished a lot – what happened?

DEBBIE: I think I have a different style. I could definitely have gone more together.

JOEL: Given another chance, would you be able to step up and hit a home-run?

DEBBIE: Well we always learn from our mistakes and I’m a fast learner so, yeah.

MARK: You know, Nico was having like a little bit more gentle… he was like, “Hey guys, this is what we’re focusing on.” You we’re trying to get everyone narrowed, which was good, now, eventually, that didn’t happen, right? And I think Nico is kind of like starting on initiating…This is a competition guys. And ….ship[42:40] is going to be part of this. And you got to be conscious to that. I’m thinking, you got to like crank it up and you’ve got to be showing hustle.

JOEL: Cresta.

CRESTA: I like when you was told that you could ask questions of Mark, everybody was still debating over what you were going to talk about, and you Nico, you immediately got up, put your tablet over, you sat down with him [Mark] and you talked [43:04] everybody out and you focused on Mark, hanging [43:05] about questions that you wanted.

JOEL: I definitely see leadership qualities in you and I agree that you’re going to need to ratchet up the game… just Game On…from Costa Rica all the way here to the States and we’ll see what happens.

[To CARLY] What happened, Carly? I just expected to see a ball of fire out there.

CARLY: That was a big challenge for me. It’s definitely something that I have to work on.

CRESTA: Coming on to this spot and meeting you, I would have taken you as completely an experience, which I know you’re not. Whose idea was it to have her read from the paper?

CHRISTINE: I told her to do it because I know how nervous she is and I probably be better for her …

THOR: –there was a podium to do it from.

JOEL: Were you nervous?

CARLY: I was terrified.

CRESTA: Did anybody think maybe not to have her do the copy, knowing how inexperienced she was reading it? I think that hurt you guys.

DEBBIE: I was the one that decided, [43:58]in her heart but I didn’t say that I wanted her to read it from…

MARK: I could see that difference in culture. In America, there would be people who are sensitive about that sort of sharp-shooting…

JOEL: [To CHARLES] Charles, you’re not exactly invisible. As the day progressed, I saw you come alive. After hearing Mark, I heard you say. “Wow! I’ve got to implement this stuff in my website when I get back. This is good stuff.” And I think that you’re just starting to see part of this world that we live in and the benefits. I think you’ve got a really great future.

MARK: Just on a personal level, I want to tell you, I want to warn you, success is you worst enemy here.

CRESTA: Your creativity is great. I’d like to know what you were thinking when everybody was still deliberating.

CHARLES: Uhm, when it came to the website design thing, I do websites so I knew what I wanted to do and I wanted to hear everyone else’s point of view as well. And then once it came down, I was letting them make the decision and I was going to give my decision and how I wanted the site to look and how I thought, personally, how it should look, you know, to appeal to people.

CRESTA: The only thing is when we brought out the magazine, few of you caught it.

JOEL: You were the only one that I saw pick up the game and you just did it for a few seconds and you put it back.

CHARLES: It was called Bullseye.

JOEL: And then you guys were Bullseye group and so..

CHARLES: Yeah, come on…

JOEL: [To everyone] You know that we’re going to target two people for elimination today. If it were up to you, who would those two people be?

DEBBIE: Well, since I was the leader and I let the group down and I think, the buck stops here, I would choose myself. And I would choose Carly just because of the nervousness.

CARLY: I would say… myself. Because of the way I messed up for the team. I think they would agree…

CHARLES: You know, like everyone’s so cool. I wish I came here… I took … I came [45:44]I came here with the mentality like — “screw em.” Everyone makes friends with anyone, but, you know, they’re all nice people. You know what, I would just say myself just because, you know, I didn’t speak up in certain times that I should have probably spoken up so…

JOEL: You really believe that?

CHARLES: [Mumbles something incoherently]

JOEL: You’re being a nice guy. Now you’re taking the bullet and I don’t think you really need/mean[46:09] that.

[Somebody commented: “No, I guess not.”]

Christine, two names please.

CHRISTINE: Based only on today’s challenge, I would say Carly. Perhaps, being able to use better leadership skills — Debbie.

NICO: Carly, I think, was kind of a non-factor.

Upstairs, Thor Schrock was, you know, a different animal than he was downstairs on the stage. Downstairs on the stage, he was awesome — totally put it together; great presenter. Upstairs, I thought initially he never gave Debbie the chance to be the leader up front—

THOR: I’d have to say, first off, Debbie, I’m sorry for that but I shouldn’t have had to do that. And I just don’t know that Carly’s skills are compatible with this challenge. I don’t know what she brought to the challenge. It’s difficult in that pressure situation to not step on toes or to count on the other person understanding that you don’t want to step on their toes, that you’re just trying to get this done.

JOEL: Well, thank you all very much for being candid.

Thor, that tongue, you have got to get it under control because I believe when you do, you’re going to be far more persuasive and I think there’s a lot of promise there than you do.

Christine, this is tough because I know….mother of five, right? You’ve got to be strong. And there’s a fire in there… to succeed.

Carly I know you’ve got that fire, too.

And Debbie, you’re a ball fire. I’ve seen gutsy… you are a gutsy woman but then, you’re the first one to fall on your own sword. You weren’t able to get control of the team, especially this one [referring to THOR]. Even when the team got up for the presentation, it kind of carried over because the look on everybody’s faces was uncertainty and there was no enthusiasm. And so Debbie, I’m sorry to tell you, you have been selected for elimination.


JOEL: Christine, given another chance, I know you would step up. And Carly, given another chance, I know that you would step up too. But somebody has got to stay and somebody has got to go and I believe, for cohesiveness of the team, that the person who will stay is Christine.

Carly, I’m sorry to tell you that you have been targeted for elimination.

JOEL: I am happy to say that this is not the end of the road for Debbie or for Carly. In the internet marketing industry, and the internet, in general, there’s something called Sand Box.

When I create a new website, that website does not get instantly indexed. And so what we have created is what we’re calling our “Sand Box.” In other words, Debbie, Carly, you’re not going home… quite yet. You’re being placed into the Sand Box. What this means is that tomorrow, you will be able to observe the teaching though you will not participate in the challenges. This is a waiting period for a time that you will have a chance to redeem yourself.

And so with that, I thank all of you for a very hardworking day. We look forward to seeing you in the morning, all rested. And it’s time for everybody to leave the place.

Thank you very much.

BULLSEYE: Thank you.

[Video preview of next week’s episode]

* * * END * * *

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