Thor Schrock has Been Selected as a Next Internet Millionaire Reality Show Finalist

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  • Written on: July 17th, 2007

I am sorry I could not tell all of you about this before today, but now that my name has been released on the Next Internet Millionaire website, I can report that I am one of the 12 finalists who will appear on the web’s first reality show.

Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who voted for me, blogged about my audition, watched my audition videos, and sent emails with words of support. I can’t begin to tell you how humbling it was to have so many people support my audition in so many ways.

I will be traveling to Loveland, CO for the competition and consequently will be out of the office from July 21st to August 5th (unless I get vote off before then).

I have been told that I can check email and return phone calls in the evenings, however I should not expect to have enough time to “run a business” while I am there. I am not allowed to have my cell phone or computer with me while the filming is taking place throughout the day.

I am expecting this news to hit all over the media as the day progresses. While I am sure that the stories and interviews will be all about me and this show, I want to take a moment to thank the specific individuals who provided the ideas, talent, and motivation to get me on this show.

  1. My wife, Kimberly. I know, its so cheesy to thank your wife but you guys have no idea how supportive, loving and PATIENT she was with me as this thing evolved from another one of my hair-brained ideas into reality. She will be pulling double-parent duty for our son Jacob while I am gone, and I will be missing them both greatly.
  2. Chris Goforth (a.k.a. Chris BonJovi). For those of you who listen to Compute This, you already know who Chris is. Chris is the audio mastermind who mixed the Budweiser audio from my second round audition video as well as the techno music for my acceptance video. Chris an AMAZINGINLY talented (and single) guy and I appreciate his help immensely.
  3. Alissa Johnson Marketing
  4. Once I was notified that I made the top 12, I only had two weeks to prepare press releases, produce an acceptance video, get everything in the shop ready for a 2 week absence, and make sure everything at home was taken care of. Alissa is the mastermind behind the media blitz you will be hearing throughout the day today. Alissa is an A+ professional marketer and she gets results. If you need someone to handle your media relations, she is the perfect woman for the job.

  5. Omaha Wedding Photography.
  6. Don and Miriam are some of the most talented videographers I have ever seen. They were the production muscle behind my second audition video as well as my acceptance video. Just check out their website to see a sample of the awesome work they do. They work hard at a very reasonable price. Thanks for all of the help guys!

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