The 10 Days of Home Edition Version 2 – Better Support!

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  • Written on: February 22nd, 2007

This post is the ninth in a 10-post series about the all-new version 2 of the Maintenance Checkup Home Edition (MCHE) computer maintenance software from Schrock Innovations. You can win a FREE 2-year subscription by simply posting a comment on any of the MCHE posts. Only one free subscription will be given away, so post multiple comments or questions with your valid email address to increase your odds of winning!

There were 2 forms of support available for the 2005 version of the Maintenance Checkup Home Edition (MCHE) – the forum and email. There was never an official telephone support for the 2005 version of the MCHE, and this posed a problem for us.

On one hand, our local Lincoln and Omaha customers have become accustomed to calling our Service Centers and getting the help they need quickly and efficiently. But because more than 20,000 people world-wide have downloaded and installed the 2005 version of the MCHE, offering telephone support for those individuals would have been a daunting and expensive task.

While there is still no official telephone based support available for version 2 of the MCHE, we have recognized the need for more responsive support options for our subscribers. To help deliver this support, we have added another support professional to the MCHE support team and we have designed numerous automated tools to diagnose and repair potential problems with the MCHE for you.

As before, we will have a forum available where MCHE users can ask questions, help each other, and get assistance from our support professionals. We will have a FAQ section, as well as a searchable knowledgebase of articles detailing known situations and their causes and resolutions. In addition, our support professional will be available by email and will return all email messages within 24 hours.

We will be implementing some new technology that allows our support team to directly connect to our subscribers’ computers via remote support software. This will allow us to resolve problems as if we are right in front of the customer’s computer. We will be extending our support hours into the evenings as well, so our customers are at home when we attempt to contact them, not at work.

While we are modifying the way we handle our support workload to better meet the needs of our subscribers, we have also built new support options into version 2 of the MCHE that will help solve most problems with ease.

First, a complete backup of all of the MCHE’s settings, file versions, and the date of last update are stored on our server. This allows our support personnel to determine which version of the MCHE you are using and when you updated last. In the event that your local installation of the MCHE becomes corrupted or stops working properly, our all-new “worst case scenario” support tool kicks in. This new tool deletes the entire MCHE local database and then connects to our update server to “relearn” how to do everything again. As the name implies, this is a last resort tool, primarily because it could take hours to install a complete database through an update.

Check back tomorrow to learn about how you can try the MCHE free for 90 days even if you don’t win this contest!

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