The 10 Days of Home Edition Version 2 – Smarter Hard Drive Cleanup!

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  • Written on: February 21st, 2007

This post is the eigth in a 10-post series about the all-new version 2 of the Maintenance Checkup Home Edition (MCHE) computer maintenance software from Schrock Innovations. You can win a FREE 2-year subscription by simply posting a comment on any of the MCHE posts. Only one free subscription will be given away, so post multiple comments or questions with your valid email address to increase your odds of winning!

A major strength of the 2005 Maintenance Checkup Home Edition (MCHE) was its ability to strip away all unnecessary files from your hard drive in order to maximize your available disk space. The all-new version 2 of the MCHE does the same thorough job that its predecessor did, although it is a bit smarter about when it deletes the temporary files from your hard drive.

The 2005 version of the MCHE deleted your cookies, temporary files, Windows patch uninstall files, and in some cases more every time it was executed. The all-new MCHE version 2 deletes the same items – once they have “expired.”

For example, some customers reported that the MCHE would delete temporary files needed by other running programs. With the 2005 MCHE if you ran it along side of a Lavasoft Ad-Aware scan, the Ad-Aware results would be missing at the end of the scan because they are stored in a temporary file that the MCHE had since deleted.

Version 2 of the MCHE looks at the last date you accessed a particular file before it works with it. If the file has not been accessed in more than 48 hours, it deletes it. If you have accessed it in the last 48 hours, it leaves it alone. This resolves a number of issues where a customer might be inconvenienced by the MCHE continually deleting a frequently needed temporary file, such as a website cookie for example.

Check back tomorrow to learn how the new MCHE website will offer easier support options and faster problem resolutions.

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