Some Things to Watch Out For in Windows Vista

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  • Written on: January 27th, 2007

Windows Vista is scheduled to be released in just a few days. Many of my customers have been asking if they should upgrade when it is released and if so, what they should expect.

I have installed Vista a few times in the past couple months, and I have been doing some significant reading on Vista’s ups and downs. As a rule, I recommend that my customers wait until March to look at installing Vista on an existing PC. This allows Microsoft, as well as the manufacturers of various hardware components, to discover unexpected issues and release patches to resolve them before you are in the thick of the problem.

If you feel you MUST install Vista as soon as it is available, read these tips and hints to ensure you have as smooth of an experience as possible.

  1. Run the Vista System Compatibility Check Before You Buy Anything
  2. Many hardware components and software applications that run perfectly under Windows XP will not function as designed in Windows Vista. To help you test your PC’s ability to run Vista, Microsoft has created a compatibility testing tool that is available from their website at no cost. You can download the windows Vista Upgrade Advisor at Once installed, it will tell you if any of your equipment or applications are know to be incompatible with Vista, as well as which version of Vista would be best for your PC.

  3. Before You Install Vista on a Notebook, Make Sure Your Battery Works PERFECTLY
  4. Bloggers on the Internet have reported that Windows Vista can cut your notebook computer’s battery life by as much as 50% while using it for multimedia activities like listening to music or watching a movie. Those using notebook computers or laptops that currently do not do well on battery might want to think twice before installing Vista.

  5. Things You Should Know About Dual Booting Between Vista and XP
  6. The technically minded among us may consider installing Windows XP and windows Vista on the same computer and dual booting between operating systems just in case Vista is a total disaster after installation. While this is a perfectly viable way to hedge your bet during an operating system upgrade, you need to install Vista a certain way to make the dual boot work properly. After XP is installed and working, boot the computer from the Vista DVD and install Vista. If you try to install Vista by running the installer from within Windows XP, your dual boot will not work. Also you should know that each time you boot into XP with your dual boot system your system restore points in vista will be deleted, and each time you boot into Vista your XP restore points will be zapped.

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