First Successful Alpha Test of the New Home Edition Software!

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  • Written on: January 2nd, 2007

Just before the holiday weekend Adam successfully removed four particularly nasty spyware threats from a test computer using Version 2 of our Maintenance Checkup Home Edition software. Version 2 has been long awaited among our Version 1 (or legacy) customers, and for good reason.

Version 2, as it is called in the Omaha Service Center where it is being developed, sports some advanced features that were not available in the legacy version of the Home Edition. For example, Version 2 is pre-programmed to recognise and ignore almost every valid Windows and Microsoft file, as well as files from popular software programs such as Norton Anti-Virus, AOL, MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, Java, Adobe Acrobat Reader, and many more. These pre-programmed definitions are necessary to prevent false detections because some spyware programs will name their critical files with the same names as critical operating system files. Removing these operating system files can cause many problems, so it is important to check their validity and leave them alone.

In addition, Version 2 is equipped with a real-time scanning engine and a scheduled weekly full-system scan. this is a big improvement over the legacy Home Edition because now as soon as a spyware threat attempts to infiltrate your computer, the MCHE will detect it and remove it for you.

Speaking of removing spyware, the great majority of our customers have told us that they like the way the legacy Home Edition removes threats without a bunch of complicated dialogue boxes. On the other hand, some of our customers have also said they wished they had greater control over the removal process. To answer every one’s needs, Version 2 of the Home Edition gives you the choice so you can select what you prefer. The default setting for the real-time scanner is to remove threats without asking you, but you can also set the program to inform you of the threat and ask you what do. You can also choose to ignore a threat, which will solve the problem the legacy version caused with people who actually bought the paid version of the Weatherbug program.

Version 2 has time-delay technology so there is no chance you will delete any temporary files or patch uninstall files until you are certain you are done with them. The program also sets system restore points so you can undo many changes make by the Home Edition by using Windows’; integrated System restore utility.

We have also resolved one of the biggest headaches of the legacy Home Edition – subscriptions and renewals. In Version 2, all subscription information is stored on our servers. The Home Edition captures a fingerprint of your computer when you install it, so even if your hard drive crashes and you have to have it replaced, all you will need to do is reinstall your Home Edition software and all of your settings, ignored threats, local exclusions, and subscription information will be restored automatically!

To help mitigate renewal headaches, the Home edition will have two different purchase options in Version 2. You can still purchase a single-year license and then renew it once it has expired – just like in the legacy version of the Home Edition. However, a less expensive and more convenient way to make certain you are always protected is to use the new monthly subscription system. This system will automatically charge your card each month for that month’s subscription price. This way you can spread the annual cost of the Home Edition out over several months and cancel at any time after your first 12 months. Best of all, this system is completely automated on our servers so changes can be easily made without any complicated user names or passwords.

We are hoping to move the Home Edition out of extended alpha testing the first week of January and take it to preliminary beta testing then. With any luck, the software could be available for purchase as soon as late February.

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