Selling my Westin Nerf Bars

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  • Written on: December 11th, 2006

For those of you who didn’t know, I totaled my Ford F250 pickup the day before Thanksgiving. I had put quite a bit of work into that vehicle, and I am selling the nerf bars from it because they do not fit on my new truck.

If you own a pre 1997 Ford F150, F250, or F350 you might want to take a look at my EBay auction to see if they are anything you are interested in. Obviously, if you are local to Lincoln or Omaha I would be willing to drop them off or schedule a time for you to pick them up.

The bars were not damaged in the accident at all, and my new truck came with running boards. My truck was equipped with a 3″ body lift kit, so if you know anything about nerf bars you know it is hard to put them on a lifted truck because the hardware that comes with them is designed to mount to the body and the frame. If you lift the body 3″, the OEM hardware does not line up.

To counter this, I had special mounting brackets fabricated. So this is an auction for the nerf bars and all of the original OEM mounting hardware and my custom mounting hardware as well.

As you can see, the nerf bars are not scratched, scuffed, or damaged in any way. I took great care of them using Eagle One chrome cleaner at least twice a month on the to inhibit any damage and / or rusting.

The bars attach to the bottom of your front cab body bolt and then at two points in the rear. There is a sliding bracket attached to the bar that clamps onto your frame and then an “L” shaped bracket that attaches to your body. I weigh 240 lbs, and these bars held me easily – even when bouncing on them.

A Westin authorized reseller sells these nerf bars for $285 without the mount kit. The OEM mounting kit runs an additional $111.95. So this equipment new would normally cost you almost $400.

As a side note, I am selling these fast because my new-to-me truck’s engine blew 2 weeks after I bought it. So if there is a sympathy bid out there from a fellow Ford owner, know that your bid is keeping a 1991 Ford out of the scrapyard!

As a side note, I also had over sized Goodyear tires and American Racing Rims on the truck. I am selling these as well because they were not damaged. This was originally more than $2,000 in rims and tires at Sears, but now I have an F150 and the rims were made for an F250. I should have that auction up later tonight, so if you want them before then post here and let me know. Otherwise I will post a link to the auction on this blog as well once it is up.

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