Congratulations to Mary and Harmony Music Boxes!

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  • Written on: November 29th, 2006

Mary Weninghoff in Omaha, NE owns the Harmony Music Box Company. He website details the music boxes she has available for purchase. These are not the small music boxes you may have owned as a child – they are much larger, sound much better, and cost a bit more.

We designed Mary’s website for her about 2 years ago. The site was image intensive and light on text so Google did not rank it very highly. Mary came to us in October and asked what could be done to elevate her website’s ranking in the Google search results for the search term “music boxes.”

In case you were not aware, Schrock Innovations has a growing stable of technology services, one of which is search engine optimization. We have had great success optimizing tutorials on the Schrock website, and the crown jewel was an adoption website my wife and I put together through which our son’s birthmother found us and placed Jacob with us for adoption. Needless to say, anyone who can elevate a website’s placement in Google has a skill worth paying for.

While our internal successes were great, we needed an external proof of concept that was not related directly to Schrock or any of its employees that we could hold up as an example to future customers. Mary provided us with such an opportunity.

When we started, Mary’s website did not place anywhere in the top 10,000 Google search results. In two weeks we were able to tweak elements of the website to make them Google friendly and perform some additional “top secret” steps that elevated her website to #19.

The site continues to bounce between 19th and 26th in the search results, but considering that some of the other music box companies have more than 30,000 backlinks getting a rank of 19th is very nice. In fact, the ranking attracted more than 400 new customers to Mary’s website in a single month. One of these visitors has initiated a multi-thousand dollar purchase with Mary, which shows that SEO can generate revenue for your business.

I will keep you posted on the progress of Mary’s website and once the holiday season is compete we will write up a complete article with video and audio from Mary where she will be able to describe the entire process in her own words.

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