Big Things Coming From Schrock Innovations in the Next Few Weeks!

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  • Written on: September 28th, 2006

When I first started this blog I promised that readers would get a glimpse behind the scenes at Schrock, and maybe even a heads up to things that were in the works before they were “officially” announced. We have 4 major announcements lined up that will be released at various times between now and February 2007.

Some of these will be more impressive than others, but I can assure you that many of these announcements will further entrench Schrock Innovations as Lincoln’s #1 Independent Computer repair company (as voted in the 2006 KFOR Best of Lincoln) and will further elevate our standing in the community as corporate leaders and industry experts.

In true Thor fashion, I can not provide a complete picture right now about everything that is developing. I am not being coy – some of the projects in the works are not completely developed and announcing them prematurely would not be fair to the other organizations and entities who are involved. What I can do is provide the information I have at this time, and inform you that by reading this blog regularly you will probably be able to piece together a complete picture before I even announce it here.

Ok, with the disclaimers out of the way, let the leaks begin!

Announcement #1 – Release Date – Early October 2006

This is the smallest of the 4 announcements, but the biggest at the same time (don’t you love a riddle?). As soon as this one is complete I will definitely post about it here, and that could happen any time in the next couple weeks.

Announcement #2 – Release Date – Early November, 2006

Anyone who has been following us for a while knows what this announcement will be. And let me say that this year’s special is AWESOME – so awesome it is catching the attention of industry experts outside Lincoln and Omaha. This announcement is also tied to Announcement #3

Announcement #3 – Release Date – Mid November, 2006

This will be one of the largest events organized by Schrock Innovations since our first Holiday Special in 2001. We are still working on the venue and getting all participants involved, but right now the guest list includes Coby Mach from KLIN’s Drive Time Lincoln, the Mayor’s office (schedule permitting), all Schrock staff,, and about 200 guests. This one is still in the works, but the plans are almost locked. If you want to win a free weekend for 2 in an awesome condo in Branson, MO, you might want to request one of the 200 free tickets now! Sorry Bob – SI employees are excluded form entering 🙂

Announcement #4 – Release – Q1 2007

This one is a pretty good announcement too. I am currently in negotiations to ink a deal to contribute on a regular basis for a national computer magazine. ( I guess they might be considered international too – they are translated and distributed in Spain and Italy) Everything looks good right now, and if the deal goes through my first piece would appear in the February issue of their magazine. You better believe we will be promoting the heck out of this one.

So that it – all of the current behind the scenes gossip dished up in one place. Stay tuned – as I wrap up some of these deals, I will announce them here first!

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