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  • Written on: September 25th, 2006

In the past week, a number of OEM manufacturers as well as Toshiba have joined Dell, Apple, HP, and Panasonic in the list of vendors who inadvertently provided defective Sony batteries to their customers. After receiving a few emails and getting dozens of phone requests to check the recall lists, I have decided to put together one complete resource for laptop users out there so you can easily find out if you should be the proud recipient of a brand new laptop battery (not a bad deal if I say so myself!).

To start, you are most likely to be effected by these recalls if you own a Dell, HP, Toshiba, or Apple notebook computer. Ironically, Sony has not recalled any of its own Sony Vaio notebook computers. I would assume that Sony uses Sony batteries in their systems, but as of now they are considered safe. (They may have been built by a different subcontractor than the afflicted batteries). In a separate recall unrelated to Sony batteries, Panasonic is also recalling some batteries in its notebook computers.

The root of the Sony battery problem lies in small metal fragments that made their way into the actual battery cells that are linked together inside the plastic casing of the notebook battery unit. These fragments, under certain rare conditions, can cause a short in the battery that continually generates heat. If the short-circuit mechanism in the battery also fails, the battery could melt down and cause personal injury.

There are presently a total of 13 manufacturers that are recalling notebook computer batteries that use the flawed Sony cells. These companies are listed below with links to their recall pages where you can see if your battery is listed. Even if you are not concerned with the safety of your laptop battery, this is an opportunity to trade in a used laptop battery for a new one. Any notebook user that has had to purchase a new battery can see this as a rare opportunity that should be exercised!

Toshiba Notebook Computers: Toshiba was kind enough to write a small program that will examine your battery for you and tell you if it is on the recall list. The link below will take you to their detection program. You only need to install this program if you have a Toshiba laptop or notebook.…/batterycheck_en.exe

Apple Powerbook Battery Recall

Dell Notebook Battery Recall:

HP Notebook Computer Battery Recall…/landingpage.aspx

OEM Manufacturers of Notebook Computers Recall List:(Includes: ARM, ChemUSA, HyperData, Jetta, MPC, PC-Club, Sceptre, Systemax, TTX)…/02037.html

Panasonic Notebook Battery Recall (Not Related to Sony Battery Problem)

No website address provided.

Let me know if there are any I missed, but as of today I believe this to be a complete list of the current recalls. Each page also provides instructions on how to have your battery replaced at no cost to you.

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