Thor Schrock Endorses Stenberg in US Senate Race

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  • Written on: May 2nd, 2006

People pick political candidates for odd reasons sometimes. In this election, Nebraska politics is really interesting because you have a ton of qualified candidates all from the same party who are vying for the same jobs. In the case of the Nebraska US Senate Race, voters will have an opportunity to select the Republican who will face off against Ben Nelson (D. Neb) in the general election.

I must admit that I had a tough time choosing between Don Stenberg, Pete Rickets, and Dave Kramer. All three have very attractive qualities – Don is an experienced hand at politics and could use that experience for his constituents; Pete is an outsider who has the brains and the connections to get things done without the usual political strings that get attached to a candidate who has to beg for money to run; and Dave has helped countless other candidates get elected over the years and a LOT of people owe him a LOT of favors, which could be called in in the interests of the people.

But in my opinion, right now there is one issue that the US Senate has the ability to tackle and has refused to do so – Immigration reform. The Senate is in a deadlock with procedural measures being used by politicians who are more concerned about their political future than solving the problem at hand. I want a Senate candidate who will protect our borders with a double or triple layer fence BEFORE they talk about pathways to anywhere for anyone.

So in the May 2, 2006 Omaha World Herald there was a single graphic that helped me make up my mind. NONE of the Republican Senate candidates support building a fence along the US southern border. None of them. Ok, let the compromises begin… Who at least is willing to deal with the problem of 12 million people who have already entered our country illegally? The graphic indicated simple yes and no answers, and it indicated that Don Stenberg is the only candidate who opposes amnesty in one form or another.

Right there – BOOM. Got my vote. See you on the 9th. And I never thought I would hear myself say this, but Ben Nelson, if you read this, support a fence and I will vote for you in the general election. Security for our country is more important than the political sniping of a minority of US Senators, and my vote will be behind ANYONE Republican or Democrat who is willing to step up, and have the raw guts to do the right thing.

Oh by the way, some of you may be wondering what this is doing on a computer blog. Well, the title of the blog states this is the place for everything that does not have a place elsewhere. So here it is, and comments are welcome.

MoviePass / Media Pipe still Trouble Computer Users

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  • Written on: May 2nd, 2006

Last month we posted a free removal tutorial on our website at that showed our customers how to remove this software from their computers. It seems that while people have been surfing the internet, an advertisement has been appearing that offers free video content if you click on it and install some software. The next thing you know, BOOM you have Movie Pass’ Media Pipe software installed on your computer.

Of course, it is a free trial, but unfortunately you probably did not read the fine print. If you do not cancel, your computer will become a pop-up nightmare and they WILL send you a bill. Technically, its all above board, but in my opinion, this technique is deceptive and a bad business practice.

As always, watch your back and remember that there is no such thing as a free lunch… or in this case a free video.

April Sets Revenue Record at Schrock Innovations

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  • Written on: April 27th, 2006

Industry wide, April is typically a slow month for computer repair. For the past three years, Schrock Innovations has braced for a slow April as people get out in their yards, start taking their children to practices, and generally spend less time at home in front of their PCs.

This April has been very different. There were two massive spyware outbreaks with the SpyFalcon and MoviePass infections that caused annoying pop ups and threatened to damage consumer’s credit reports. Additionally, the sudden increase in computers with the “missing windows/system32/config/system” error brought us a workload that we haven’t seen in many moons.

On top of that, we also launched sales and authorized two week-long vacations for staff members this month in anticipation of slow business. Needless to say, we were absolutely clobbered this month. The good news is that the record sales burst has allowed us to explore a radically new way of repairing PCs that at worst gives us a new support tool, and at best could revolutionize the way we fix computers.

All of the above is my round about way of apologizing for not keeping the websites and blog as updated as I should. I will be working through the backlog of tutorial requests, blog entries, and other number crunching as fast as I can. Keep visiting our websites, and thank you to those who have provided feedback from places as far away as Ontario and the United Kingdom.

Sudden Increae in windows/system32/config/system file missing error

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  • Written on: April 23rd, 2006

We have seen over 30 customers in our Service Centers over the past three days or so who have been suffering from an error message that states their “windows/system32/config/system file is missing.” Typically, we would simply restore a backup copy of the system file and send them on their way. But the problem has taken a new twist recently.

It seems that the entire windows/system32/config/ folder is missing entirely. This folder stores information about your stored passwords, your registry, and your Windows profile. Without it you will not be able to reboot your computer, and there is no way to completely recover from this problem.

The only solution to restore functionality is to back up all of your data, reformat and reinstall from scratch. This solution is NOT FUN!!

While no one knows why this is happening or how to prevent it, the Schrock Innovations software development team has whipped together a quick batch file to help you backup your config folder now while your computer is working so that if you are hit with this problem you can recover from it without the heartache.

Visit to read the tutorial about this problem ad how you can back up your config folder. There is no charge for the tutorial or the backup file, and it will not harm your PC. Pay special attention to page 4 of the tutorial.

MoviePass Spyware a Major Financial and Security Threat

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  • Written on: April 13th, 2006

There is a nifty little scam going on where unsuspecting consumers install MediaPass software on their computer hoping to download music and video files. Except when they agree to install the software, they are also agreeing to allow MoviePass to use their computer’s hard drive and internet connection bandwidth for their purposes. Oh, and they also make you agree that they can sell your personal information to their affiliates – of course.

With that aside, when you install the MoviePass software, you are installing a free trial. Again, in that nasty little terms of service agreement you agree that if you do not cancel your trial BEFORE it expires, that you will pay them $29.99 a month for their service. Once the trial expires, a box will start popping up on your screen, increasing in frequency over time, asking you for your billing information.

If you remove the software and just forget about it, you are caught in yet another clause in their TOS that states that if you do not immediately provide your billing information, they will bill you for an entire year of service (a $359.88 tab) and then turn you over to a collection agency.

The only way to stop this cycle (easily) is to cancel your subscription immediately unless you intent to subscribe to their services. To do this you MUST call their toll-free number.

After all of that I have to say it is pretty crappy that this scam is actually working on people. If you have any influence over the general public (or at least your local LAN), let people know about this shady operation.

Most importantly, DO NOT remove the MoviePass software before you call to cancel the account they have open for you (yes, if you have the MoviePass pop-ups, they have an account for you). They will require a number from their software to deactivate your account. Once you have killed your account, you can remove their software to stop those annoying pop-ups. For a free tutorial on removing MoviePass (after you cancel your account) visit

We have sent a press release to our local media outlets and made it available on our homepage. If you want more info on MoviePass or the MediaPipe software, visit

King of Spam High Volume Email Deployment Defends Business

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  • Written on: November 1st, 1999

I was catching up on my RSS feeds this morning and I found a post on Shoemoney’s blog with this hilarious video of Scott Richter, the purported King of Spam.

What makes this video so funny is you realize how incredibly stupid this man is. I know my inbox will probably explode with \/iagra offers for posting this, but if you laugh as hard as I did when I watched it, it will be worth it 🙂

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